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Online First contains the manscripts of articles that have been accepted for publication but have not yet appeared in the paper journal. They have been peer reviewed and edited to the journal's usual standards. Online First articles should be cited by their digital object identifiers (DOIs) which are given for every article. Manuscripts of the papers can be changed after technical and language corrections in the process of preparing computer layout for hard copy priniting.

Papers Accepted in 2017

Incentive policies for coal plants in Turkey
Simulation of phase transition process in reconstructed porous medium based on lattice Boltzmann method
Modified Kawahara equation within a fractional derivative with non-singular kernel
Thermal resistance of rotating closed-loop pulsating heat pipes: Effects of working fluids and internal diameters
Heat transfer in natural convection flow of nanofluid along a vertical wavy plate with variable heat flux
Heat transfer in a triangular wavy channel with CuO/water nanofluids under pulsating flow
Diffusion of chemically reactive species of a Maxwell fluid due to an unsteady stretching sheet with slip effect
Taguchi method as a means for extracting cause and effect relations and for improving the effectiveness of numerical simulation
Temperature of gases in a trace of water droplets during their motion in a flame
Experimental study of solidification of paraffin wax in solar based triple concentric tube thermal energy storage system
The case study of binary power plant based on thermoeconomics in Sichuan, China
Modeling of photovoltaic modules using a gray-box neural network approach
Nonisothermal desorption and nucleate boiling in a water-salt droplet LiBr
Thermodynamic analysis of viscoelastic fluid in a porous meduim with prescribed wall heat flux over stretching sheet subjected to a transitive magnetic field
Improving thermal performance of microchannel electronic heat sink using supercritical CO2 as coolant
Approximate analytical solution for one dimensional problems of thermoelasticity with dirichlet condition
Numerical study of heat transfer in a porous medium of steel balls
Computational fluid dynamics modeling patterns and force characteristics of flow over in-line four square cylinders
Influence of the shape of soaring particle based on coal-water slurry containing petrochemicals on ignition characteristics
Hall current and joule heating effects on free convection flow of a nanofluid over a vertical cone in presence of thermal radiation
Performance improvement potentials of low GWP refrigerants for intercity bus air conditioning system
Performance assessment of different global solar radiation models - Case study: New Borg El-Arab city, Egypt
Experimental study on cascade heat pump dryer with a solar collector under low temperature outdoor air environment
Numerical study on heat transfer characteristics of nanofluid based natural circulation loop
Importance of on-time decision making in energy sector based on perspectives: Case study new Štavalj project
Heat transfer enhancement by coated fins in the microscale domain
Exergy, economic and environmental (3E) analysis of a gas turbine power plant and optimization by MOPSO algorithm
Large-Eddy-Simulation of turbulent magnetohydrodynamic flows
The school of the turbulent swirling flow at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering University of Belgrade
A new fractional model for convective straight fins with temperature-dependent thermal conductivity
Unsteady flow and heat transfer of Maxwell nanofluid in a finite thin film with internal heat generation and thermophoresis
Application of exergoeconomic analysis for power plants
Energy consumption and equivalent emission of CO2 at wood pellets production in Serbia
Investigation on parameters influence for intrinsic instability analysis of solid propellant (AP+HTPB+TDI) using computational image-processing technique

Papers Accepted in 2016

Numerical analysis of Sakiadis flow problem considering Maxwell nanofluid
Energy and exergy analysis of a combined refrigeration and waste heat driven organic Rankine cycle system
Influence of nonliner convection and thermophoresis on heat and mass transfer from a rotating cone to fluid flow in porous medium
Effect of the PCM in a solar receiver on thermal performance of parabolic dish collector
The features of heterogeneous water droplet evaporation in high-temperature combustion products of typical flammable liquids
Performance enhancement studies in a thermosyphon flat plate solar water heater with copper oxide nanofluid
3D finite element simulation of residual stresses in UIC60 rails during the quenching process
Condensation inside smooth horizontal tubes: Part 2. Improvement of heat exchange prediction
Thermal analysis of physical and chemical changes occuring during regeneration of activated carbon
Radiation and heat generation effects in MHD mixed convection flow of nanofluids
The exact effects of radiation and joule heating on MHD Marangoni convection over a flat surface
Three dimensional CFD analysis of buoyancy-driven natural ventilation and entropy generation in a prismatic greenhouse
He’s fractional derivative and its application for fractional Fornberg-Whitham equation
CFD analysis on the effect of particles density and body diameter in a tangential inlet cyclone heat exchanger
Modeling the effect of the inclination angle on natural convection from a flat plate: The case of a photovoltaic module
The effects of control factors on operating temperatures of a mechanical heat pump in waste heat recovery: Evaluation using the Taguchi method
Numerical simulation of convective heat transfer coefficient in channel with corrugated walls
Flame emission spectroscopy measurement of a steam blast and air blast burner
TEG heat performance study about improved fin structures
Influence of variable thermal conductivity and thermal radiation on slip flow and heat transfer of MHD power-law fluid over a porous sheet
Analysis of infrared temperature measurement for flue gas shielding metal surface using Source Multi-Flux method
Hydrodynamic experiments on a small-scale circulating fluidised bed reactor at elevated operating pressure, and under an O2/CO2 environment
Experimental and numerical investigation on turbulent flow of MWCNT-water nanofluid inside vertical coiled wire inserted tubes
Cooling effectiveness of mist precooler for improving energy performance of air-cooled chiller
Experimental and analytical evaluation of preheating temperature during multipass repair welding
The use of organic zeotropic mixture with high temperature glide as a working fluid in medium-temperature vapour power plant
An approximate estimation of velocity profiles and turbulence factor models for air-flows along the exterior of TEFC induction motors
Novel approach to analytical modelling of steady-state heat transfer from the exterior of TEFC induction motors
Impact of magnetic field in radiative flow of Casson nanofluid with heat and mass fluxes
Heat and mass transfer effects on natural convection flow along a horizontal triangular wavy surface
High-resolution air temperature mapping in urban areas: A review on different modelling techniques
Thermohydraulic performance comparision of compound inserts for a turbulent flow through a circular tube
Characteristics of heat transfer and pressure drop in a chevron-type plate heat exchanger with Al2O3/water nanofluids
Increasing the speed of CFD procedure for minimization the nitrogen oxide polution from the premixed atmospheric gas burner
Experimental study on burning behaviors of liquid fuels with different sooting levels at high altitude
Solutions of Cattaneo-Hristov model of elastic heat diffusion with Caputo-Fabrizio and Atangana-Baleanu fractional derivatives
Steady-state heat conduction in a medium with spatial non-singular fading memory: Derivation of Caputo-Fabrizio space-fractional derivative with Jeffrey’s kernel and analytical solutions
On the accuracy of measurement of turbulent velocity gradient statistics with hot-wire probes
Ventilation performance and pollutant flow in a unidirectional-traffic road tunnel
Experimental study on heat-transfer characteristics of a modified two-phase closed thermosyphon
An analytical model on thermal performance evaluation of counter flow wet cooling tower
Thermal radiation mixed convection boundary layer flow in tightly coiled curved pipe for large Richardson number
Thermal conditions for stopping pyrolysis of forest combustible material and applications to firefighting
Impact of surface texture on natural convection boundary layer of nanofluid
Magnetohydrodynamic flow and heat transfer of non-Newtonian power-law nanofluid over a rotating disk with hall current
Laminar forced convection in a cylindrical collinear ohmic sterilizer
Experimental investigation on overall thermal performance of fluid flow in a rectangular channel with discrete v-pattern baffle
Singularly perturbed Burgers-Huxley equation by a Meshless method
Heat conduction in convectively cooled eccentric spherical annuli: A boundary integral moment method
Optimization for energy consumption in drying section of fluting paper machine
Experimental investigations of effect of sound waves on oscillation and startup characteristics of oscillating heat pipe at different orientations
A numerically research on energy loss evaluation in a centrifugal pump system based on local entropy production method
Sensitive analysis of harmonics on the assessment of thermal diffusivity of building materials of a periodic state
Optimized cleaning and cooling for photovoltaic modules based on the output perfrmance
Impact of electrical and magnetic field on cooling process of liquid metal duct MHD flow
Thermal analysis and modeling of a swimming pool heating system by utilizing waste energy rejected from a chiller unit of an ice rink
Laminar aiding and opposing mixed convection in a vertical channel with an asymmetric discrete heating at one wall
Partial slip and thermal radiation effects on hydromagnetic flow over an exponentially stretching surface with suction or blowing
Prediction and comparison of size of the copper and aluminium bus duct system based on ampacity and temperature variations using MATLAB
Investigation and predictation of optimum meandering turn number of vertical and horizontal closed-loop pulsating heat pipes
MHD flow of Powell-Eyring fluid by a stretching cylinder with newtonian heating
MHD go-water nanofluid flow and heat transfer between two parallel moving disks
Effect of thermal radiation on natural convection in a square porous cavity filled with a fluid of temperature-dependent viscosity
Experimental studies on the hybrid system of heat and cold production from solar energy
New opportunities for ventilation assistance in buildings under Saharan climatic conditions
Numerical simulation of thermal efficiency of an innovative Al2O3 nanofluid solar thermal collector: Influence of nanoparticles concentration
Impact of heat transfer analysis on Carreau fluid flow past a static/moving wedge
Combined natural convection and radiation with temperature-dependent properties
Mixed convection in Poiseuille fluid from an asymmetrically confined heated circular cylinder
Properties of chars obtained with pyrolysis of castanea sativa by product
Two conjugate convection boundary layers of counter forced flow
Energy indicators impact in multicriteria sustainability analyse of thermal power plant unit
Application of the double skin façade in rehabilitation of the industrial buildings in Serbia
Analytical study of unsteady sedimentation analysis of spherical particle in Newtonian fluid media
Experimental investigation of an annular diffuser for axial flow fan configurations at different inflow profiles
Particle-level simulations of flocculation in a fiber suspension flowing through a diffuser
Turbulence investigation in the VTI’s experimental aerodynamics laboratory
Two-dimensional numerical analysis of active flow control by steady blowing along foil suction side by different urans turbulence models
An experimental investigation and statistical analysis of turbulent swirl flow in a straight pipe
Improvement of CFD models of tunnel fire development based on experimental data
Experimental investigations of the turbulent swirl flow in straight conical diffusers with various angles
Numerical research of the compressible flow in a vortex tube using OpenFOAM software
Numerical tracking of sorbent particles and distribution during gas desulfurization in pulverized coal-fired furnace
Investigation of the free turbulent swirl jet behind the axial fan
Lattice Boltzmann Method and diffusion in materials with large diffusivity ratios
Effects of pressure stress work and thermal radiation on free convection flow around a sphere embedded in a porous medium with Newtonian heating
Similarity method for boundary layer flow of a non-Newtonian viscous fluid at a convectively heated surface
HPM analysis to MHD flow of a radiative nanofluid with viscous dissipation and ohmic heating over a stretching porous plate
Two interfacial collinear Griffith cracks in thermo-elastic composite media
Consequences of convection-radiation interaction for magnetite-water nanofluid flow due to a moving plate
A compressibility corrections of the pressure strain linear part models
Study of decay characteristics of rectangular and elliptical supersonic jets
A new heat transfer correlation for oscillating fluid flow
Temperature distribution of a test specimen with high-speed heat airflow passing through
Effect of joule heating and hall current on MHD flow of a Nanofluid due to a rotating disk with viscous dissipation
Application and testing of a new simple experimental setup for thermal conductivity measurements of liquids
A novel determination of the minimal size of a probabilistic representative volume element (RVE) for fiber-reinforced composites’ thermal analysis
Time dependent prediction of monthly global solar radiation and sunshine duration using exponentially weighted moving average in southeastern of Turkey
Remarks on a green functions approach to diffusion models with singular kernels in fading memories
Numerical study of forced convection heat transfer over three cylinders in staggered arrangement immersed in porous media
Performance study of conical strip inserts in tube heat exchanger using water based titanium oxide nanofluid
The applicability of CFD to simulate and study the mixing process and the thermo-hydraulic consequences of a main steam line break (MSLB) in PWR model
An experimental study of the thermal performance of the square and rhombic solar collectors
Influence of initial bed temperature on bed performance of an adsorption refrigeration system
Mathematical modelling of the conjugate natural convection in a closed system with the radiant heating source under conditions of radiant energy distribution by Lambert's cosine law
Heat transfer analysis in the time-dependent axisymmetric stagnation point flow over a lubricated surface
Effect of an axial hole on natural convection heat transfer from a cylindrical pin fin attached to a horizontal plate
2-D mathematical model for simulation of the drying process of thick layers of natural materials in a conveyor-belt dryer
Convective and conductive thermal homogenization for nonsturated porous building materials: Application on the thermal conductivity tensor
Experimental analysis of the influence of air flow rate on wheat straw combustion in a fixed bed
Techno-economic evaluation of residue exhaustion in batch rectification ethanol production plant
Mixed convection flow and heat transfer in ferromagnetic fluid over a stretching sheet with partial slip effects
Performance comparison of aboveground and underground solar ponds
Three-dimensional and two-phase nanofluid flow and heat transfer analysis over a stretching infinite solar plate
Numerical prediction of compressible heat flow with complex wall temperature in supersonic rocket nozzles
On the onset of instabilities in a Bénard-Marangoni problem in an annular domain with temperature gradient
The thermal transmission behavior analysis of two coal gangues selected from inner Mongolia in China
Influence of turning parameters on cutting temperature by applying the design of experiments with the definition of the workpiece material behavior
Chemically reacting on MHD boundary layer flow of nanofluids over a nonlinear stretching sheet with heat source/sink and thermal radiation
Thermodynamic analysis of a single effect lithium bromide water absorption system using waste heat in sugar industry
Boiling in volume of low-temperature droplets of dispersed phase of liquid emulsions
Heat and mass transfer analysis on MHD blood flow of Casson fluid model due to peristaltic wave
Thermal analysis in thin-film fluid regions of rectangular microgroove
Hygrothermal study of dwelling submitted to passive cooling
Effect of concentration of metal inorganic salt on fiber diameter in electrospinning process: Mathematical model and experimental verification
Radially varying magnetic field effect on peristaltic motion with heat and mass transfer of a non-Newtonian fluid between two co-axial tubes
Heat transfer enhancement in rotating disk boundary layer
Thermal modeling of multi-shape heating sources on n-layer electronic board
Analysis of fractional nonliear diffuision behaviors based on Adomian polynomials
Parametric investigation of a counter-flow heat and mass exchanger based on Maisotsenko cycle
Investigation of effect of nozzle geometry on spray with a 3D Eulerian-Lagrangian spray model coupled with the nozzle cavitating flow
Mixed convection boundary layer flow of a viscoelastic fluid due to horizontal elliptic cylinder with constant heat flux
Study of the effect of using duct burner on the functional parameters of the two repowered cycles through exergy analysis
Review of the research on the turbulence in the laboratory for thermal engineering and energy
Hydraulic and thermal studies on a chevron type plate heat exchanger
Simulation of natural convection of nanofluids in a square enclosure embedded with bottom discrete heater
Performance assessment of alternate refrigerants for retrofitting R22 based air conditioning system
Film condensation generated by free convection in a porous medium
CFD simulation of heat transfer performance of exhaust gas recirculation coolers for heavy-duty diesel engines
Numerical aerodynamic-thermal-structural analyses of missile fin configuration during supersonic flight conditions
MHD mixed thermo-bioconvection in porous cavity filled by oxytactic microorganisms
Exact traveling-wave solutions for linear and nonlinear heat-transfer equations
Comparison of different CFD software performances in the case of an incompressible air flow through a straight conical diffuser
Experimental research of pressure drop in packed beds of monosized spheres a novel correlation for pressure drop calculation
Melting front propagation in a paraffin-based phase change material-lab-scale experiment and simulations
A new analytical method for defining the pump's power optimum of a water-to-water heat pump heating system using COP
Experimental and numerical investigation of flame characteristics during swirl burner operation under conventional and oxy-fuel conditions
Fractional derivatives of constant and variable orders applied to anomalous relaxation models in heat-transfer problems
Experimental analysis of absorption refrigeration system driven by waste heat of diesel engine exhaust
Application of different turbulence models for improving construction of small-scale boiler fired by solid fuel
Soret and dufour effects on hydromagnetic flow of Eyring-Powell fluid over oscillatory stretching surface with heat generation/absorption and chemical reaction
Analysis of heat transfer coefficient of rammed earth wall in traditional houses in Vojvodina

Papers Accepted in 2015

Investigation of MHD flow and heat transfer in the presence of a confined square cylinder using SM82 equations
Prediction of the temperature of a drill in drilling lunar rock simulant in a vacuum
Mixed convection flow of Jeffrey fluid along an inclined stretching cylinder with double stratification effect
Magnetohydrodynamic mixed convection in a lid-driven rectangular enclosure partially heated at the bottom and cooled at the top
Unsteady MHD thin film flow of a third grade fluid over an oscillating inclined belt embedded in a porous medium
A numerical analysis of a convective straigh fin with temperature-dependent thermal conductivity
Premium jet cooling with two ribs over flat plate utilizing nanofluid mixed convection
The melt\shrink effect of low density thermoplastics insulates: Cone calorimeter tests
MHD flow of nanofluid with homogeneous-heterogeneous reactions and velocity slip
Entropy generation due to external fluid flow and heat transfer from a cylinder between parallel planes
Numerical simulation of the formation and the dripping of droplet in the Electroslag Remelting process
Numerical investigations of the aperture size effect for maintaining a constant temperature in a novel sulfur-ammonia water splitting cycle application
Simulation of natural convection heat transfer using nanofluid in a concentric annulus
Homotopy perturbation method to MHD non-Newtonian nanofluid flow through a porous medium in eccentric annuli with peristalsis
Numerical analysis of forced convection heat transfer from two tandem circular cylinders embedded in a porous medium
Numerical investigation of laminar forced convection heat transfer in rectangular channels with different block geometries using nano-fluids
MHD effect on nanofluid with energy and hydrothermal behavior between two collateral plates: Application of new semi analytical technique
Free convection in wavy porous enclosures with non-uniform temperature boundary conditions filled with a nanofluid: Buongiorno’s mathematical model
Transient analytical solution of temperature distribution and fracture limits in pulsed solid state laser rod
On combined effect of thermal radiation and viscous dissipation in hydromagnetic micropolar fluid flow between two stretchable disks
Flow and heat transfer of MHD graphene oxide-water nanofluid between two non-parallel walls
An efficient spectral solution for unsteady boundary layer flow and heat transfer due to a stretching sheet
Forced convection in a self heating porous channel: Local thermal nonequilibium model
Numerical investigation of turbulent flow and heat transfer over partially open cavities: Effect of opening ratio
Investigation of mixing coolant in a model of reactor vessel down-comer and in cold leg inlets using PIV, LIF, and CFD techniques
Bioconvection heat transfer of a nanofluid over a stretching sheet with velocity slip and temperature jump
Experimental analysis and CFD simulations for heat transfer in sound assisted fluidized bed of fine powders
Unsteady free convection flow of a micropolar fluid with Newtonian heating: Closed form solution
Experimental studies on improvement of COP of window air conditioning unit
Thin film flow over an unsteady stretching sheet with thermocapillarity in presence of magnetic field
Time-space dependent fractional viscoelastic MHD fluid flow and heat transfer over accelerating plate with slip boundary
Estimation of radiative parameters in participating media using shuffled frog leaping algorithm
Analysis of ratio of global to extra-terrestrial radiation (clearness index) at some tropical locations in India
Empirical mapping of the convective heat transfer coefficients with local hot spots on highly conductive surfaces
Thermomagnetic convection of a magnetic nanofluid influenced by a magnetic field
Study of convection heat transfer enhancement inside lid driven cavity utilizing fins and nanofluid
Periodically fully developed laminar flow and heat transfer in a two-dimensional horizontal channel with staggered fins
Oblique stagnation point flow of a non-Newtonian nanofluid over stretching surface with radiation: A numerical study
Experimental and numerical analysis of convective heat losses from spherical cavity receiver of solar concentrator
CFD-simulation of indoor climate in low energy buildings computational setup
Effect of non-uniform temperature distribution on surface absorption receiver in parabolic dish solar concentrator
Melting/solidification characteristics of paraffin based nanocomposite for thermal energy storage applications
Analytical solution of transient temperature in CW end-pumped laser slab: Reduction of temperature distribution and time of thermal response
Heat-transfer characteristics of ammonia water falling film generation outside a vertical tube
Aerodynamic shape optimization of guided missile based on wind tunnel testing and CFD simulation
Determination of the potential energy surfaces of refrigerant mixtures and their gas transport coefficients
Review of investigations in eco - friendly thermoacoustic refrigeration system
Charicterization and investigation of heat transfer enhancement in pool boiling with water-ZnO nano-fluid
Characterization and statistical modelling of thermal resistance of cotton/polyester blended double layer interlock knitted fabrics
Numerical solution for thermophoresis effects on heat and mass transfer over an accelerating surface with heat source/sink
Glass packing materials used for intensification of heat transfer at boiling on tubular surfaces
Modeling and identification of heat exchanger process using least squares support vector machines
An experimental study on the effects of swirling oxidizer flow and diameter of fuel nozzle on behaviour and light emittance of propane-oxygen non-premixed flame
Performance comparison of various coolants for louvered fin tube automotive radiator
On triply diffusive convection in completely confined fluids
Impact of coupled heat and moisture transfer effects on buildings energy consuption
Charging-discharging characteristics of macro-encapsulated phase change materials in an active thermal energy storage system for a solar drying kiln
MHD mixed convection slip flow near a stagnation-point on a nonlinearly vertical stretching sheet in the presence of viscous dissipation
Low temperature combustion of organic coal-water fuel droplets containing petrochemicals while soaring in a combustion chamber model
Exergy analysis of a vacuum tube solar collector system having indirect working principle
Magnetic field effect on convective heat transfer in corrugated flow channel

Papers Accepted in 2014

Numerical investigation of steady state thermal behavior of an infrared detector cryochamber

Papers Accepted in 2013

Numerical analysis of mixed convection characteristics inside a ventilated cavity including the effects of nanoparticle suspensions