International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 28, year 2024, Issue 3]

ISSUE 3A: Thermodynamics for 5G Technology and Energy Harvesting, papers selected by prof. Ji-Huan He

Issue 3A

Thermodynamics for 5G Technology and Energy Harvesting

Collection of original scientific papers
Guest Editor
Ji-Huan He

Travelling solitary wave

Solitary wave solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations by He's variational method
Fractal solitary waves of the (3+1)-dimensional fractal modified KdV-Zakharov-Kuznetsov
Approximate analytical solution of generalized fractal equal-width wave equation
Solitary wave solution for the non-linear bending wave equation based on He's variational method
Two-dimensional heat transfer with memory property in a fractal space
Study on the interaction solution of Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation in quantum plasma

Thermodynamics for 5G technology

Thermodynamics for 5G technology and energy harvesting and relative topics
Energy-saving measures and temperature control for outdoor communication cabinets
Effect of superheat on refrigeration system performance of refrigerated truck
Experimental study on refrigeration system's performance of the refrigerator truck using R404A refrigerant
Influence of compressor speed on the performance of low pressure vapor-injected refrigeration systems
Study on an energy-saving thermal management system in outdoor base stations
A composite system of air conditioning and heat pipes: Promising application to outdoor communication cabinet
Experimental research on dynamic performance of an air/water source heat pump water heater
Research on heat pipe air-conditioner with soil heat exchanger for base station
Feasibility of R1234yf/R13I1 mixture refrigerant as replacement of R134A refrigerant in vapor compression system
Biomass analysis of resource utilization system
Low temperature phase change material for cold storage and its application to refrigerated transportation
Wind turbine blades with hybrid fiber composite: Tensile properties and numerical verification

Fluid-induced vibration and energy harvesting

Tube bundle vibration analysis and optimization design
Solutions of the KdV-MKdV equations arising in non-linear elastic rods under fractal dimension
Local fractional Duffing equation: Its periodic property and its application to energy harvesting
Local fractional damped non-linear oscillation: Frequency estimation and energy consumption
Analysis of a fractal modification of attachment oscillator
Non-linear oscillation of a mass attached to a stretched elastic wire in a fractal space
Applying numerical control to analyze the pull-in stability of MEMS systems
Stability of initial response of exponentially damped oscillators
Analysis of the stationary probability density of a generalized and bistable van der Pol system excited by colored noise

Thermal science for radiology and medicine

Application of a temperature and pressure detector to the preventive maintenance of hospital autoclaves
Sterile paper-plastic barrier system for pressure sterilization
Molecular classification guides for the postoperative adjuvant therapy of early-stage endometrial carcinoma
Assessment of radiological environmental impact under various meteorological condition
Study on radiological environmental impact assessment of nuclear fuel cycle facilities

Nanoscale fluid mechanics and nanomaterials

A superhydrophobic nanofiber membrane and its application to dye filtration using membrane distillation
A spider-inspired electrospinning for fabrication of polyvinylidene fluoride nanofiber membranes
The bubble electrostatic spraying a new technology for fabrication of superhydrophobic nanofiber membranes
Biomimetic microspheres with rough structure by the geometric potential theory
First-principles study on the mechanical properties of Al1-xTMxP

Mathematics for Thermal Science

Assessment of regional water resource carrying capacity by the connection number of set pair analysis
Bivariate and two-phase degradation modeling and reliability analysis with random effects
Predicting China's elderly population using a fractional gray prediction model
Passenger flow forecasting of Zhengzhou Metro Line one based on an improved whale optimization algorithm
Stiffness and progressive failure prediction of 2-D tri-axially braided composites
Analysis of internal tide characteristics in the northwest pacific ocean
Generalized variational principles for the modified Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equation in the fractal space
A split iterative asymptotic method for the numerical solution of a class of fractional heat transfer equations
A multipole fast asymptotic algorithm for a class of equations based on the flow function method with fractional order Laplace transform
A remark on a strong minimum condition of a fractal variational principle
Thermal performance of fractal metasurface and its mathematical model