International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 26, year 2022, Issue 3]

ISSUE 3A: Collection of Original Scientific Papers

Issue 3A

Part I

Thermal Processes Under Real Operating Conditions, Energy Efficiency, and Renewable Energy
Augmentation of convection heat transfer from a horizontal cylinder in a vented square enclosure with variation of lower opening size
Performance improvement of an industrial control enclosure cooling system
Effects of oxy jet in cross-flow on the combustion instability and NOx emissions in lean premixed flame
Analysis of equilibrium dispersive model of liquid chromatography considering a quadratic-type adsorption isotherm
Multi-objective calibration of the double-ellipsoid heat source model for GMAW process simulation
Competitiveness of power systems with nuclear power plants and with high participation of intermittent renewable energy sources
An adaptive approach to duct optimization of an industrial boiler air supply system using airfoils
Numerical simulation of paraffin melting in circular tube using lattice Boltzmann method
Thermo-mechanical analysis of linear welding stage in friction stir welding: Influence of welding parameters
Experimental and numerical stress and strain analysis of the boiler reversing chamber tube plate
Design and development of industrial IoT-based system for behavior profiling of non-linear dynamic production systems based on energy flow theory
Optimal airfoil design and wing analysis for solar-powered high altitude platform station
Assessment of synergistic effect on performing the co-pyrolysis process of coal and waste blends based on thermal analysis
Improvement of metric for quantification and assessment of the energy justice
Modernization of the drainage system and ash slurry handling system in TPP Kostolac A
Risk assessment of flooded equipment revitalization on opencast coal mine Tamnava-West Field
Comprehensive performance investigation and optimization of a plate fin heat exchanger with wavy fins
Identification and control of a heat flow system based on the Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model using the grey wolf optimization algorithm
Advanced exergy analysis of the natural gas liquid recovery process
Application of differential transformation method for an annular fin with variable thermal conductivity
Energy efficient solution in the brewing process using a dual-source heat pump
Evaluation of the influence of terrain and traffic road conditions on the driver’s driving performances by applying machine learning

Part II

Papers selected by Guest Editor Professor Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Rashidi, Shanghai Automotive Wind Tunnel Center, Tongji University, Shanghai, China
Vibration energy recovery system of vehicle suspension based on ultrasonic sensor
Application of renewable materials in energy saving of new building solar greenhouse
Thermal insulation performance analysis of high rise building envelope based on finite element analysis
Real time prediction method of energy consumption of geothermal system in public buildings based on wavelet neural network
Study on hydrodynamic characteristics of swirl burner based on CFD
Design of burner performance optimization system based on laser machining