International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 26, year 2022, Special issue 1]



Selection of original scientific papers
Guest Editor
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Inc, Department of Mathematics, Science Faculty, Firat University, Elazig, Turkey
Flow past two finite-length wall-mounted cylinders in tandem arrangement at Re = 200
Application of Jordan canonical form and symplectic matrix in fractional differential models
Unsteady flow of Casson nanofluid through generalized Fourier's and Fick's law for heat and mass transfer
Boundary-layer flow of heat and mass for Tiwari-Das nanofluid model over a flat plate with variable wall temperature
On the traveling wave solutions of pulse propagation in monomode fiber via the extended Kudryashov's approach
Effect of turning parameters of AISI 316 stainless steel on temperature and cutting forces with finite element model
Investigation of braking performance and thermal effect of sintering of brake pads with Al2O3 additive
Estimations of accelerated generalized half-logistic distribution in presence of generalized type-II hybrid censoring samples
Numerical analysis of Al2O3-water nanofluids through square cross-section duct with single phase models
On the influence of dilation angle in soil slope stability analysis among other model parameters
Energy and mass transfer analysis of 3-D boundary-layer flow over a rotating disk with Brownian motion and thermo-phoretic effects
Influence of thermophysical properties on magnetite water-based ferrofluid heat transfer at sphere surface under magnetic field and thermal radiation
Analytical solutions of the refractive index in the ionosphere different approximations
Numerical study on the flow past a finite-length tapered cylinder
Exp-fuction method for exact solutions of some non-linear partial differential equations
Some exact solutions of coupled non-linear Helmholtz equation
Temporal instability of non-Newtonian liquid jets during centrifugal electrospinning
Rough fuzzy-topological approximation space with tooth decay in decision making
Stochastic solutions to the non-linear Schrodinger equation in optical fiber
Turbulent flows around rectangular and triangular turbulators in baffled channels a computational analysis
Comparative analysis of solar air channels, Z-shaped obstacles added to improve flow structure
Simulations of convective heat transfer in rectangular microchannel using thermal lattice Boltzmann method
A novel fractional study on free convection flow of Brinkmann hybrid nanofluid over an inclined plate
Photon statistics and non-local properties of a two-qubit-field system in the excited negative binomial distribution
Estimation and prediction of two Rayleigh lifetime distributions under joint censoring scheme
Using fuzzy time series forecasting and Gaussian mixture model to classify and predict new cases of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia
Effect of stark shift on three-level atom interacting with a correlated two-mode of non-linear coherent state
Bayesian and non-Bayesian estimation methods to independent competing risks models with type II half logistic weibull sub-distributions with application to an automatic life test
Statistical inference for stress-strength reliability using inverse Lomax lifetime distribution with mechanical engineering applications
A novel and unique approach for determining the survivor equivalence factors for complex systems
Statistical inference of type-I hybrid censored inverse Lomax samples
Automated ethnicity recognition using equilibrium optimizer with machine learning on facial images
Thermal energy effect on optoelectronic characteristics of InGaAsN/GaAs laser diode under the variation of quantum well number
Toward the effeteness for using the social media application with acceptable level of privacy in Saudi community: Quantitative case study
Analytical study of MHD couple stress casson nanofluid-flow over stretching surface
Analytical analysis of steady flow of nanofluid, viscous dissipation with convective boundary condition
Drone imagery forest fire detection and classification using modified deep learning model
Analytical formula of the wehrl entropy and wehrl phase distribution of the field in generalized coherent squeezed states
Managing access control issues in the choose your own device environment
Numerical simulation of 3-D Sobolev equation via local meshless method
Numerical simulation of the generalized Burger's-Huxley equation via two meshless methods
The generalized time fractional Gardner equation via numerical meshless collocation method
Using obstacle perforation, reconfiguration, and inclination techniques to enhance the dynamic and thermal structure of a top-entry channel
Three-dimensional assessment of thermal-hydraulic behaviour in heat exchangers fitted by wavy annular fins