International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 26, year 2022, Issue 2]

ISSUE 2A: Collection of Original Scientific Papers
ISSUE 2B: Collection of Original Scientific Papers and a Corrigendum

Issue 2A

Part I

Mathematical modeling of thin layer drying characteristics and proximate analysis of Turkey berry (Solanum torvum)
Effects of nanofluids on heat transfer characteristics in shell and tube heat exchanger
Heat transfer analysis in counter flow shell and tube heat exchanger using of design of experiments
Comparative design and CFD analysis of 3-D printed acrylonitrile butadiene styrene nozzle aerator for discharge reduction
Thermal barrier coating using yttria stabilized zirconia by plasma spray technique
Thermal management analysis of PCM integration in building using a novel performance parameter - PCM effectiveness index
Characterization and ecological impacts of groundwater in around Noyyal river, Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu, India
Investigate the corrosion properties of stellite coated on AZ91D alloy by plasma spray technique
Performance and impact of cryogenic pulsating heat pipe using a different number of turns and helium gas
Mathematical modeling for output yield obtained by single slope solar still integrated with sand troughs
Design of automation control thermal system integrated with parabolic trough collector based solar plant
Investigations on phase change materials for enhancement of thermal conductivity
Experimental analysis of effect of base with different inner geometries filled nano-PCM for the thermal performance of the plate fin heat sink
Experimental analysis of domestic refrigeration system using nanorefrigerant [CeO2+ZnO+R134a]
Monitoring and simulation of parabolic trough collector powered vapor absorption refrigeration system for rural cold storage
Experimental study on heat transfer performance of variable area straight fin heat sinks with PCM
A CFD investigation and heat transfer augmentation of double pipe heat exchanger by employing helical baffles on shell and tube side
Simulation and experimental study on performance analysis of solar photovoltaic integrated thermoelectric cooler using MATLAB Simulink

Part II

Heat and Fluid-Flow Models with Applications (papers selected by Prof. Xiao Jun Yang)
Anomalous diffusion models with respect to monotone increasing functions
A two-level high accuracy linearized difference scheme for the Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equation
A new insight on analytical theory of the scaling law heat conduction associated with the Richardson scaling law
Convergence analysis of the energy-stable numerical schemes for the Cahn-Hilliard equation
A new scaling law heat conduction problem associated with the Korcak scaling law
A decoupled high accuracy linear difference scheme for symmetric regularized long wave equation with damping term
A new generalization of the y-function applied to model the anomalous diffusion
Energy evolution and distribution law of rock under thermal mechanical coupling
The non-Darcy law for the scaling law flow in porous medium
Energy-stable backward differentiation formula type fourier collocation spectral schemes for the Cahn-Hilliard equation
Experimental study on infrared phase-locked thermal imaging inspection of carbon fiber reinforced polymer laminates
The first solution for the helical flows of generalized Maxwell fluid with longitudinal time dependent shear stresses on the boundary
Variable coefficient KdV system for the non-linear Rossby waves
A novel reconfigurable tri-mode resonator and its application to bandpass filter

Part III

Thermal Processes Under Real Operating Conditions, Energy Efficiency, and Storage, and Renewable Energy Use
Influence of active water stream, irradiance, ambient temperature and wind speed on the efficiency of Fresnel lens based two stage PVT system
Numerical analysis of thermal performance of heat exchanger: Different plate structures and fluids
Computational fluid dynamics iteration driven by data
The CFD simulation of reactive flow in parallel flow regenerative shaft kilns using porous media model
Heat transfer in a novel microwave heating device coupled with atomization feeding
Effect of three and five holes nozzle on thermal efficiency and emission characters of DI-CI diesel engine with lemongrass biodiesel as alternate fuel
Combustion chamber geometry and fuel supply system variations on fuel economy and exhaust emissions of GDI engine with EGR

Open forum

Response to comment on: “A critical review on heat and mass transfer modelling of viral infection and virion evolution the case of SARS-COV2”

Issue 2B

Original Scientific Papers

Studying on Kudryashov-Sinelshchikov dynamical equation arising in mixtures liquid and gas bubbles
Comparison of well-posedness criteria of two-fluid models for numerical simulation of gas-liquid two-phase flows in vertical pipes
Residential domestic hot water consumption analysis for multifamily buildings supplied by district heating
Measuring surface temperatures of different types of fly ash samples using a CCD camera
Effect of cooling condition on the performance of thermoelectric power generation system coupling with PCM module
Numerical study on the mixing characteristics under transcritical and supercritical injection using large eddy simulation
Energy transition of a developing country following the pillars of the EU green deal
A comparison between the presence and absence of virtual viscosity in the behaviour of the two phase flow interface
A numerical study on the thermal storage properties of packer bed under different arrangements of phase change material capsules
Heat dissipation performance of grooved-type and copper foam-type vapor chambers
Evaluation model of the steady-state heat transfer performance of two-phase closed thermosyphons
Study of the heat transfer performance of a loop heat pipe with aluminum wick
Experimental study of hydrodynamic parameters regarding on geyser boiling phenomenon in glass thermosyphon using wire-mesh sensor
Passive control of magneto-nanomaterials transient flow subject to non-linear thermal radiation
Exergy destruction rate minimization in the absorber of a double effect vapor absorption system
Risk evaluation in road tunnels based on CFD results
Effects of non-isothermal oxidation on transient conjugate heat transfer of the cryo-supersonic air-quenching
Study on droplet nucleation position and jumping on structured hydrophobic surface using the lattice Boltzmann method
Thermal analysis of proposed heat sink design under natural convection for the thermal management of electronics
A study of the effects of the micro-channel cold plate on the cooling performance of battery thermal management systems
Thermal analysis and optimization of L-shape fin heat sink under natural convection using ANOVA and Taguchi
Experimental investigation of the embedded micro-channel manifold cooling for power chips
Thermo-hydraulic performance evaluation of heat exchanger tube with vortex generator inserts
Micro-modular air driven combustion nozzle: Experimental and numerical modelling studies towards optimal geometric design
Two-component propellant grain for rocket motor: Combustion analysis and geometric optimization
Numerical investigations on solute transport and freckle formation during directional solidification of nickle-based superalloy ingot
Decarbonising power system with high share of renewables and optionally with or without nuclear: Slovenia case
Experimental investigation of the thermal performance of wet cooling tower with splash fills packing
Enhanced thermal characteristics of CuO embedded lauric acid phase change material