International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 25, year 2021, Issue 3]

ISSUE 3A: Original Scientific Papers & Open Forum Contribution
ISSUE 3B: When Mathematics Meets Thermal Science – The Simpler is the Better

Issue 3A

Original Scientific Papers

Effects of steam addition and/or injection on the combustion characteristics: A review
Experimental and computational investigation for 3-D duct flow with modified arrangement ribs turbulators
A new class of A-stable numerical techniques for ordinary differential equations: Application to boundary-layer flow
The 1-D analysis of cool down simulation of vehicle HVAC system
Chimneys’ influence on fire risk of solid wood structures in residential buildings in rural Balkan settlements
Magnetohydrodynamic convective flow of nanofluid in double lid-driven cavities under slip conditions
Performance analysis of a novel six-stroke Otto cycle engine
Development and prioritization of renewable energy scenarios using SWOT-FANP methodology
Contribution the development of methodology for assessing the impact of bus suspension system on fuel consumption and CO2 emission
The effects of solution type temperature and time on antioxidant capacity of osmotically dried celery leaves
Outage performance evaluation of device-to-device system with energy harvesting relay
Experimental and CFD analysis of MHD flow around smooth sphere and sphere with dimples in subcritical and critical regimes
Kinetic parameters identification of conductive enhanced hot air drying process of food waste
Possibilities for affordable, low environmental footprint passive house implementation in Republic of Serbia
Air-source heat pump performance comparison in different real operational conditions based on advanced exergy and exergoeconomic approach
The contribution of CNG powered vehicles in the transition to zero emission mobility - example of the light commercial vehicles fleet
Analysis of the performance of a low-power atmospheric burner for gas appliances for households and their impact on the emission and stability of the burner
Numerical modeling of peat burning processes in a vortex furnace with countercurrent swirl flows
Sustainable development as a challenge of engineering education
Experimental study of the effects of a vertical channel on the natural convection of a horizontal cylinder
Effect of thermal radiation on natural conviction of a nanofluid in a square cavity with a solid body
Binary collisions and coalescence of droplets in low-pressure fuel injector
A numerical approach for 2-D Sutterby fluid-flow bounded at a stagnation point with an inclined magnetic field and thermal radiation impacts
Dispersion stability and rheological characteristics of water and ethylene glycol based ZnO nanofluids
Thermodynamic performance of ammonia in liquefied natural gas precooling cycle
Thermally induced vibration suppression in a thermoelastic beam structure
A new method for evaluating the joint effect of draught and the hot ceiling

Open Forum

Open forum contribution
Comments on “A comprehensive note on thermally stratified flow and non-Fourier heat flux theory”

Issue 3B

Issue Guest Editor
Prof. Ji-Huan He, Ph. D., College of Textile and Clothing Engineering, Soochow University, Suzhou, China

When mathematics meets thermal science

The simpler is the better
When mathematics meets thermal science: The simpler is the better
Multi-complexiton solutions of the (2+1)-dimensional asymmetrical Nizhnik-Novikov-Veselov equation
A fractal variational theory of the Broer-Kaup system in shallow water waves
The exact solution of the non-linear Schrodinger equation by the exp-function method
The effect of moisture of cotton fabrics on steam sterilization
A dry sterilization process for sterilized products after pressure steam sterilization
Experimental study on performance of heat pump air conditioning system for pure electric bus with economizer
A permeability model of packed particles material based on 2-D fractal gradation spectrum
Experimental study on the thermal performance of an air conditioning system in a pure electric vehicle
Sharma-Tasso-Olver equation involving a new time fractal derivative
A set pair analysis model for suitability evaluation of human settlement environment
Technology and practice of the roof-caving of hydraulic fracturing in a fully mechanized caving face
Statistical inference on the accelerated competing failure model from the inverse weibull distribution under progressively type-II censored data
Bayesian inference for solving a class of heat conduction problems
A thermodynamic model for official clothing insulation
He’s fractal calculus and its application to fractal Korteweg-de Vries equation
Effect of solution concentrations on the structure and properties of nanofibrous yarns by blown bubble-spinning
Analytical methods for non-linear fractional Kolmogorov-Petrovskii-Piskunov equation: Soliton solution and operator solution
Abundant exact analytical solutions and novel interaction phenomena of the generalized (3+1)-dimensional shallow water equation
Principal component analysis of the effect of coal quality indexes on the maximum explosion pressure of coal dust
On-line intelligent evaluation of the fatigue state of a composite conveyor belt
Propagation law of flame in a pipeline produced in gas explosion: numerical analysis and experimental verification
High energy surface as a receptor in electrospinning: A good switch for hydrophobicity to hydrophilicity
Optimization of a fractal electrode-level charge transport model
Thermal management of 3-D integrated circuits with special structures
Non-differentiable solutions of a family of modified Korteweg-de Vries equations within local fractional derivative
Direct algebraic method for solving fractional Fokas equation
Analysis of the multiphase lubricating oil effect on the performance of the tilting-pad journal bearing
Vertical U-shaped heat exchangers for construction engineering: New promises and future challenges
Passive solar energy building in mountain residence: Strategies and design
Isothermal adsorption experiment of nitrate nitrogen in bioretention media
Adsorption characteristics of ammonium nitrogen in a bioretention system
Research progress of wearable electric heating elements
Effect of fiber materials on the thermal and moisture comfort properties of socks
Experimental study on performance of medium-pressure air-supply heat pump air conditioning system for pure electic bus
Selection of air filters for residential fresh air in China based on the control of PM2.5
Experimental study on particle deposition in pipelines in a fresh air system
Mechanism study of highly ordered jets in an improved electrospinning process
Effect of non-digestible nanoparticles on animals’ health and behavior
Two-scale transform for 2-D fractal heat equation in a fractal space
Stochastic transition behaviors in a generalized Van der Pol oscillator with fractional damping under Gaussian white noise
The modulation of response caused by the fractional derivative in the Duffing system under super-harmonic resonance
Approximate analytical solution for Phi-four equation with He’s fractal derivative
The ULT-HSS hybrid iteration method for symmetric saddle point problems
A new method for calculating p-value under unconditional exact test
Hierarchical aligned ZnO nanorods on surface of PVDF/Fe2O3 nanofibers by electrospinning in a magnetic field
Effect of SiC particles on viscosity of 3-D print paste: A fractal rheological model and experimental verification