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Online First contains the manscripts of articles that have been accepted for publication but have not yet appeared in the paper journal. They have been peer reviewed and edited to the journal's usual standards. Online First articles should be cited by their digital object identifiers (DOIs) which are given for every article. Manuscripts of the papers can be changed after technical and language corrections in the process of preparing computer layout for hard copy priniting.

Papers Accepted in 2019

The influence of air side and fuel side water addition on engine’s behaviour of a biofuel based CI engine under oxygen enriched combustion
Nanoscalebubble study of cavitation inception on a Pt surface using molecular dynamics simulation
A thermal model for open-rack mounted photovoltaic modules based on empirical correlations for natural and forced convection
Performance investigation and exergy analysis of VCRS operated using R600a refrigerant and nanoadditive compressor oil
The motion of a non-Newtonian nanofluid over a semi-infinite moving vertical plate through porous medium with heat and mass transfer
Numerical study for heat transfer enhancement using CuO-H2O nano-fluids through mini-channel heat sinks for microprocessor cooling
Uniaxial compressive strength and failure characteristics of arkosic sandstone after thermal treatment
Features of propagation of droplets of water and special water-based compositions in a sample of forest fuel material
Effects of gaseous slip flow and temperature jump on entropy generation rate in rectangular microducts
Numerical-experimental validation of the welding thermal cycle carried out with the MIG welding process on a 6063-T5 aluminium tubular profile
Experimental investigation on the effect of soil type to the ground source heat pump’s performance and energy consumption
Stochastic technique for solutions of nonlinear fin equation arising in thermal equilibrium model
Optimization of volumetric efficiency of a small wankel engine using genetic algorithm
Performance evaluation of nanofluid on parabolic trough solar collector
Seasonal temperature variation of solar pond under Mediterranean condition
Performance analysis of a four-stroke compressed air engine
Performance analysis of solar assisted multigenerational system using therminol VP1 based nanofluids: A comparative study
Energy performance of single family houses in Serbia - analysis of calculation procedures
Simulation of flow in single and double-sided lid driven square cavities by direct simulation Monte Carlo method
Heat transfer on MHD stagnation point flow through a porous shrinking/stretching sheet: A numerical study
Experimental exploration of finned cooling structure for the thermal management of lithium batteries with different discharge rate and materials
Investigation of parameters affecting the optimum thermal insulation thickness for buildings in hot and cold climates
Development and experimental validation of a TRNSYS model for energy design of air-to-water heat pump system
Influence of hydrogen as a fuel additive on combustion and emissions characteristics of a free piston engine
Analysis of an automotive thermoelectric generator on a gasoline engine
Prototype and model of solar driven desalination plant in arid environment
Direct numerical simulation of particle Brownian motion in a fluid with inhomogeneous temperature field
Sensitivity analysis of crude oil’s physical properties to total freezing time
Research on the performance improvement of a two-shaft gas turbine with a variable area nozzle power turbine
The study of a seasonal solar CCHP system based on evacuated flat-plate collectors and organic Rankine cycle
Lattice Boltzmann method simulation of the gas heat conduction of nanoporous material
Experimentally determining the effects of water droplets collision when mixing aerosol with gas flow at different heating temperatures
Numerical investigation of VPD process for drying of transformer’s insulation paper
Suspended nanoparticles on mixed convection flow of a Jeffrey fluid due to a horizontal circular cylinder with viscous dissipation
Improving the performance of a heating system through energy management by using exergy parameters
Research on heat transfer characteristics of fractal-generated turbulence based on large eddy simulation
Axisymmetric stationary heat conduction problem for half-space with temperature-dependent properties
MHD free convection of non-Newtonian power-law fluids over a uniformly heated horizontal plate
Thermal applications of Hybrid Phase Change Materials (HPCMs)- a critical review
New Laplace-type integral transform for solving steady heat-transfer problem
Second law analysis of heat transfer in swirling flow of Bingham fluid by a rotating disk subjected to suction effect
High pressure densities and derived properties of biodiesel fuel produced by heterogeneous transesterification from biowaste
Numerical study of flow and heat transfer in a porous medium between two stretchable disks using quasi-linearization method
The effects of different engine material properties on the performance of a diesel engine at maximum combustion temperatures
Heat transfer from an immersed fixed silver sphere to a gas fluidised bed of very small particles
Vacuum decomposition thermodynamics and experiments of recycled lead carbonate from waste lead acid battery
The steady thermodynamics of a flash-binary geothermal power system based on correction models validated by static tests
Continuous slow dynamic slope approach for stationary base internal combustion engine mapping
Investigation of the thermal behavior and energy consumption of refrigeration systems
Ignition and combustion characteristics of wall-impinged kerosene (RP-3) fuel spray with varying injection parameters
Investigation of saturation temperature in solar pond for different sizes
Micropolar mixed convective flow with Cattaneo-Christov heat flux: Non-fourier heat conduction analysis
Heat transfer enhancement in the complex geometries filled with porous media
Experimental study on the heat transfer and resistance characteristics of pin-fin tube
Effect of mixture velocity for given equivalence ratio on flame development in Swiss roll combustor
Approximate analytic solutions of multi-dimensional fractional heat-like models with variable coefficients
Extending operator method to local fractional evolution equations in fluids
A periodic solution for the local fractional Boussinesq equation on cantor sets
Experimental investigation on packed bed cool storage system for supply-demand management in building air conditioning system suitable for micro thermal grid
New general calculi with respect to another functions applied to describe the Newton-like dashpot models in anomalous viscoelasticity
Observation on a fire whirl in a vertical shaft using high-speed camera and associated correlation derived
An analytical solution for solving a new wave equation within Lorenzo-Hartley kernel
Conformable fractional derivative and its application to fractional Klein-Gordon equation
Temperature fields in linear stage of friction stir welding - effect of different material properties
Model for the analysis of thermal conductivity of composite material of natural origin
A semi-analytical solution of three-dimensional transient temperature field for a uniform plate subjected to Gaussian-distribution laser heat source
Experimental study on the smoke temperature distribution alongside the lining in tunnel fires
Non-Darcian effect on double-diffusive natural convection inside aninclined square Dupuit-Darcy porous cavity under a magnetic field
Modeling of intermittent convective drying of walnuts in single layer and its influence on deep bed drying simulation
Modeling of the hourly horizontal solar diffuse radiation in Şanliurfa, Turkey
The unsteady liquid film flow of the CNTs-engine oil nanofluid over a nonlinear radially extending surface
Development of a national index for the purpose of forest fire risk assessments on the example of southern Serbia
Finite difference solution of convective flow of Upper-Convected Maxwell fluid over a horizontal wedge with suction and heat generation using Cattaneo-Christov heat flux model
Investigation of ash deposit formation on heat transfer surfaces of boilers using coals and biomass
Association of flame-oscillation frequency under cross wind diffusion
Heat transfer and evaporation of salt solution on a horizontal heating wall
Research in the area of FBC combustion in the Laboratory for thermal engineering and energy - Part A: Achievements in targeted fundamental research
Research in the area of FBC combustion in Laboratory for thermal engineering and energy - Part B: Achievements in technology implementation
Combined organic acid leaching and torrefaction as pine wood pretreatment before fast pyrolysis
Gas solid contacting measurements in a turbulent fluidized bed by oxidation ofcarbon monoxide
Performance investigations of solar photovoltaic water pumping system using centrifugal deep well pump
Heat transfer enhancement by sinusoidal-shaped disk rotating in a forced flow
Entropy production minimization in a multicomponent diabatic distillation column
Feasibility of closed loop ground source heat pump for residential heating and cooling applications in Serbia
Haar wavelets scheme for solving the unsteady gas flow in four-dimensional
Influence of temperature on physical and mechanical properties of a sedimentary rock: Coal measure mudstone
Effect of variable thermal conductivity on the mhd boundary layer of casson-nanofluid over a moving plate with variable thickness
A contribution to evaluation of nuclear power plants competitiveness using 3E indicator - One possible approach
Validation and application of source based CFD for numerical simulations and optimizations in turbine-related configurations
Thermal conductivity difference between nanofluids and microfluids: Experimental data and theoretical analysis using mass difference scattering
Application of analytical and CFD models of liquid fuels combustion in a fluidized bed
Impact of hydrotreated vegetable oil and biodiesel on properties in blends with mineral diesel fuel
Impact of point thermal bridges on thermal properties of building envelopes
Visualization of flow characteristics between the ribbed plates via particle image velocimetry
Performance analysis of a solar-assisted ground source heat pump system in climatic conditions of Turkey
Performance characteristics of mechanical draft cooling towers in thermal power plant
The effects of EGR and injection timing on combustion performance and emissions of biodiesel and its blends with 2-methylfuran in a diesel engine
Effect of cerium oxide nanoadditive on the working characteristics of water emulsified biodiesel fueled diesel engine: An experimental study
A parameters selection criterion of the numerical realisation of the continuous method for the Stefan problems
A novel method for calculating effective thermal conductivity of particulate fouling
Analytical and numerical treatment to study the effects of hall currents with viscous dissipation, heat absorpation and chemical reaction on peristaltic flow of Carreau nanofluid
Numerical investigation of heat transfer in film layer under supersonic consition of convergent-divergent transition
Thermo diffusion aspects in Jeffrey nanofluid over periodically moving surface with time dependent thermal conductivity
Variations in ionospheric D-region recombination properties during increase of its X-ray heating induced by solar X-ray flare
Effect of flow separation of TiO2 nanofluid on heat transfer in the annular space of two concentric cylinders
A modified Fourier-Fick analysis for modeling non-Newtonian mixed convective flow considering heat generation
Coupled simulation of a thermoelectric generator applied in diesel engine exhaust waste heat recovery
Numerical assessment of the effect of inflow turbulators on the thermal behavior of a combustion chamber
Some analytical solutions by mapping methods for nonlinear conformable time-fractional Phi-4 equation
System signature and reliability of coherent system under circular stress
CFD parametric investigation for two-phase flow of ammonia-water mixing in bubble pump tube
Volatility measurement of the world indices using different entropy methods
On exact and approximate solutions of (2+1)-dimensional Konopelchenko-Dubrovsky equation via modified simplest equation and cubic B-spline schemes
Global warming and other climate change phenomena on the geological time scale
Effect of ratio between incoming cool air and outgoing hot gases on behaviour of compartment fire
Some important details on technical system: Matrix representation, odds ratio, embedding subsystems
Effects of magnetic field inclination and internal heat sources on nanofluid heat transfer and entropy generation in a double lid driven L-shaped cavity
On Bäcklund transformations of surfaces by extended Harry-Dym flow
Analytical and semi-analytical wave solutions for longitudinal wave equation via modified auxiliary equation method and Adomian decomposition method
Influence of water/diesel emulsified fuel on diesel engine characteristics
Theoretical analysis and experimental research of heat pump driving heat pipes heating equipment
Microscale flow and heat transfer between the rotor and the flank for rotary engine
On discrete fractional solutions of the hydrogen atom type equations
Stress distribution caused by co-phase locally spatially curved layers in an infinite elastic body under bi-axial compression
Modeling and validation analysis according to temperature effect of different type batteries
Comparisons of six different estimation methods for log-Kumaraswamy distribution
An electrostatic measuring technique for monitoring particle size in dilute pneumatic transport
Study and analysis of the cavitating and non-cavitating jets - Part one: Parameters controlling force, power and the jet behavior
Study and analysis of the cavitating and non-cavitating jets - Part two: Parameters controlling the jet action and a new formula for cavitation number calculation
The effect of the heat recovery on fuel consumption in the stenter machine
Experimental study about utilization of MWCNTs and graphene nanoplatelets water- based nanofluids in flat non-concentrating PVT systems
Three-dimensional flow of Casson nanofluid over a stretched sheet with chemical reactions, velocity slip, thermal radiation and Brownian motion
Diffusive Bejan number and second law of thermodynamics toward a new dimensionless formulation of fluid dynamics laws
Thermal cycling behaviour of plasma sprayed NiCr-Al-Co-Y2O3 bond coat in thermal barrier coating system
Investigation of carbon dioxide diluted methane and propane swirling premixed flames using CH* chemiluminescence imaging
Study of transient condensation occurring during the starting of the evaporation of a droplet deposited on a heated substrate
Experimental investigation energy balance and distribution of a turbocharged GDI engine fuelled with ethanol and gasoline blend under transient and steady-state operating conditions
Improvement research of condensing equipment in organic Rankine cycle power generation systems
Growth of N-dimensional spherical bubble within viscous, superheated liquid: Analytical solution
Experimental investigation of specific heat of aqueous graphene oxide Al2O3 hybrid nanofluid
Experimental investigation and comparison of desalination using conventional solar still, stepped-cup solar still with and without biomass
Experimental investigation on thermal performance of plate fin heat sinks with nano PCM
An experimental investigation on a low heat rejection diesel engine using waste plastic oil with different injection timing
Efficiency improvement of heat pipe by using Graphene nanofluids with different concentrations
Ficitious time integration method for solving the time fractional gas dynamics equation
Three-stage optimization method for distributed energy system design under uncertainty
Influence of global warming on primary energy consumption for heating and cooling in public buildings
General solutions for the mixed boundary value problem associated to hydromagnetic flows of a viscous fluid between symmetrically heated parallel plates
Multidimensional general convexity for stochastic processes and associated with Hermite-Hadamard type integral inequalities
The natural convective graphene oxide nanofluid flow in an upright squeezing channel
An analytical study on the entropy generation in flow of a generalized Newtonian fluid
Investigation of irreversible reactive liquid chromatography considering linear general rate model
Application of mathematical methods for the nonlinear seventh order Sawada-Kotera Ito dynamical wave equation
Thermal behavior of a three phase isolation transformer under load conditions with the finite element analysis
Darcy-Forchheimer characteristics of viscoelastic stratified nanoliquid by convectively heated permeable surface
Unsteady homogeneous-heterogeneous reactions in MHD nanofluid mixed convection flow past a stagnation point of an impulsively rotating sphere
Impact of nanofluids and magnetic field on the peristaltic transport of a couple stress fluid in an asymmetric channel with different wave forms
Study on the solitary wave solutions of the ionic currents on microtubules equation by using the modified Khater method
Review of CO2 emission and reducing methods in maritime transportation
Differential representation of the Lorentzian spherical timelike curves by using bishop frame
Numerical study for fractional model of nonlinear predator-prey biological population dynamical system
An operational matrix for solving time-fractional order Cahn-Hilliard equation
Utilization of geothermal springs as a renewable energy source - Vranjska Banja case study
Concerning utilization of heat from low-potential sources
On fractional KdV-burgers and potential KdV equations: Existence and uniqueness results
Some new solutions of the conformable extended Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation using Atangana-Baleanu conformable derivative
Optimizing hvof spray coating process parameters for reducing emissions in zirconium dioxide/aluminium oxide coated internal combustion engines
Enhancing performance of compression ignition engine fueled with diesel blends of linseed and cottonseed oil by optimizing its technological parameters
Experimental investigation on effect of modified solar collector in solar water heating system
Analysis on thermal and flow behavior of triple concentric tube heat exchanger handling MWCNT/water nanofluids
The reaction dimerization: A resourceful slant applied on the fractional partial differential equation
Variation of paramets method for squeezed flow of a Casson fluid
Harmonicity and differential equation of involute of a curve in E3
AP solutions for fractional-order BAM neural networks with delays
On the fractional Dirac systems with non-singular operators
Self-equilibrated stresses in the system composed of a covering layer + spatially locally curved reinforcing layer + half-space
A diesel engine performance measurement with diesel fuel and biodiesel
Techno-economic analysis of olive pomace gasification for cogeneration applications in small facilities
Experimental study on evaporation-capillary pumping flow in capillary wick and working fluid system
Experimental investigation of enhancing influence of Al2O3 nanoparticles on the convective heat transfer in a tube equipped with twisted tape inserts
Application of higher-order heat flux model for predicting turbulent methane-air combustion
Experimental and numerical analysis of diesel engine exhaust heat recovery using triple tube heat exchanger
Experimental studies on stability of MWCNT with different oil based nanofluids
Predictive analysis of heat transfer characteristics of nanofluids in helically coiled tube heat exchanger using regression approach
Experimental investigation of critical heat flux on SiO2 thin film deposited copper substrate in DI water at atmospheric pressure
Thermal performance and reliability of procesor investigation using TiO2 and CuO/water nanofluids
Electromagnetic steady motion of Casson fluid with heat and mass transfer through porous medium past a shrinking surface
Experimental study and CFD analysis of energy separation in a counter flow vortex tube
Investigation of the Miller cycle on the performance and emission in a natural gas-diesel dual-fuel marine engine by using two zone combustion model
Transient CFD analysis on evacuated tube collector type solar water heater: Role of thermal stratification and mixing on dynamic mode of operation
Experimental investigation of the solar still with the diverse absorber plate configurations using energy storing materials
Annual transient simulations and experimental investigation of a hybrid flat plate and evacuated tube collectors array in subtropical climate
K-nearest neighbour technique for the effective prediction of refrigeration parameter compatible for automobile
Experimental study on impact of textile material spread over a flat plate absorber on the productivity of modified single-basin solar still
Experimental and numerical analysis of soil - to - air heat exchanger system for domestic buildings
Explicit finite difference solution for contaminant transport problems with constant and oscillating boundary conditions
Experimental investigation on efficient heat collection of aboveground pipes
Laminar natural convection of non-Newtonian power-law fluid in an eccentric annulus
Fluid dynamic forces in the main steam pipeline of thermal power plant upon stop valves closure
New non-conventional methods for quantitative concepts of anomalous rheology

Papers Accepted in 2018

Hydromagnetic flow of a Carreau fluid in a curved channel with non-linear thermal radiation
Thermal decomposition kinetics of raw and treated olive waste
Numerical study of developing laminar mixed convection in a heated annular duct with temperature dependent properties
A generalized Fourier and Fick's perspective for stretching flow of burgers fluid with temperature-dependent thermal conductivity
Comparison study of CFD and artificial neural networks in predicting temperature fields induced by natural convention in a square enclosure
Numerical study of turbulent MHD convection of molten sodium with variable properties in a square cavity
Numerical computations on flow and heat transfer of Casson fluid due to oscillatory moving surface
Thermal performance analysis of helical coil solar cavity receiver based parabolic trough concentrator
Modeling and simulation of natural convection flow along a rough surface of sinusoidal nature with variable heat flux: Using Keller box scheme
Modeling of overall heat transfer coefficient of a concentric double pipe heat exchanger with limited experimental data by using curve fitting and artificial neural network combination
Entropy generation analysis of mixed convection with considering magneto-hydrodynamic effects in an open C-shaped cavity
Entropy generation analysis of nanofluid natural convection in coaxial cylinders subjected to magnetic field
Heat transfer enhancement from power transformer immersed in oil by earth air heat exchanger
Effect of radiation on the flow structure and heat transfer in a two-dimensional gray medium
A comprehensive note on thermally stratified flow and non-Fourier heat flux theory
A theoretical analysis for peristalsis of Casson material with thermal radiation and viscous dissipation
Multi-objective optimization of operating parameters of a PEM fuel cell under flooding conditions using the non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm (NSGA-II)
CFD simulation of non-Newtonian two-phase fluid flow through a channel with a cavity
Analysis of heat transfer of hydromagnetic flow over a curved generalized stretching or shrinking surface with convective boundary condition
New cold-level utilization scheme for cascade three-level rankine cycle using the cold energy of liquefied natural gas
Experimental study on R1234yf heat pump at low ambient temperature and comparison with other refrigerants
On dissipative MHD mixed convection boundary layer flow of Jeffrey fluid over an inclined stretching sheet with nanoparticles: Buongiorno model
Energy conservation and heat transfer enhancement for mixed convection on the vertical galvanizing furnace
Dual solutions on boundary layer flow over a moving surface in a flowing nanofluid with second-order slip
Double stratfied flow of nanofluid subject to temperature based thermal conductivity and heat source
Investigation on improving the thermal efficiency of a mini boiler fired with straight vegetable oils
Heating and cooling capacity of phase change material coupled with screen mesh wick heat pipe for thermal energy storage applications
Water cooled micro-hole cellular structure as a heat dissipation media: An experimental and numerical study
Effects of hallcurrents with heat and mass transfer on the peristaltic transport of a Casson fluid through a porous medium in a vertical circular cylinder
Experimental investigation of heat pipe thermal performance with microgrooves fabricated by wire electrical discharge machining (wire-EDM)
Experimental study of temperature inversions above urban area using unmanned aerial vehicle
Three-dimensional FTn finite volume solution of short-pulse laser propagation through heterogeneous medium
Numerical assessment of brick walls' use incorporating a PCM towards thermal performance in buildings during a passive cooling strategy
Experimental heat and mass transfer studies on horizontal falling film absorber using water-lithium bromide
Cost-optimal energy retrofit for serbian residential buildings connected to district heating systems
Effects of pilot injection on combustion and emissions characteristics using 2-methylfuran/diesel blends in a diesel engine
Hybrid system solar collectors - heat pumps for domestic water heating
Determination of drying behaviour in industrial type convectional dryer and mathematical modelling
Performance, emission and combustion characteristics of a DI diesel engine using blends of punnai oil biodiesel and diesel as fuel
Effect of wavy fin usage on thermal performance of heat exchanger used in combi boilers
Numerical study of hydrodynamics and thermal characteristics of heat exchangers with delta winglets
Entropy generation analysis for forced convection boiling in absorber tubes of linear fresnel reflector solar thermal system
Impact of temperature dependent heat source and nonlinear radiative flow of third grade fluid with chemical aspects
Three-dimensional mixed convection heat transfer in a partially heated ventilated cavity
Numerical study of thermal radiations and thermal stratification mechanisms in MHD casson fluid flow
Inclined magnetic field effects on Marangoni flow of Carreau liquid
Impact of arrhenius activation energy in viscoelastic nanomaterial flow subject to binary chemical reaction and nonlinear mixed convection
A coupled flow and chemical reactor network model for predicting gas turbine combustor performance
Investigation of cottonseed oil biodiesel with ethanol as an additive on fuel properties, engine performance, combustion and emission characteristics of a diesel engine
An experimental investigation of interacting swirling multiple jets
Modeling devolatalization process of Serbian lignites using chemical percolation devolatilization model
MHD flow and heat transfer over a moving cylinder in a nanofluid under convective boundary conditions and heat generation
Significance of improved Fourier-Fick laws in nonlinear convective micropolar material stratified flow with variable properties
Mixed convective radiative flow of vicoelastic liquid subject to space dependent internal heat source and chemical reaction
The heat transfer enhancement of concurrent flow and counter current flow concentric tube heat exchangers by using hexagonal boron nitride/water nanofluid
Drying of painted glass plate on moving tape
Numerical and analytical approach for Sakiadis rheology of generalized polymeric material with magnetic field and heat source/sink
Experimental investigation of solar/wind hybrid system for irrigation in Konya, Turkey
Thermal-hydraulic analysis of water based zirconium oxide nanofluids in segmental baffled shell and tube heat exchangers
Prediction of the contact thermal resistance of vertical carbon nanotube arrays
Investigation into the effect of fabric structure on surface temperature distribution in weft-knitted fabrics using thermal imaging technique
Thermal analysis of an Eyring-Powell fluid flow through a constricted channel
Nonlinear thermal radiation and magnetic field effects on the flow Carreau nanofluid with convective conditions
Optimization of PV system and technology in view of a load profile-case of public building in Turkey
Effect of the size of graded baffles on the performance of channel heat exchangers
New method for determining cooling time and preheating temperature in arc welding
Use of pumped hydro energy storage to complement wind energy: A case study
Investigation of effects on heat transfer and flow characteristics of Cr-Ni alloy and aluminum pins placed in AISI 304 tube
The energy and exergy analysis of counter-flow regenerative evaporative cooler
Decay of supersonic rectangular jet issuing from a nozzle with diagonal expansion ramps
Analysis of heat transfer and irreversibility of ORC evaporator for selecting working fluid and operating conditions
Heat transfer and flow characteristics of offset fin and flat tube heat exchangers under low pressure environment
Numerical investigation of heat transfer at a rectangular channel with combined effect of nanofluids and swirling jets in a vehicle radiator
Darcy Forchheimer flow of Jeffrey nanofluid with heat generation/absorption and melting heat transfer
Experimental and theoretical approach to determination of heat evolution in electrically conductive aluminosilicates
Thermal model for three-dimensional integrated circuits with integrated MLGNR-based TSV
The effect of H2 purity on the combustion, performance, emissions and energy costs in an SI engine
Biologically inspired transport of solid spherical nanoparticles in an electrically-conducting viscoelastic fluid with heat transfer
Experimental investigation of air side pressure loss for wet-cooling tower fills
Analysis of optimum insulation thickness for external walls at different orientations based on real-time measurements
Study on cold starting performance of a low compression ratio diesel engine by using intake flame preheating
A full 34 factorial experimental design for the low energy building's external wall
Computational study of natural convection and entropy generation in three-dimensional cavity with active lateral walls
Assessment of chemical mechanism and chemical reaction sensitivity analysis for CH4/H2 flame under mild combustion environment
Influence of evaporating rate on two-phase expansion in the piston expander with cyclone separator
Study of linear ablative rate of D6AC steel wing used on supersonic missile
The performance evaluation of R744 transcritical ejector and R290/R744 cascade refrigeration systems for Turkey
Assesment of real driving emissions of a bus operating on a dedicated route
Numerical simulation and analysis of the vertical and double pipe soil - air heat exchanger
Theoretical and experimental investigation of the evacuated tube solar water heater system
An iterative approach to viscoelastic boundary layer flows with heat source/sink and thermal radiation
Optical experiments of string cavitation in diesel injector tapered nozzles
Numerical simulation of the motion of a micropolar Casson fluid through a porous medium over a stretching surface
Study of geometrical characteristics effects on radiation properties in high porosity fibrous porous media using the pore-scale simulation and two-flux model
Determination of optimum insulation thickness for building external walls with different insulation materials using environmental impact assessment
Comparative evaluation of a two-stage refrigeration system with flash intercooling using different refrigerants
Experimental investigation on operation parameters of 3Å molecular sieve desiccant coated total energy recovery wheel for maximum effectiveness
Experimental study on the effect of spray cone angle on the characteristics of horizontal jet spray flame under sub-atmospheric pressure
Design and experimental research on the combined flash-binary geothermal power generation system driven by low-medium temperature geothermal system
Fluid flow and heat transfer enhancement in wings with combined solid ring twisted tape inserts circular heat exchanger tube
A method to remove gas hazard around underground thrust faults: Kilometre directional feathery drilling
A novel Taylor expansion-based online modeling method for high-temperature forging process
A new general fractional-order derivative with Rabotnov fractional-exponential kernel

Papers Accepted in 2017

Condensate retention of water-ethanol mixture on horizontal enhanced condensing tubes