International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 26, year 2022, Issue 3]

ISSUE 3A: Collection of Original Scientific Papers
ISSUE 3B: THERMAL SCIENCE FOR MODERN LIFE Making the Impossible Possible

Issue 3A

Part I

Thermal Processes Under Real Operating Conditions, Energy Efficiency, and Renewable Energy
Augmentation of convection heat transfer from a horizontal cylinder in a vented square enclosure with variation of lower opening size
Performance improvement of an industrial control enclosure cooling system
Effects of oxy jet in cross-flow on the combustion instability and NOx emissions in lean premixed flame
Analysis of equilibrium dispersive model of liquid chromatography considering a quadratic-type adsorption isotherm
Multi-objective calibration of the double-ellipsoid heat source model for GMAW process simulation
Competitiveness of power systems with nuclear power plants and with high participation of intermittent renewable energy sources
An adaptive approach to duct optimization of an industrial boiler air supply system using airfoils
Numerical simulation of paraffin melting in circular tube using lattice Boltzmann method
Thermo-mechanical analysis of linear welding stage in friction stir welding: Influence of welding parameters
Experimental and numerical stress and strain analysis of the boiler reversing chamber tube plate
Design and development of industrial IoT-based system for behavior profiling of non-linear dynamic production systems based on energy flow theory
Optimal airfoil design and wing analysis for solar-powered high altitude platform station
Assessment of synergistic effect on performing the co-pyrolysis process of coal and waste blends based on thermal analysis
Improvement of metric for quantification and assessment of the energy justice
Modernization of the drainage system and ash slurry handling system in TPP Kostolac A
Risk assessment of flooded equipment revitalization on opencast coal mine Tamnava-West Field
Comprehensive performance investigation and optimization of a plate fin heat exchanger with wavy fins
Identification and control of a heat flow system based on the Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model using the grey wolf optimization algorithm
Advanced exergy analysis of the natural gas liquid recovery process
Application of differential transformation method for an annular fin with variable thermal conductivity
Energy efficient solution in the brewing process using a dual-source heat pump
Evaluation of the influence of terrain and traffic road conditions on the driver’s driving performances by applying machine learning

Part II

Papers selected by Guest Editor Professor Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Rashidi, Shanghai Automotive Wind Tunnel Center, Tongji University, Shanghai, China
Vibration energy recovery system of vehicle suspension based on ultrasonic sensor
Application of renewable materials in energy saving of new building solar greenhouse
Thermal insulation performance analysis of high rise building envelope based on finite element analysis
Real time prediction method of energy consumption of geothermal system in public buildings based on wavelet neural network
Study on hydrodynamic characteristics of swirl burner based on CFD
Design of burner performance optimization system based on laser machining

Issue 3B

THERMAL SCIENCE FOR MODERN LIFE Making the Impossible Possible

Original Scientific Papers
Two-scale thermal science for modern life: Making the impossible possible
A new fractional thermal model for the Cu/Low-k interconnects in nanometer integrated circuit
The variational iteration method for Whitham-Broer-Kaup system with local fractional derivatives
Non-chaos-mediated mixed-mode oscillations in an extended Hindmarsh-Rose neuronal oscillator with time delay
Coal pillar's breaking and fracture development mechanism and numerical simulation
A fractal approach to the diffusion process of red ink in a saline water
Thermodynamical properties of rotating disk electrodes for second order ECE reactions
Variational principle for one-dimensional inviscid flow
Is the spider a weaving master or a printing expert?
Thermodynamics of the coal dust explosion: Main factors and optimal control
Optimal design of homogeneous ignition of biomass by pulse ignition technique
A fractional model and its application to heat prevention coating with cocoon-like hierarchy
Effect of temperature on the bubble-electrospinning process and its hints for 3-D printing technology
Variational principles for two kinds of non-linear geophysical KdV equation with fractal derivatives
Internal solitary waves in the ocean by semi-inverse variational principle
Novel free surface electrospinning for preparing nanofibers and its mechanism study
Two analytical methods for time fractional Caudrey-Dodd-Gibbon-Sawada-Kotera equation
Study on temperature adaptability of new cold clothing materials
Dynamic evaluation and regulation of water carrying state using a coupled iterative method
A water quality prediction model for large-scale rivers based on projection pursuit regression in the Yangtze River
Evaluation of the suitability of human settlements in Qingpu district, Shanghai
Influence of building topography around high-speed railway foundation on wind environment and thermal comfort
Model and performance analysis of coupled heat and moisture transfer of the roadbed slope
Chemical reaction and radiation on boundary-layer flow of electrically conduction micropolar fluid through a porous shrinking sheet
Experimental research on refrigeration performance of air conditioning system of pure electric passenger cars with economizer
A short review on approximate analytical methods for non-linear problems
Research on the curie temperature of ferromagnetic system by Monte-Carlo algorithm
Discrete Weibull-Rayleigh distribution properties and parameter estimations
Approximate analytical solution of time-fractional non-linear heat equation via fractional power series method
Study on quasi two-stage compression cycle characteristics of the water heater of the air source heat pump in cold area
Variational iteration method for two fractional systems with boundary conditions
Macromolecular-scale electrospinning controlling inner topologic structure through a blowing air
Fractional residual method coupled with Adomian decomposition method for solving local fractional differential equations
A possible way for preventing the novel coronavirus
Vapor injection technology for heat-pump air conditioner of electric bus in an extreme environment
Taylor series solution for the non-linear Emden-Fowler equations
Approximate analytic solution of the fractal Fisher's equation via local fractional variational iteration method
Thermo-physiological comfort properties of different woven fabrics used in sportswear for outdoor activities
Stochastic transition behaviors in a tri-stable van der Pol oscillator with fractional delayed element subject to Gaussian white noise
Transition behaviors of system energy in a bi-stable van Ver Pol oscillator with fractional derivative element driven by multiplicative Gaussian white noise
Research on energy storage characteristics of composite phase change material in a heating transfer system
Optimal therapy policy for cancer growth with stochastic perturbation
Effect of structure on dynamical stab-resistance behaviors of laminates composite
Research on quasi-two-stage compression cycle characteristics of refrigeration system for cold storage
Analytic algorithm for local fractional Caudrey-Dodd-Gibbon-Kaeada equation based on the new iterative method
Hydrothermal synthesis of TiO2/BiOBr composites with enhanced photocatalytic activity
A hydration model of aggregate-mortar transition zone considering pore-permeation coupling effect based on fractal theory
Preparation and properties of silk fibroin hydrogel for biological dressing
Thermal insulating property of an optically-active polyurethane-based silicon aerogel
Flame-retardant and crease-proofing finishing of cotton fabrics via in-situ copolymerization of ethylene phytic acid and itaconic acid, part I: Fabrication process
Theoretical investigation on the elastic and thermodynamic properties of CuInS2
Design of porous media burner control system based on arm embedded processor