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Papers Accepted in 2021

Thermal performance analysis and optimization design of dry type air core reactor with the double rain cover
Computational study of laminar free convection inside tilting irregular cavity of a batch-type solar collector
Thermal analysis and parametric optimization of plate fin heat sinks under forced air convection
Assessment of predictive models for the estimation of heat consumption in kindergartens
Thermal insulating property of an optically-active polyurethane-based silicon aerogel
Researches on leakage with lubricating oil using a composite multiphase lattice Boltzmann method
Numerical study on the mixing characteristics under transcritical and supercritical injection using large eddy simulation
Nanoparticle shape effect on the natural convection heat transfer of hybrid nanofluid inside a U-shaped enclosure
An experiment to assess the heat transfer performance of thermoelectric-driven conditioned mattress
Effects of non-isothermal oxidation on transient conjugate heat transfer of the cryo-supersonic air-quenching
Improved ISPH method for natural convection from heated T-open pipe of Al2O3-water nanofluid in a cavity: Buongiorno's two-phase model
Study on droplet nucleation position and jumping on structured hydrophobic surface using the lattice Boltzmann method
Research on convective heat transfer characteristics of Fe3O4 magnetic nanofluids under vertical magnetic field
Numerical study on flame and emission characteristics of a small flue gas self-circulation diesel burner with different spray cone angles
An adaptive approach to duct optimization of an industrial boiler air supply system using airfoils
Comparison of well-posedness criteria of two-fluid models for numerical simulation of gas-liquid two-phase flows in vertical pipes
Effect of cooling condition on the performance of thermoelectric power generation system coupling with phase change material module
Chemical kinetic analysis of in-cylinder ion current generation under direct water injection within internal combustion Rankine cycle engine
Evaporation characteristics and efficient working area of multi-stage high pressure and temperature reducing valve
A comparison between the presence and absence of virtual viscosity in the behaviour of the two phase flow interface
A computational method to solve for the heat conduction temperature field based on data-driven approach
Evaluation model of the steady-state heat transfer performance of two-phase closed thermosyphons
Numerical study on the flow and heat transfer of water-based Al2O3 forced pulsating nanofluids based on self-excited oscillation chamber structure
Numerical study on flow and heat transfer performance of serpentine parallel flow channels in a high-voltage heater system
Passive control of magneto-nanomaterials transient flow subject to non-linear thermal radiation
Thermal-mechanical characteristics of stationary and pulsating gas flows in a gas-dynamic system (in relation to the exhaust system of an engine)
Experimental comparative analysis of operating characteristics of double circuit flat-plate solar collector with thermosiphon circulation and flat solar collector with chemical coating
Risk evaluation in road tunnels based on CFD results
Augmentation of convection heat transfer from a horizontal cylinder in a vented square enclosure with variation of lower opening size
Performance improvement of an industrial control enclosure cooling system
Effects of "Oxy" jet in cross flow on the combustion instability and NOx emissions in lean premixed flame
Analysis of equilibrium dispersive model of liquid chromatography considering a quadratic-type adsorption isotherm
Multi-objective calibration of the double-ellipsoid heat source model for GMAW process simulation
Competitiveness of power systems with nuclear power plants and with high participation of intermittent renewable energy sources
Thermo-mechanical analysis of linear welding stage in friction stir welding - influence of welding parameters
Effect of core flow heat transfer enhancement on power generation characteristics of thermoelectric generators with different performances
The investigation of using phase change material for solar pond insulation
Effect of induced magnetic field on non-Newtonian nanofluid Al2O3 motion through boundary layer with gyrotactic microorganisms
Measuring surface temperatures of different types of fly ash samples using a CCD camera
Investigate the corrosion properties of stellite coated on AZ91D alloy by plasma spray technique
Influence of active water stream, irradiance, ambient temperature and wind speed on the efficiency of Fresnel lens based two stage PVT system
Hydrogeo chemical process characterization and ecological impacts of groundwater in around Noyyal river coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu, India
Thermal management analysis of PCM integration in building using a novel performance parameter - PCM effectiveness index
Research on the influence of different obstacle structures on the energy distribution characteristics of pulse detonation gas
Numerical analysis of thermal performance of heat exchanger: Different plate structures and fluids
Performance and impact of cryogenic pulsating heat pipe using a different number of turns and helium gas
Comparative analysis of copper oxide (CuO)-based spiral flow photovoltaic sheet and tube thermal system
Double-diffusive natural convection in a cavity with an inner cylinder wrapped by a porous layer
Simulation research on absorption refrigeration system based on NH3-H2O-LiBr vapor-liquid equilibrium calculation model
A synergy model of material and energy flow analysis for the calcination process of green petroleum coke in rotary kiln
Critical heat flux analysis of divertor cooling flow channel in fusion reactor with CFD method
A new spray dryer supported with freely rotatable propellers enables more efficient drying of milk samples
Numerical study on heat transfer and flow resistance characteristics of multi-head twisted spiral tube
Commuter exposure to fine particulate matter in private road transport modes in Salem, India
Mathematical modeling for output yield obtained by single slope solar still integrated with sand troughs
Design of automation control thermal system integrated with parabolic trough collector based solar plant
Analysis of joule heating and generalized slip flow in ferromagnetic nanoparticles in a curved channel using Cattaneo-Christov heat flux theory
Parameters of liquid cooling thermal management system effect on the Li-ion battery temperature distribution
Comparison of mathematical models to estimate the thermal conductivity of titanium oxide-water based nanofluid: A review
Heat transfer characteristics of molten salt flowing in steam generator
Performance degradation analysis of combined cycle power plant under high ambient temperature
Design and development of IIoT-based system for behavior profiling of nonlinear dynamic production systems based on energy flow theory
Separate and combined integration of Kalina cycle for waste heat recovery from a cement plant
Three-component diagnostics of swirling flow in the model of an improved four-vortex furnace
Determination of the drag coefficient of lattice structures under wind load using porous media approach
Thermal radiation and magnetohydrodynamics flow over a black isothermal plate
Experimental analysis of effect of base with different inner geometries filled nano PCM for the thermal performance of the plate fin heat sink
A review on fundmental research of oxy-coal combustion technology
Improving design and operating parameters of the recuperator for waste heat recovery from rotary kilns
Gravimetric and instrumental methods comparison for experimental determination of carbonate carbon content in solid mineral fuels
Dynamic modeling of the heat transfer process in rotary kilns with indirect oil heating: Parametric analysis of gypsum calcination case
Experimental analysis of domestic refrigeration system using nanorefrigerant [CeO2+ZnO+R134a]
Studying on Kudryashov-Sinelshchikov dynamical equation arising in mixtures liquid and gas bubbles
Study of the heat transfer performance of a loop heat pipe with aluminum wick
Flow and heat transfer characteristics of high temperature continuous rising bubbles
Intelligent modeling method of energy hub based on directed multi-graph
Design and thermal-hydraulic optimization of a shell and tube heat exchanger using bees algorithm
Study on heat transfer characteristics of single-layer double-row pulsating heat pipe
Performance investigation of a two-stage thermoelectric cooler with inhomogeneous materials
Numerical analysis on heat transfer and flow resistance performances of a heat exchanger with novel perforated wavy fins
Thermal analysis on natural convection coupled with radiative heat transfer in a saturated porous cavity
Micro-modular air driven combustion nozzle: Experimental and numerical modelling studies towards optimal geometric design
Numerical simulation of droplet impinging icing process on a low-temperature wall with smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) method
Influence of twisted tape insert on the coolant flow characteristics in swirled film cooling
Investigations of nonlinear induction motor model using the Gudermannian neural networks
Improvement of metric for quantification and assessment of the energy justice
Design and verification of ultra-high temperature lithium heat pipe based experimental facility
Thermal optimization research of oil-immersed transformer winding based on the support machine response surface
Investigation on engine performance test on compression ignition engine with hybrid metal matrix composite piston
Heat transfer analysis of double tube heat exchanger with wavy inner tube
Study on influence of forced vibration of cooling channel on flow and heat transfer of hydrocarbon fuel at supercritical pressure
Flame-retardant and crease-proofing finishing of cotton fabrics via in-situ copolymerization of ethylene phytic acid and itaconic acid, part I: Fabrication process
Taylor-Couette flow with mixed convection heat transfer and variable properties in a horizontal annular pipe
A numerical study on the thermal storage properties of packer bed under different arrangements of PCM capsules
Effect of condensate flow rate, surface tension, density and vapor velocity on condensate retention of wire wrapped tubes
Monitoring and simulation of parabolic trough collector powered vapor absorption refrigeration system for rural cold storage
A CFD investigation and heat transfer augmentation of double pipe heat exchanger by employing helical baffles on shell and tube side
Simulation and experimental study on performance analysis of solar photovoltaic integrated thermoelectric cooler using MATLAB Simulink
Impact of ventilation system type on indoor thermal environment and human thermal comfort in a ceiling cooling room
Global warming potential of building constructions based on heat and moisture transport analysis
Optimization of the automotive air conditioning system using radial basis function neural network
High-resolution simulation of film cooling with blowing ratio and inclination angle effects based on hybrid thermal lattice Boltzmann method
Effect of surface micromorphology and hydrophobicity on condensation efficiency of droplets using the lattice Boltzmann method
Heat transfer in a novel microwave heating device coupled with atomization feeding
Thermo-hydraulic performance evaluation of heat exchanger tube with vortex generator inserts
Two-component propellant grain for rocket motor: Combustion analysis and geometric optimization
Optimization and application of temperature field in rapid heat cycling molding
He misfire degree and its effects on combustion and pollutant formation of subsequent cycles: A study on a high speed gasoline engine
The study of typical water header flow structure by LES and RANS
Evaluation and analysis of exergoeconomic performance for the calcination process of green petroleum coke in vertical shaft kiln
CFD simulation of reactive flow in parallel flow regenerative shaft kilns using porous media model
Modification of KCS (Kalina Cycle System) 34g by replacing throttle valve with single-screw expander
Energy and exergy analyses of a combined cycle power plant with inlet fuel heating
Study on characteristics of fluid flow and heat transfer in the torsional flow heat exchanger with drop-shaped tube
Preparation and properties of silk fibroin hydrogel for biological dressing
Theoretical investigation on the elastic and thermodynamic properties of CuInS2
Building energy optimization using butterfly optimization algorithm (BOA)
Thermal analysis of proposed heat sink design under natural convection for the thermal management of electronics
Analysis of smart building solutions for optimizing the energy performance in a new commercial building
Non-similarity method for heat and mass transfer of MHD radiative flow over exponentially stretching sheet
The assessment of synergistic effect on performing the co-pyrolysis process of coal and waste blends based on thermal analysis
Heat and mass transfer performance and exergy performance evaluation of seawater cooling tower considering different inlet parameters
Modernization of the drainage system and ash slurry handling system in TPP Kostolac A
Numerical study of the injection conditions effect on the behavior of hydrogen-air diffusion flame
Application of differential transformation method for an annular fin with variable thermal conductivity
A study of the effects of the micro-channel cold plate on the cooling performance of battery thermal management systems
Thermal analysis and optimization of L-shape fin heat sink under natural convection using ANOVA and Taguchi
Wetting layer evolution and interfacial heat transfer in water-air spray cooling process of hot metallic surface
Effect of pressure broadening on the radiative heat transfer by CO and CH4 gases using line by line method with latest high-temperature database
Computational analysis on the stability and characteristics of partially premixed butane air open flames in tubular burner
On the approximate numerical solutions of fractional heat equation with heat source and heat loss
Comprehensive performance investigation and optimization of a plate fin heat exchanger with wavy fins
Numerical simulation on heating performance and emission characteristics of a new multi-stage dispersed burner for gas-fired radiant tubes
Identification and control of a heat flow system based on the Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model using the grey wolf optimization algorithm
Assessment of an integrated solar combined cycle system based on conventional and advanced exergetic methods
Turbulent natural convection heat transfer in a square cavity with nanofluids in presence of inclined magnetic field
Theoretical and experimental investigations on the photothermal effect of gold nanorods irradiated by femtosecond and nanosecond laser
Towards better correlation between optical and commercial SI engines through quasi-dimensional modeling of CCV
Studying heat conduction in a sphere considering hybrid fractional derivative operator
A detailed analysis of flow and heat transfer characteristics under a turbulent intermittent jet impingement on a concave surface
A molecular dynamics investigation on fuel vaporization and mixing characteristics under sub/supercritical conditions
Thermal calculations and NOx emission analysis of a micro gas turbine system without a recuperator
Systematic preparation and physical property characterization of a novel stable BiOIO3 nanofluids
Thermal management and phase change heat transfer characteristics of LiFePO4 batteries by cooling PCM
Numerical investigations on solute transport and freckle formation during directional solidification of nickle-based superalloy ingot
Experimental study on solar distillation system for oil extraction from eucalyptus plant leaves
Evaluation of the suitability of human settlements in Qingpu district, Shanghai
Decarbonising power system with high share of renewables and optionally with or without nuclear, Slovenia case
Frequency modelling and dynamic identification of cross-flow water turbines
Solution of Burgers' equation appears in fluid mechanics by multistage optimal homotopy asymptotic method
Investigation of transient and steady heat transfer in saturated porous medium filled in a vertical cylinder with thermal dispersion and radiation
Experimental analysis of solar air heater using polygonal ribs in absorber plate integrated with phase change material
Experimental and numerical investigation of thermal and flow conditions inside a large pharmaceutical storage after the ventilation system failure
Study on the disturbance effect of pulsating flow and heat transfer in self-excited oscillation shear layer
Boiling-condensation heat transfer and flow characteristics in ultrathin limited enclosed space based on numerical simulation and visualization experiment
Temperature effect on thermal-hydraulic performance of one-pass counter-current flow shell-and-tube heat exchanger and upon its design
Comparative investigation of phase change material on heat transfer characteristics under theoretical and practical periodic temperature boundary
Heat transfer augmentation characteristics of a fin punched with curve trapezoidal vortex generators at the rear of tubes
Technical requirements analysis of integrated paralleled-loop exhaust air heat pump system applied to ultra-low energy building in different climatic regions of China
Effect of three and five holes nozzle for the improvement of thermal efficiency and emission characters of DI-CI diesel engine with lemongrass biodiesel as alternate fuel
Evaluation of the influence of terrain and traffic road conditions on the driver's driving performances by applying machine learning
Combustion chamber geometry and fuel supply system variations on fuel economy and exhaust emissions of GDI engine with EGR
Response to comment on: "A critical review on heat and mass transfer modelling of viral infection and virion evolution the case of SARS-COV2"

Papers Accepted in 2020

Optimization and CFD analysis of a shell-and-tube heat exchanger with a multi segmental baffle
CFD methodology for simulating pumping loss from displacer and piston seals of free piston Stirling engine
Effects of K2CO3 and Ca(OH)2 on CO2 gasification of char with high alkali and alkaline earth metal content and study of different kinetic models
Numerical approximation of nonlinear chromatographic models considering Bi-Langmuir isotherm
T-history analysis of aspect ratio effect on subcooling and solidification behaviour of phase change material in vertical glass tubes
Flow boiling heat transfer characteristics of low GWP refrigerants in a vertical mini-channel
Experimental study on the correlation of subcooled boiling flow in horizontal tubes
Thermodynamic analysis of absorption cooling system with LiBr-Al2O3/water nanofluid using solar energy
Experimental investigation of using graphene nanoplatelets and hybrid nanofluid as coolant in photovoltaic PV/T systems
Monitoring the efficiency of cooling air at the inlet of gas engine in integrated energy system
Thermodynamic model and kinetic compensation effect of oil sludge pyrolysis based on thermogravimetric analysis
Urban contamination assessment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons released from an oil refinery in Rawalpindi
CFD studies on the influence of un-wetted area on the heat transfer performance of the horizontal tube falling film evaporation
Thermo-economic analysis and optimization of the steam absorption chiller network plant
Experimental study on novel pulsating heat pipe radiator for horizontal CPU cooling under different wind speeds
Thermal-hydraulic performance of TiO2-water nanofluids in an offset strip fin heat exchanger
Characteristics of moisture release from layers of forest fuels with typical fire extinguishing agents
Numerical simulation on the emission of NOx from the combustion of natural gas in the sidewall burner
Mathematical modeling of thin layer drying characteristics and proximate analysis of turkey berry (Solanum torvum)
Insight into chemical reaction kinetics effects on thermal ablation of charring material
Effects of ethanol port injection timing and delivery rate on combustion characteristic of a heavy-duty V12 diesel engine
Heat dissipation performance of grooved- and copper foam -type vapor chambers
Numerical assessment on heat transfer performance of double-layered oblique fins microchannel heat sink with Al2O3 nanofluid
Residential DHW consumption analysis for multifamily buildings supplied by district heating