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Online First contains the manscripts of articles that have been accepted for publication but have not yet appeared in the paper journal. They have been peer reviewed and edited to the journal's usual standards. Online First articles should be cited by their digital object identifiers (DOIs) which are given for every article. Manuscripts of the papers can be changed after technical and language corrections in the process of preparing computer layout for hard copy priniting.

Papers Accepted in 2024

Investigation of turbulence characteristics and its influential parametric optimization of a double-sided lid-driven cavity using Taguchi and ANOVA methods
Experimental and numerical simulation study of sodium heat pipe with large aspect ratio
Assessing the properties of Miscanthus x Giganteus under varying levels of ash fertilization treatment and regression neural network insight into calorific value
Numerical simulation of CO2 absorption by AMP solution in structured packing with different parameter condition
Research on temperature rise calculation and hot spot temperature inversion method for oil immersed transformer based on magnetic - thermal - fluid
Combustion of diesel fuel sprayed with cold or heated air in an atmospheric burner
Analysis of temperature characteristics of the plunger pair of the ceramic plunger pump for hemodialysis
Study on the characteristics of molten salt heat storage in the fast peak regulation of coal-fired power unit
Evaluation of thermal conductivity using nanofluids to improve the cooling of high voltage transformers
Simulation study on transport characteristics of leakage gas from the condenser of power plant
Analysis of heat transfer characteristics of paraffin oil in oil tank based on the three-phase partition method
Impact of the chimney junction radius on the airflow characteristics inside a solar Chimney Power Plant
Analysis of flow and heat transfer performance of different types of flow channels in PCHE for pre-coolers
Comparison of using air, CO2 and helium for the cooling of square-shaped electronic parts: CFD study with entropy generation analysis
Study on combustion and flame merging characteristics of two n-heptane line fires under wind speed, spacing and groove width
Numerical study of cooling performance augmentation for panel-type radiator under the chimney effect
A simulation study on effect of nozzle geometry on flameless combustion of non-preheated methane gas
Study on the optimization of heat loss during operation of air source heat pump based on entransy theory
Non-newtonian natural convection in a square box submitted to horizontal heat flux and magnetic field
Experimental study of photothermal conversion of heat absorbers filled with metal foams of different pore densities
Research on fluid heat transfer characteristics of heat pipe radiator directly driven by heat pump
Numerical investigation on heating process of Ti/Steel composite plate in a walking-beam reheating furnace
An overview of green hydrogen production system through low temperature water electrolysis using solar energy
Experimental investigation on the performance of compressed air energy storage using spray-based heat transfer
Experimental analysis of vapour compression refrigeration system using nano lubricant with refrigerant R-134a
Numerical simulation of gas-solid heat transfer and moisture evaporation process in preheating shaft kiln for ferromagnesium pellets
Investigations of thermohydraulic performance in heat exchanger tube with rectangular vortex generators
Flow and heat transfer characteristics of high-pressure natural gas in the gaps of high-speed motors with a high radius ratio
Numerical simulation of oxygen-enriched combustion in a precalciner using coal gangue-blended pulverized fuel
Thermodynamic analysis of electric field enhanced CO2 capture by moisture-sensitive quaternary ammonium-based sorbents
Modeling and controlling heat transfer in chambers: A comparative study of classical and intelligent approaches
Performance analysis of an air compression refrigeration system for data center cooling
Investigation of the suppression effect of inert dust on the pressure characteristics of gas coal dust explosion
Analysis of heating load distribution and operation optimization for 350MW high back pressure double extraction series units
Evaluation of thermochemical and kinetic characterisation of lignite and municipal solid waste and their blends for sustainable and clean conversion under TGa
The instigating factors behind the occurrence of vibration in steam turbines: A review analysis
Numerical simulation of indoor air distribution and wall heat storage under accident conditiohs in a main control room
Optimal size and position of the planar back reflector moveable only in the direction normal to the bifacial solar collector plane
Thermodynamics and nanotechnology for 5G communication technology and energy harvesting
Outdoor design PM2.5 concentration method for fresh air systems based on dual-carbon target: A case study of urban economic regions from China
Heat transfer simulation and performance optimization of plate-type phase change energy storage unit
Numerical analysis of flow mechanism between sealing flow and mainstream exhausted from pulse detonation combustor
Effect of parameters-dependent viscosity and thermal conductivity on the thermo-hydraulic performance of Al2O3-based nanofluids in a rectangular microchannel
Enhancing microwave oven performance and transformer quality through efficient high voltage transformer cooling
Study on cooling of bionic leaf-vein channel liquid-cooled plate for lithium-ion battery pack
Numerical simulation of altering the raw meal inlet position in a novel swirl precalciner
A computational analysis of operational parameters influencing coal gasification in a lab-scale drop tube gasifier
Analysis of urban heat island effect based on changes of urban surface parameters
Combustion simulations of scramjet combustor using reduced mechanism of surrogate fuel for regenerative cooling pyrolysis products
Research on the energy efficiency improvement of closed loop wastewater source heat pump with direct-expansion heat exchanger
Study on flow and heat transfer performance of single jet impingement cooling through variable-diameter hole
Design and optimization of a cold energy and waste heat utilization system for LNG-powered ships with post-combustion carbon capture
Improving indoor air quality and thermal comfort using a total heat exchanger ventilation system for an office building
Numerical simulation for optimising of inlet and outlet positions for mechanical ventilation and heat dissipation: A case study to improve ventilation in an indoor 110kV substation
Impact of change in coal quality on operating parameters of thermal power plant Stanari and its risk assessment
An efficient method for generating gene deletion mutants of the dimorphic prosthecate bacteria Maricaulales

Papers Accepted in 2023

Novel flat-plate solar collector with an inclined N-S axis and relative E-W tracking absorbers and the numerical analysis of its potentials
Dual solutions of water-based micropolar nanofluid flow over a shrinking sheet with thermal transmission: Stability analysis
Effects of different oil return pipe locations on the vortex characteristics of a cylindrical cyclone separator
Energetic and exergetic experimental investigation of a hybrid photovoltaic-thermal solar collector under real weather conditions
When we would benefit from purchasing more environmentally friendly passenger cars? Costs, emission and safety criteria during life cycle
Lattice Boltzmann simulation of the Prandtl number effect on the phase change heat transfer of wax in pipeline
Experimental study on multi-scale migration characteristics of capillary water in tailings
Numerical simulation of thermal performance of cold plates for high heat flux electronics cooling
Study of bio-oil production from sewage sludge of a municipal wastewater treatment plant by using hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL)
Online monitoring of the burning characteristics of single pulverized coal particle in O2/N2 and O2/CO2 environments
Study on the effects of elastic modulus of constructions on heat and mass transfer of gas explosion
Research on lime rotary kiln temperature prediction by multi-model fusion neural network based on dynamic time delay analysis
Experimental investigation on the heat transfer performance of Galinstan liquid metal driven by electromagnetism
Constrained multi-objective optimization of helium liquefaction cycle
Computational investigations of the effects of wall surface temperature on a hypersonic inlet isolator
A new method for calculating hydrodynamics of corner-tube boiler based on differential pressure solution
Experiment study on dryout characteristics and thermal resistance analysis of two-phase closed thermosiphon(TPCT)
Research on energy redistribution of diesel-electric hybrid system considering thermal management constraints
Numerical simulation of heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics in twisted oval tubes
Experimental investigation of the influence of deceleration on brake elements temperature in order to improve traffic safety
Numerical performance analysis of delta vortex generator located upstream of in-line tube bundle
Heat transfer enhancement of staggered water-droplet grooved microchannel heat sink using Al2O3 nanofluid
Study on collaborative enhancement of led heat dissipation characteristics by pulsating heat pipe and heat pipe
Exploring thermal response in aluminum heat sinks with variable surface roughness for enhanced cooling
Study of flow and heat transfer for pulsating film cooling by dynamic modal decomposition
The function of nano layer in enhancing the thermal conductivity of TiO2/water nanofluids
Investigation of the performance of cold-end system in direct air-cooled power units under the influence of ambient winds
Research on combustion visualization of coal-fired boilers based on thermal imaging technology
Construction and testing of small-scale thermoacoustic electricity generator with different heating power
Vertical concentration distributions of atmospheric particulates in typical seasons of winter and summer during working and non-working days: A case study of high-rise buildings
Transient phenomena and their consideration in load-following control of nuclear power plants
Reducing temperature difference of a direct ammonia tubular SOFC to 1K
Numerical investigation of mixed convection inside a three-dimensional l-shaped cavity filled with hybrid-nanofluids in the presence of a heating block
Integrated testing of electric vehicle thermal management and optimization of flow field uniformity in air supply system
A prediction model of the effective thermal conductivity of the micro-lattice phase change material
Research on heat transfer characteristics of long-distance pipeline under shutdown and maintenance conditions
Numerical calculation and analysis of temperature field in ultrasonic welding of PP dialyzer
Computational modeling of heat transfer and flow separation in supersonic cooled nozzles: Parametric study
Enhancing solar still distillation efficiency through integrated solar chimneys and submerged condenser systems
New analytical method for cubic Klein-Gordon equation
Exact solitary wave solution for the Drinfeld-Sokolov system
Does shear viscosity play a key role in the flow across a normal shock wave?