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Online First contains the manscripts of articles that have been accepted for publication but have not yet appeared in the paper journal. They have been peer reviewed and edited to the journal's usual standards. Online First articles should be cited by their digital object identifiers (DOIs) which are given for every article. Manuscripts of the papers can be changed after technical and language corrections in the process of preparing computer layout for hard copy priniting.

Papers Accepted in 2018

Free convection around a slender paraboloid of non-Newtonian fluid in a porous medium
Natural convection heat transfer enhancement of aluminum heat sink using Nano coating by electron beam method
Thermal behavior of double arc groove friction pairs in hydro-viscous drive under soft start-up condition
Determination of aerosol particle size distribution by a novel ABC-DE hybrid algorithm
1D numerical model for prediction of jetsam concentration in segregating fluidized beds
Energy, exergy and sustainability analysis of rice husk air gasification process
Condensation heat transfer characteristics of AMTEC porous wick condenser
Numerical study of the thermosolutal convection in a three-dimensional cavity submitted to cross gradients of temperature and concentration
Characterization of critical stretch rate using outwardly propagating spherical flames
Effects of glazing design and infiltration rate on energy consumption and thermal comfort in residential buildings
The maximum excess temperature of fire-induced smoke flow beneath an unconfined ceiling at high altitude
CFD simulation of swirl flow in hexagonal rod bundle geometry by split mixing vane grid spacers
Hydromagnetic flow of a Carreau fluid in a curved channel with non-linear thermal radiation
Thermal decomposition kinetics of raw and treated olive waste
Numerical study of developing laminar mixed convection in a heated annular duct with temperature dependent properties
Experimental investigation of heat transfer of flowing liquid film with inserted metal foam layer subjected to air jet impingement
Low grade heat recovery system for woodfuel cogeneration plant using water vapour regeneration
A generalized Fourier and Fick's perspective for stretching flow of burgers fluid with temperature-dependent thermal conductivity
Comparison study of CFD and artificial neural networks in predicting temperature fields induced by natural convention in a square enclosure
Numerical study of turbulent MHD convection of molten sodium with variable properties in a square cavity
Forecasting energy consumption in Tamilnadu using hybrid heuristic based regression model
Optimization of conjugate heat transfer in the electrofusion joint using Taguchi method
Green roofs and cool materials as retrofitting strategies for urban heat island mitigation - case study in Belgrade, Serbia
Numerical study of three dimensional microscale heat transfer of a thin diamond slab under fix and moving laser heating
Re-use of historic buildings and energy refurbishment analysis via building performance simulation (BPS): A case study
Axisymmetric stagnation-point flow and heat transfer of nano-fluid impinging on a cylinder with constant wall heat flux
Numerical computations on flow and heat transfer of Casson fluid due to oscillatory moving surface
The combined effect of nanofluid and reflective mirrors on the performance of PV/thermal solar collector
Thermosolutal instability in a horizontal fluid layer affected by rotation
Numerical investigation of combined effect of nanofluids and multiple impinging jets on heat transfer
Experimental and numerical study on melting process of paraffin in a vertical annular cylinder
Active-grid turbulence effect on the topology and the flame location of a lean premixed combustion
Simplified calculation method of annual incoming solar energy on tilted and oriented surfaces for the Carpathian basin
Energy consumption and CO2 emission reductions trough refurbishment of residential buildings' roofs by applying the green roof system. Case study: Blocks 45 and 70, New Belgrade
Theory and smart practice in the reduction of negative effects of urban heat island
Numerical study of heat transfer in a flat plat thermal solar collector with partitions attached to its glazing
Thermodynamic investigation of organic Rankine cycle (ORC) energy recovery system and recent studies
Thermal performance analysis of helical coil solar cavity receiver based parabolic trough concentrator
Modeling and simulation of natural convection flow along a rough surface of sinusoidal nature with variable heat flux: Using Keller box scheme
Combustion of lycopodium particles in random media: Analytical model and predicting the effect of heat loss and Lewis number
Techno-economic assessment of establishment of wind farms in different provinces of Saudi Arabia to mitigate future energy challenges
Experimental analysis of triple fluid vapour absorption refrigeration system driven by electrical energy and engine waste heat
Modeling of overall heat transfer coefficient of a concentric double pipe heat exchanger with limited experimental data by using curve fitting and artificial neural network combination
Entropy generation analysis of mixed convection with considering magneto-hydrodynamic effects in an open C-shaped cavity
Diesel production by fast pyrolysis of Miscanthus giganteus, well-to-pump analysis using the greet model
Heat transfer performance of film condensation created by forced flow
Entropy generation analysis of nanofluid natural convection in coaxial cylinders subjected to magnetic field
Effects of multiple-nozzle distribution on large scale spray cooling via numerical investigation
Heat transfer enhancement from power transformer immersed in oil by earth air heat exchanger
Effect of radiation on the flow structure and heat transfer in a two-dimensional gray medium
A heat transfer analysis from a porous plate with transpiration cooling
Numerical solution of thermal elastic-plastic functionally graded thin rotating disk with exponentially variable thickness and exponentially variable density
Thermodynamic model of critical ice-melting current on iced transmission lines
Emission characteristics of aviation kerosene combustion in aero-engine annular combustor with low temperature plasma assistance
Heat transfer crisis in the capillary-porous cooling system of elements of heat and power installations
A comprehensive note on thermally stratified flow and non-Fourier heat flux theory
A theoretical analysis for peristalsis of Casson material with thermal radiation and viscous dissipation
Multi-objective optimization of operating parameters of a PEM fuel cell under flooding conditions using the non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm (NSGA-II)
Flow and heat transfer over a stretching surface with variable thickness in a Maxwell fluid and porous medium with radiation
Effect of liquid phase compressibility on modeling of gas-liquid two-phase flows using two-fluid model
CFD simulation of non-Newtonian two-phase fluid flow through a channel with a cavity
Urban air pollution caused by the emission of PM10 from the small household devices and abatement measures
The energy and exergy analysis on the performance of counter-flow heat and mass exchanger for M-cycle indirect evaporative cooling
Investigation of flow boiling heat transfer characteristic of mixture refrigerant l-41b in a horizontal smooth tube
Contribution to creating a mathematical model of underground coal gasification process
Natural convection in an inclined porous triangular enclosure with various thermal boundary conditions
Numerical and experimental investigation of heat and mass transfer within bio-based material
Experimental and numerical investigation of thermal and fluid flow processes in a matrix heat exchanger
Design of a Fast Internal Circulating Fluidized-Bed Gasifier with a conical bed angle
Thermal analysis of a serpentine flat plate collector and investigation of the flow and convection regime
Design of a chemical reactor under microwave irradiation in resonance conditions
Experimental and statistical survey on local thermal comfort impact on working productivity loss in university classrooms
Modeling of nucleate boiling heat transfer of a stagnation-point flow impinging on a hot surface
Estimation of photovoltaic power generation potential in Serbia based on irradiance, air temperature, and wind speed data
Effects of CNTs on magnetohydrodynamic flow of methanol based nanofluids via Atangana-Baleanu and Caputo-Fabrizio fractional derivatives
Numerical investigation of intermittent drying of a corn for different drying conditions
Improving thermal stability and reduction of energy consumption by implementing Trombe wall construction in the process of building design - the Serbia region
Dynamic calibration of temperature sensors from light rays for transient measurement
Calculation of temperature fields during lathe machining with thermoelectric cooling by using the finite element method
The thermal behavior of rammed earth wall in traditional house in Vojvodina: Thermal mass as a key element for thermal comfort
Optimal placement of PV systems from the aspect of minimal power losses in distribution network based on genetic algorithm
E(nergy) p(erformance) c(ertificate) of buildings and dwellings - influence of disposition and orientation
Daylight utilisation potentials of highly glazed individual office spaces in Belgrade climate condition
The impact of the building envelope with the green living systems on the built environment
Development for CO2 emissions reduction by the use of solar thermal collectors in the process of urban planning
Energy refurbishment of public buildings under cultural heritage protection in Serbia-constraints and potentials
Possibilities for the use of geothermal energy in new residential buildings in Serbia, case study: Urban blocks in city of Kragujevac
Toward improved heat dissipation of the turbulent regime over backward-facing step for the alumina-water nanofluids ― an experimental approach
Experimental study on reducing temperature using modular system for vegetation walls made of perlite concrete
Potentials for improving energy performance of multifamily housing blocks connected to the district heating system
Experimental investigation and CFD analysis of influence of swirl, arrangement of nozzle, cross section and diameter of jets on heat transfer in multi-jet air impingement cooling
Optimal design of distributed energy resource systems under large-scale uncertainties in energy demands based on decision-making theory
Analysis of heat transfer of hydromagnetic flow over a curved generalized stretching or shrinking surface with convective boundary condition
New cold-level utilization scheme for cascade three-level rankine cycle using the cold energy of liquefied natural gas
Experimental study on R1234yf heat pump at low ambient temperature and comparison with other refrigerants
On dissipative MHD mixed convection boundary layer flow of Jeffrey fluid over an inclined stretching sheet with nanoparticles: Buongiorno model
A solar air-cooled high efficiency absorption system in dry hot climates: Reduction of water consumption and environmental impact
A novel advanced technology for removal of phenol from wastewaters in a Ventury reactor
Influence of high compression ratio and excess air ratio on performance and emissions of natural gas fuelled spark ignition engine
Comparative study of heat and fluid flow characteristics of parallel and offset strip fin micro-channels using computational fluid dynamics simulations
A comparative study of industrial heat supply based on second-law analysis and operating costs
Effect of combined hole configuration on film cooling with and without mist injection
On the laminar combustion characteristics of natural gas-syngas-air mixtures
Modelling study on the effect of ash fusion characteristics on the biomass slagging behavior
Solar thermal and wind energy applications: Case study of a small spanish village
Numerical simulation and circuit network modelling of flow distributions in two-dimensional array configurations
Characterisation of the combustion process in the spark ignition and homogeneous charge compression ignition engine
A hybrid energy storage concept for future application in industrial processes
Energy analysis of heat exchanger in a heat exchanger network
Assessment of thermal comfort preferences in Mediterranean climate: A university office building case
Numerical model for non-Darcy flow through coarse porous media using the moving particle simulation method
Operational optimisation of a heat pump system with sensible thermal energy storage using genetic algorithm
A review on thermoelectric-hydraulic performance and heat transfer enhancement technologies of thermoelectric power generator system
Subcritical organic ranking cycle based geothermal power plant thermodynamic and economic analysis
Energy conservation and heat transfer enhancement for mixed convection on the vertical galvanizing furnace
Effects of introducing the improved energy management system in the urgent care center of the clinical center of Vojvodina
A review of multiphase flow and deposition effects in film-cooled gas turbines
Natural gas turbo-expander systems: A dynamic simulation model for energy and economic analyses
Particulate matter emission from a heavy duty diesel engine with three binary blends
The importance of the capacity building for implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions
Dual solutions on boundary layer flow over a moving surface in a flowing nanofluid with second-order slip
Temperature and thrust force analysis on drilling of glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP)
Numerical study on characteristics of combustion and pollutant formation in a reheating furnace
Numerical investigation of the transient spray cooling process for quenching applications
Analysis of smoke stratification and smoke layer thickness in underground car parks
Double stratfied flow of nanofluid subject to temperature based thermal conductivity and heat source
Energy optimisation of vertical shaft kiln operation in the process of dolomite calcination
Investigation on improving the thermal efficiency of a mini boiler fired with straight vegetable oils
Simultaneous particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emission reduction through enhanced charge homogenization in diesel engines
Performance analysis of coal-fired utility steam generator based on the exergy method
Heating and cooling capacity of phase change material coupled with screen mesh wick heat pipe for thermal energy storage applications
Water cooled micro-hole cellular structure as a heat dissipation media: An experimental and numerical study
Effects of hallcurrents with heat and mass transfer on the peristaltic transport of a Casson fluid through a porous medium in a vertical circular cylinder
Experimental investigation of heat pipe thermal performance with microgrooves fabricated by wire electrical discharge machining (wire-EDM)
Experimental study of temperature inversions above urban area using unmanned aerial vehicle
Three-dimensional FTn finite volume solution of short-pulse laser propagation through heterogeneous medium
Numerical assessment of brick walls' use incorporating a PCM towards thermal performance in buildings during a passive cooling strategy
Experimental heat and mass transfer studies on horizontal falling film absorber using water-lithium bromide
Cost-optimal energy retrofit for serbian residential buildings connected to district heating systems
Effects of pilot injection on combustion and emissions characteristics using 2-methylfuran/diesel blends in a diesel engine
Hybrid system solar collectors - heat pumps for domestic water heating
Determination of drying behaviour in industrial type convectional dryer and mathematical modelling
Swot-ahp method application to determine current energy situation and define strategies for energy security improvement
Performance, emission and combustion characteristics of a DI diesel engine using blends of punnai oil biodiesel and diesel as fuel
Effect of wavy fin usage on thermal performance of heat exchanger used in combi boilers
Numerical study of hydrodynamics and thermal characteristics of heat exchangers with delta winglets
Entropy generation analysis for forced convection boiling in absorber tubes of linear fresnel reflector solar thermal system
Study of the phenomenon of the interaction between sessile drops during evaporation
Impact of temperature dependent heat source and nonlinear radiative flow of third grade fluid with chemical aspects
Three-dimensional mixed convection heat transfer in a partially heated ventilated cavity
Optimization of artillery projectiles base drag reduction using hot base flow
Thermal modeling of a linear induction motor used to drive a power supply system for an electric locomotive
Numerical study of thermal radiations and thermal stratification mechanisms in MHD casson fluid flow
Inclined magnetic field effects on Marangoni flow of Carreau liquid
Using analytic hierarchy process for evaluating different types of nanofluids for engine cooling systems
Impact of arrhenius activation energy in viscoelastic nanomaterial flow subject to binary chemical reaction and nonlinear mixed convection
Influence of operating conditions on ammonium bisulfate deposition in the rotary air preheater of coal-fired power plants
A coupled flow and chemical reactor network model for predicting gas turbine combustor performance
Investigation of cottonseed oil biodiesel with ethanol as an additive on fuel properties, engine performance, combustion and emission characteristics of a diesel engine
An experimental investigation of interacting swirling multiple jets
Application of the non-linear regression - the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm for assumption the energy losses of hydraulic transport in a case of flotation tailings of the mine "Trepca" - Stari Trg
Influence of over fire air system on nox emissions - an experimental case study
Modeling devolatalization process of Serbian lignites using chemical percolation devolatilization model
Important note: Retract paper - Research in entropy wonderland a review of the entropy concept
MHD flow and heat transfer over a moving cylinder in a nanofluid under convective boundary conditions and heat generation
Significance of improved Fourier-Fick laws in nonlinear convective micropolar material stratified flow with variable properties
Regional hospitals in humid tropical climate - guidelines for sustainable design
Mixed convective radiative flow of vicoelastic liquid subject to space dependent internal heat source and chemical reaction
The heat transfer enhancement of concurrent flow and counter current flow concentric tube heat exchangers by using hexagonal boron nitride/water nanofluid
Drying of painted glass plate on moving tape
Numerical and analytical approach for Sakiadis rheology of generalized polymeric material with magnetic field and heat source/sink
Experimental investigation of solar/wind hybrid system for irrigation in Konya, Turkey
Thermal-hydraulic analysis of water based zirconium oxide nanofluids in segmental baffled shell and tube heat exchangers
Prediction of the contact thermal resistance of vertical carbon nanotube arrays
Nozzle flow gas-dynamical properties under dome deflector TVC system effect
Comparison of wooden and conventional houses sustainability: Increasing application of modified wood in R. of Macedonia
Models of thermal processes for design optimization of power plants based on renewable energy sources and fuel cells
Experimental researches of the effect of vegetable oil addition on the emissions characteristics during combustion of coal liquid fuels
Investigation into the effect of fabric structure on surface temperature distribution in weft-knitted fabrics using thermal imaging technique
Thermal analysis of an Eyring-Powell fluid flow through a constricted channel
Nonlinear thermal radiation and magnetic field effects on the flow Carreau nanofluid with convective conditions
A model for reduction of transport-related CO2 emissions by optimizing industrial waste treatment facility location
Optimization of PV system and technology in view of a load profile-case of public building in Turkey
Effect of the size of graded baffles on the performance of channel heat exchangers
New method for determining cooling time and preheating temperature in arc welding
Use of pumped hydro energy storage to complement wind energy: A case study
Investigation of effects on heat transfer and flow characteristics of Cr-Ni alloy and aluminum pins placed in AISI 304 tube
The energy and exergy analysis of counter-flow regenerative evaporative cooler
Decay of supersonic rectangular jet issuing from a nozzle with diagonal expansion ramps
Analysis of heat transfer and irreversibility of ORC evaporator for selecting working fluid and operating conditions
Heat transfer and flow characteristics of offset fin and flat tube heat exchangers under low pressure environment
Numerical investigation of heat transfer at a rectangular channel with combined effect of nanofluids and swirling jets in a vehicle radiator
Analysis of different scenarios and sustainability measurement in the district heating sector in Serbia

Papers Accepted in 2017

Simulation of phase transition process in reconstructed porous medium based on lattice Boltzmann method
Heat transfer in natural convection flow of nanofluid along a vertical wavy plate with variable heat flux
Heat transfer in a triangular wavy channel with CuO/water nanofluids under pulsating flow
Taguchi method as a means for extracting cause and effect relations and for improving the effectiveness of numerical simulation
Thermodynamic analysis of viscoelastic fluid in a porous meduim with prescribed wall heat flux over stretching sheet subjected to a transitive magnetic field
Improving thermal performance of microchannel electronic heat sink using supercritical CO2 as coolant
Approximate analytical solution for one dimensional problems of thermoelasticity with dirichlet condition
Numerical study of heat transfer in a porous medium of steel balls
Heat transfer enhancement by coated fins in the microscale domain
Exergy, economic and environmental (3E) analysis of a gas turbine power plant and optimization by MOPSO algorithm
A new fractional model for convective straight fins with temperature-dependent thermal conductivity
Unsteady flow and heat transfer of Maxwell nanofluid in a finite thin film with internal heat generation and thermophoresis
Application of exergoeconomic analysis for power plants
Investigation on parameters influence for intrinsic instability analysis of solid propellant (AP+HTPB+TDI) using computational image-processing technique
Heat and mass transfer in 3D MHD Williamson-Casson fluids flow over a stretching surface with non-uniform heat source/sink
Boundary layer flow of a copper-water nanofluid over a permeable shrinking cylinder with homogenous-hetrogenous reactions: Dual solutions
Boundary layer flow and heat transfer of cross fluid over a stretching sheet
Inverse boundary design problem of combined radiation convection heat transfer in a duct with diffuse-spectral design surface
Heat and mass transfer effects on the peristaltic flow of Sisko fluid in a curved channel
Simultaneous heat and mass transfer during evaporation and condensation of a binary liquid film
Unsteady MHD bio-nanoconvective anistropic slip flow past a vertical rotating cone
Effect of the inlet opening on mixed convection inside a three-dimensional ventilated cavity
Studying different scenarios of operating air conditioning system in smoke management using CFD in naval ships
Measurement of water temperature and velocity fields by applying thermography on two-phase flow through horizontal rectangular channel
Simulation of heat transfer through woven fabrics based on the fabric geometry model
Numerical study of unsteady axisymmetric flow and heat transfer in Carreau fluid past a stretched surface
Numerical study of inlet cross section effect on oblique finned microchannel heat sink
Electromagnetoconvective stagnation point flow of bionanofluid with melting heat transfer and Stefan blowing
Application of trigeneration with direct co-combustion of poultry waste and coal: A case study in the poultry industry from Turkey
Numerical investigation of magnetic nanofluids flow over rotating disk embedded in a porous medium
Numerical simulation of flow reversal at high Rayleigh number in a vertical square duct - an application of the spectral method
Analysis of heat and mass transfer of the different moist object geometries with air slot jet impinging for forced convection drying
Performance analysis of modified solar still with forced water circulation
Heat transfer analysis in MHD flow of solid particles in non-Newtonian Ree-Eyring fluid due to peristaltic wave in a channel
Burning rate of conduction-controlled ethanol pool fires under a ceiling
Simulation of the co-axial ferrofluid droplets interaction under uniform magnetic field
Numerical simulations of effective thermal conductivity in aluminum foam sandwich panel
Unsteady transport of MHD mixed convection inspired by thermal radiation and partial slip performance: Finite difference approach
Entropy production in peristaltic flow of a space dependent viscosity fluid in asymmetric channel
Experimental and model based performance investigation of a solid desiccant wheel dehumidifier in subtropical climate
Thermal analysis of a mini solar pond of small surface area while extracting heat from lower convective layer
Effect of geometrical structure of embedded phase change material on the power generation of thermoelectric module
The study of natural convection heat transfer of nanofluids in a partially porous cavity based on LBM
Heat transfer analysis based on cattaneo-christov heat flux model and convective boundary conditions for flow over an oscillatory stretching surface
Experimental investigation on thermal performance of nano coated surfaces for air-conditioning applications
Entropy generation of aiding mixed thermal convection, between two nonparallel vertical plates with uniform temperature
Effects of different coatings on thermal stress of solar parabolic 1 trough collector absorber in direct steam generation systems 2
Heat transfer analysis of surrounding rocks with thermal insulation layer in high geothermal roadway
An exergy analysis of solar-assisted ejector cooling system for different area ratios at their maximum cop values
A local average method for stochastic thermal analysis under heat conduction conditions
Energy and exergy utilization of some agricultural crops in Turkey
Optimal phase change temperature for BCHP system with PCM-TES based on energy storage effectiveness
Numerical and analytical comparisons of slanted Lorentz forces on thermal radiation flow of a micropolar fluid
Estimation of combustion efficiency for ceiling vented compartment fires using zone model concept
Experimental optimization of energy consumption for DC refrigerator by PID controller tuning and comparison with ON-OFF refrigerator
Numerical simulation study of a stable jet shape variation in electrospinning
Local thermal non-equilibrium forced convection of a third grade fluid between parallel stretching permeable plates embedded in a porous medium
Investigating the effect of Brownian motion models on heat transfer and entropy generation in nanofluid forced convection
Experimental study on the early stage of upward flame spread with cross air flow
Experimental study on EHD heat transfer enhancement of semi circular ribs into channel
Optimization of micro pin-fin heat sink with staggered arrangement
Particle image velocimetry and proper orthogonal decomposition analysis of the channel flow equipped with cylindrical ribs
Monitoring and neural network modeling of cutting temperature during turning hard steel
Study of an inclined interface of contact using lattice Boltzmann method
Flame propagation of micron sized aluminum dust cloud in oxygenated media with different neutralize gas
Performance analysis of automotive air conditioning system with an internal heat exchanger using R1234yf under different evaporation and condensation temperatures
Boiling heat transfer of nanofluids: A review of recent studies
Hybrid lattice Boltzmann/Taguchi optimization approach for MHD nanofluid natural convection in a hemisphere cavity
Experimental study on heat transfer and fluid flow enhancement of a spherical shape obstacle solar air passage
Entropy generation analysis on two-phase micropolar nanofluids flow in an inclined channel with convective heat transfer
Experimental investigations of flow through wide angle conical diffusers with uniform flow and swirl type velocity distortions at inlet
Heat transfer enhancement of a cascaded thermal energy storage system with various encapsulation arrangements
Numerical study of heat and mass transfer enhancement for bubble absorption process of ammonia-water mixture without and with nanofluids
Thermodynamic efficiency evaluation of a low pressure turbo expander cryogenic cycle based on exergy analysis
Analysis on thermal and hydraulic performance of a T-shaped vapor chamber designed for motorcycle led lights
Visual study on two-phase flow in a horizontal closed-loop oscillating heat pipe
Numerical analysis on the thermal performances of different types of fin heat sink for high-power led lamp cooling
Rarefaction and scale effects on heat transfer characteristics for enclosed rectangular cavities heated from below
Influence of heat in-leak, longitudinal conduction and property variations on the performance of cryogenic plate-fin heat exchangers based on distributed parameter model
Condensate retention of water-ethanol mixture on horizontal enhanced condensing tubes
Thermal analysis and optimization of high power led armature
Effect of uniform and variable fin height on charging and discharging of PCM in a horizontal cylindrical thermal storage
Development of a compression-absorption heat pump system for utilizing low-temperature geothermal water
Effects of porosity and heat generation on free convection in a porous trapezoidal cavity
Influence of the geometrical parameters of urban canyons on the convective heat transfer coefficient
Energy efficiency and economic analysis of retrofit measures for single-family residential buildings
Transient CFD investigations on thermal performance of solar air heater with hollow vertical fins
Performance improvement of the heat recovery unit with sequential type heat pipes using TiO2 nanofluid
A comparison of porous structures on the performance of slider bearing with surface roughness in micropolar fluid film lubrication
The performance of vapor compression cooling system aided Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube
Controlling the thermal environment of underground power cables adjacent to heating pipeline using the pavement surface radiation properties
Numerical study of MHD mixed convective flow in a lid-driven enclosure filled with nanofluid saturated porous medium with center heater
Enhancing film cooling effectiveness in a gas turbine end-wall with a passive semi cylindrical trench
Investigation of vortex shedding from an airfoil by CFD simulation and computer-aided flow visualization
Numerical solution of hydromagnetic peristaltic flow in a porous-saturated heated channel
Flow and heat transfer performance of plate phase change energy storage heat exchanger
The analysis of solar gains calculation methodology defined in SRPS en ISO 13790, through the use of software for numerical simulation
Comparative analysis of electric power production results and recommendations for improvement of operation of first mini photovoltaic power plants in south Serbia
On the limits of the quasi-steady-state method to predict the energy performance of low-energy buildings

Papers Accepted in 2016

A new heat transfer correlation for oscillating fluid flow
Temperature distribution of a test specimen with high-speed heat airflow passing through
A novel determination of the minimal size of a probabilistic representative volume element (RVE) for fiber-reinforced composites’ thermal analysis
Influence of initial bed temperature on bed performance of an adsorption refrigeration system
Heat transfer analysis in the time-dependent axisymmetric stagnation point flow over a lubricated surface
Effect of an axial hole on natural convection heat transfer from a cylindrical pin fin attached to a horizontal plate
Convective and conductive thermal homogenization for nonsturated porous building materials: Application on the thermal conductivity tensor
Mixed convection flow and heat transfer in ferromagnetic fluid over a stretching sheet with partial slip effects
Numerical prediction of compressible heat flow with complex wall temperature in supersonic rocket nozzles
Influence of turning parameters on cutting temperature by applying the design of experiments with the definition of the workpiece material behavior
Heat and mass transfer analysis on MHD blood flow of Casson fluid model due to peristaltic wave
Hygrothermal study of dwelling submitted to passive cooling
Effect of concentration of metal inorganic salt on fiber diameter in electrospinning process: Mathematical model and experimental verification
Radially varying magnetic field effect on peristaltic motion with heat and mass transfer of a non-Newtonian fluid between two co-axial tubes
Heat transfer enhancement in rotating disk boundary layer
Parametric investigation of a counter-flow heat and mass exchanger based on Maisotsenko cycle
Hydraulic and thermal studies on a chevron type plate heat exchanger
Simulation of natural convection of nanofluids in a square enclosure embedded with bottom discrete heater
Film condensation generated by free convection in a porous medium
CFD simulation of heat transfer performance of exhaust gas recirculation coolers for heavy-duty diesel engines
MHD mixed thermo-bioconvection in porous cavity filled by oxytactic microorganisms
Melting front propagation in a paraffin-based phase change material-lab-scale experiment and simulations
Experimental analysis of absorption refrigeration system driven by waste heat of diesel engine exhaust