International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 27, year 2023, Issue 3]

ISSUE 3A: Promises and Challenges of Fractal Thermodynamics (papers selected by prof. Ji-Huan He)
ISSUE 3B: Collection of Original Scientific Papers with Selection of Papers on Particulate Matter Research in Serbia

Issue 3A

Promises and Challenges of Fractal Thermodynamics
Issue Guest Editor
Prof. Dr. Ji-Huan He, National Engineering Laboratory for Modern Silk, College of Textile and Clothing Engineering, Soochow University


Preface from the Guest Editors
Promises and Challenges of Fractal Thermodynamics

Promises and Challenges of Fractal Thermodynamics

Original Scientific Papers
Interaction of multiple jets in bubble electrospinning
Estimation of reliability in multicomponent stress-strength based on exponential Frechet distributions
Numerical analysis of space-time fractional Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equation
Design and numerical analysis of a composite system of a household biogas digester with pretreatment
Research on energy saving and emission reduction for rural tobacco curing
Variational method to fractal long-wave model with variable coefficients
The influence of carbon nanotube addition on the shear-thickening performance of suspensions
Approximate analytical solution to the Kudryashov-Sinelshchikov equation with he's fractional derivative
A variational principle for fractal Klein-Gordon equation
Fabric color formulation using a modified Kubelka-Munk theory considering thermal effect
Influence of electronic expansion valve on heating performance of vehicle heat pump system
Research on the mechanism and practice of fracture initiation during hydraulic fracturing in hard roofs of coal mine
High temperature cascade heat pump system with double medium and low temperature heat sources
Experimental study on high temperature heat pump system with a double heat source cascade
Numerical analysis of the flow and heat transfer characteristics of a staggered perforated louver-finned heat exchanger
Effects of the air volume on cooling performance of a refrigeration system
Approximate analytical solutions of generalized fractional Korteweg-de Vries equation
Approximate analytical solutions for a class of generalized perturbed KdV-burgers equation
Some notes on the maximum principle of semi-linear dynamical system
Variational principle for fractal high-order long water-wave equation
Effect of louver angle on performance of parallel flow heat exchanger
Temperature-dependent capillary rise and its effects on fabric cleaning and permeability
Study on temperature delay of non-metallic medical instruments in pressure steam sterilization
Comparative analysis of thermal and wet comfort between novel phase-change protective firefighting suit and its common counterpart
Performance of R1234yf and R513A as alternatives to R134A in automotive air conditioning systems in winter
He-Laplace method for time fractional burgers-type equations
Galerkin approach to approximate solutions of some boundary value problems
Numerical analysis of flow fields in a shell and tube heat exchanger
Energy performance assessment of virtually non-flammable mixtures for R134A applications
Copper oxide nanorods based nanofibers membrane for solar-driven interfacial evaporation
Polyvinyl alcohol nanofibrous membrane by high-curvature solid-needle electrospinning numerical simulation and experimental verification
Variational principle for a generalized Rabinowitsch lubrication
Suitability evaluation of urban human settlements based on fuzzy clustering analysis a case study of Hebei Province
Evaluation of water resource's carrying capacity based on three-element connection number a case study of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region
Fractal modification of Schrödinger equation and its fractal variational principle
Variational principle for an incompressible flow
Variational principle of the 2-D steady-state convection-diffusion equation with fractal derivatives
A fractal-fractional model for complex fluid-flow with nanoparticles
Study on temporal and spatial distribution characteristics of urban non-point source pollution in Hohhot
The yellow river-bed evolution a statistical proof of the mountain-river-desert conjecture
Correlation analysis based on neural network copula function
Bayesian inference for a simple step-stress accelerated dependent competing failure model
An on-line detection method for conveyor belt deviation faults
Does agricultural productive service promote agro-ecological efficiency? Evidence from China
A fractal-fractional model on impact stress of crusher drum
Calculation of shear capacity of recycled concrete beams with web reinforcement based on modified compression field theory
Damage mechanism of concrete with recycled brick aggregate
Stochastic stability of the fractional and tri-stable Van der vol oscillator with time-delay feedback driven by Gaussian white noise
Thermal property of self-cross-linking silk fibroin scaffolds
Low-carbon agricultural development in China a promising cure for global warming
Research on the energy-saving effect of composite film materials on smart windows based on optical properties

Issue 3B

Collection of Original Scientific Papers


Particulate Matter, Research and Management in Serbia
Application of biodiesel derived from olive oil production wastes at marine diesel engine and evaluation of gasseous emission trends
Chemical composition and source apportionment of PM2.5 at a suburban site in the northwestern part of Turkey
Characterisation of fine particulate matter level, content and sources of a kindergarden microenvironment in Belgrade city center
Numerical simulation of the gas flow through the rectangular channel with perforated plate
Civil air quality monitoring as an alternative and supplement to the National Air Quality Monitoring Network
Assessment of the burden of disease due to PM2.5 air pollution for the Belgrade district
Assessment of detected in situ and modeled PM10/2.5 concentration levels during the urban transformation process in Novi Sad, Serbia
Chemical composition, levels, and I/O ratios of PM10 and PM2.5 in the laboratory near the copper smelter in Bor, Serbia
The role of microclimate in the formation of indoor air pollution
AERMOD air dispersion modeling and health risks of gas and oil fueled heating plant emissions
Traffic intensity and air pollution before and during lockdown in Novi Sad, Serbia


Original Scientific Papers
Exergy, ecology and democracy - concepts of a vital society or a proposal for an exergy tax 30 years after - Part 2: Exergy and UN sustainable development goals
Transient characteristics of coupled thermal radiation and natural convection in a 3-D cylindrical cavity containing a heated plate
An analytical thermal model for the 3-D integrated circuit with new-type through silicon via
Summer outdoor thermal comfort in multi-family housing: Combining microclimate indicators with human thermal sensation
Methodology for the determination of specific factors of road transport emission
Design and thermal performance analysis of a new water-cooled structure for permanent magnet synchronous motors for electric vehicles
Temperature elevation of a human brain induced by a mobile phone electromagnetic radiation
Evaluation of the effects of wastewater heat pump integration into district heating systems by simulation
Reduction of evaporation losses in oil and oil derivatives storage tanks: A case study for warehouse in Požega, Serbia
Energy consumption for space cooling and heating depending on flat roof structures renovation. Case study of the Healthcare center Niš
Investigation of air-cooled condenser’s operating parameters in modern thermal power plant
Smoke detector placement in compartments with honeycomb ceiling: A numerical study
Optimization of energy mix and possibilities of its application in energy transition using multicriteria approach
An investigation into the influences of refrigerants’ thermal-physical properties on temperature separation effect of a vortex tube
Engineering practice of geothermal recharge technology for Leling sandstone thermal storage
Fractional dual-phase-lag heat conduction with periodic heating and photo-thermal response
Impact of energy transformation on China’s greenhouse effect under carbon peak and carbon neutral targets
Geothermal geological characteristics and exploitation potential in Nanyang Basin