International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 28, year 2024, Issue 2]

ISSUE 2A: Original Scientific Papers
ISSUE 2B: Original Scientific Papers
ISSUE 2C: Original Scientific Papers

Issue 2A

Original Scientific Papers

Collection of original scientific papers
Investigation of effects on fuel consumption and exhaust emissions by using bioethanol gasoline mixture in an engine with ultrasonic fuel system
Numerical evaluation of the heat transfer performance of water-cooled system for electric vehicle drive motor based on the field synergy principle
Silica dopant effect on the performance of calcium carbonate/calcium oxide based thermal energy storage system
Comparative analysis of cooling effect of battery module cooling plate structures
Heat transfer comparison investigation of the permanent magnet synchronous motor for electric vehicles based on the BEM and the FEM
Investigation on the unconstrained microfluidic heat sink with high anti-blockage capacity for multiple hotspots system
The study of heat characteristics for micro pin-fin heat sinks with different structures
Discussion of thermal activation on heat collection plate of sprinkler heads
Numerical investigation on the heat transfer of air/helium precooler for air-breathing pre-cooled engine
Natural nanofluid convection in rectangular porous domains
Numerical model and efficiency analysis of finned staggered solar PV/T air collector
Deposition rate and purification effect of atmospheric particle by different pipeline connection forms
Parametric study and optimization of cast Al-Si alloy heat exchanger using Taguchi method
Effects of methane addition on the laminar burning velocity and Markstein length of methanol/air premixed flame
Fracture initiation and propagation behaviors of thinly interbedded tight sandstone reservoirs by various hydraulic fracturing methods
Exact solitary wave solutions for non-linear optic model by variational perspective
Numerical simulation study on the action law of low temperature drilling fluid intrusion into rock formation in polar drilling
Experimental study on post-fracture oil-water displacement mechanism of tight sandstone reservoir with nuclear magnetic resonance
Error analysis of transient method for rock permeability measurement
Topology-based 3-D fractal characterization of fracture complexity in propagation experiment
Influencing law of key parameters on the thermal efficiency of single-well closed-loop heat exchanger
Pre-treatment influence of liquid nitrogen and microwave on the mode I fracture characteristics of granite
Numerical simulation study on factors affecting the pre-CO2 fracturing effect in shale oil reservoirs: A case study on Kong-2 member in Cangdong Sag, China
Study on the damage evolution and water loss of aquifer under coal mining
The impact of water injection-induced fractures on residual oil distribution in tight sandstone reservoirs
Intelligent optimization method of screw drill assembly based on borehole trajectory prediction
A predictive model for sandstone permeability based on the Coulomb-Mohr criterion
A data-driven workflow for prediction of fracturing parameters with machine learning
Research on pulse infrared thermal wave detection technology for honeycomb sandwich structure defects
A survey for CT-based airway digital reconstruction and applications
Study on fracture propagation of hydraulic and supercritical CO2 fracturing in different rock
Laboratory study on acid fracturing performance in high temperature carbonate reservoirs
A new fracability evaluation model for complex lithologies fractured shale oil reservoir
Detection and identification of delamination defects in CFRP laminates using non-linear frequency-modulated infrared thermal wave testing technology
Mechanical characterization of fractured granite reservoirs
Influence of liquid nitrogen cooling on Brazilian splitting characteristic of coal and sandstone
Numerical simulation of a failure pattern of the roof in coal seam working face
Analysis of controlling factors for hydraulic fracturing parameters and accumulated production using machine learning
Analysis on the dynamic characteristics of stick-slip vibration in deep well drill string system
Experimental study on defects detection in GFRP laminates using lock-in infrared thermography technology
Numerical simulation study on the mechanical characteristics of downhole heat fluid generators in heavy oil thermal recovery wells

Issue 2B

Original Scientific Papers

Collection of original scientific papers
Short term load prediction of regional heating and heat storage system based on neural network
Design and manufacturing of forming molds for thermal storage materials and analysis of their thermal storage structures
Heat transfer performance of phase change energy storage building materials and its application in energy efficient buildings
A data analysis system for thermal energy loss in electrical automation management
Simulation analysis of enhanced fluidization leaching process and geothermal synergy in deep ground metal mines
Design and performance analysis of a heat pump system for motor phase change thermal storage
Thermodynamic modelling and control strategy of smart grid thermal energy storage power station based on communication technology
Numerical simulation of ground temperature field changein underground heat transfer zone of ground sourceheat pump under different groundwater runoff conditions
Application of performance dynamic equationin numerical simulation and optimization of waste heat utilization and storage system
Simulation of temperature field and optimization of heat dissipation structure for lithium-ion power battery pack based on multi-objective function optimization
Mechanical structure design and performance analysis of heat storage working medium for heat insulation layer
Numerical simulation and experiment of laminar heat transfer characteristics in micro-channel collector
Design and performance analysis of motor phase change heat storage heat pump system for new energy vehicles
Numerical analysis of thermal storage and release performance of mechanical thermal storage based on 2-D thermal conductivity differential equation
Big data information collection of IoT for heat storage heating control system
Lay-out of air source heat pump heating system in Lugang Logistics Park
Application of artificial intelligence control in the control system of cooling and heating energy stations
Preparation and steady-state heat transfer characteristics analysis of building insulation phase change composite material
Adaptive plc intelligent control based on the integrated system of smart grid thermal energy conversion
Analysis of thermal characteristics of building envelope structure for night storage heating
Analysis and simulation of ecological environment response of ground source heat pump system under thermal equilibrium
Frost measurement of air source heat pump heat exchangers based on image recognition processing technology
Application of solar energy storage system in building structure design and its thermal process analysis
Thermal storage performance analysis of building envelope based on big data sensor network
Application of cold hot electric combined heating pump system in ecological environment building design
Research and application of thermal energy recovery and automatic monitoring system for motor equipment
Design, synthesis, and thermal stability of rare earth luminescent materials
Energy saving system for building cooling and heating integration based on building information modelling technology
Phase change storage solar heat pump hydronics based on cloud computing
Power disassembly equipment for high efficiency heat transfer plate heat exchangers
Numerical simulation of temperature field around buried pipes of ground source heat pumps based on mathematical models
Numerical simulation of thermal performance based on cogeneration low carbon heating unit manufacturing
Research and application of heat recovery and automation monitoring system for new energy vehicle motor equipment
Multi-objective particle swarm optimization algorithm for data acquisition and system characteristics research of phase change thermal storage heat pump water heaters
Internet of things temperature control of indirect dual tank heat storage system in solar photo-thermal power plant
Experiment and calculation of charge and release characteristics of phase change electronic heat storage system
Thermodynamic characteristics analysis of solar hot water heating composite system for low carbon heating
Numerical simulation and thermal analysis of ecological energy-saving ground source heat pump design
Analysis of thermal characteristics and thermal storage performance of energy-saving phase change thermal storage materials in buildings
Application of new nanopolymer materials in intelligent thermal insulation system for building external walls
Pore-scale numerical investigation on comprehensive heat transfer performance of homogeneous and graded metal foam heat sinks
Analysis of flow field and temperature distribution in granary under novel ventilation systems based on fractal structure
Optimization of the fan coil cooling system and the air source heat pump using a moderated mediation model

Issue 2C

Original Scientific Papers

Collection of original scientific papers
Thermal characteristics of combined compressor - ejector refrigeration/heat pump systems for HVAC&R
Computational fluid dynamics simulation and performance study of a three-separation combined air classifier
The W-tube energy pile heat transfer model with variable heat flow considering heat exchange between pile and circulating water
Experimental investigation of the effect of altitude on efficiency and emissions of a diesel engine
Study on the effect of width and slope of large cross-section tunnel on critical velocity of fire
Experimental and numerical modeling of the heat generation characteristics of lithium iron phosphate battery under nail penetration
Numerical study on flow and heat transfer characteristics in structured packed bed
Swirl development and enhanced heat transfer analysis of ferrofluid in elliptical ducts under thermal-magnetic-flow fields coupling
Investigation of no emission characteristic of ammonia-hydrogen flame in a two-stage model combustor
Energy, exergy and exergoeconomic analysis of a trans-critical CO2 cycle powered by a single flash geothermal cycle in with/without economizer working modes
Research on experimental parameter selection for measuring thermal diffusivity by laser flash method at room temperature
Investigation on the effect of injector modification on injector atomization and U-bend pulse detonation combustion characteristics
Effect of internally mounted helical fins on the separation performance of a cylindrical gas-solid cyclone separator
Engine performance and emission characteristics of microwave-produced biodiesel blends
Flow and heat transfer characteristics of high-pressure natural gas in the air gap of high-speed motor
Numerical investigation of the effects of volume forces on flame propagation characteristics in a rotating pipe
Heat transfer characteristics of oil-water two-phase in pipeline transportation during shutdown
Experimental study of nucleate pool boiling with water in atmospheric pressure
Study on single-phase and two-phase flow and heat transfer characteristics of HFE-7100 in manifold microchannel heat sink with corrugated bottom
Effect of prime mover regenerator radius on the performance and characteristic of acoustic field of thermoacoustic refrigerator driven by prime mover
Numerical investigation of conjugate heat transfer in a heat exchanger equipped with cross-combined ellipsoidal dimple tubes
Research on the thermal and flow characteristics of novel micro-channel PV/T collectors
Comparative temperature and consumption data measurement of model buildings with different thermal time constants
Numerical analysis for the impacts of using nano-enhanced PCM on the thermal management of battery module
Revisiting distance metrics in k-nearest neighbors algorithms: Implications for sovereign country credit rating assessments
Entropy generation and thermodynamic analysis of pool boiling heat transfer on doubly enhanced tubes
Numerical simulation study of enhanced convective heat transfer in the tube based on winglet vortex generator