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The advancement of nanofluid technology has become an essential tool for investigating thermal conductivity enhancement, which is highly valuable for industrial and engineering applications in many fields including mathematics, physics, engineering, and materials science. This analysis focuses on 3-D boundary-layer flow on nanofluid over a rotating disk by incorporating chemical reaction and thermal radiations effects. One aim of this article is to analyze the energy and mass transport rates for nanofluids. In this study, the Brownian motion and thermophoretic impacts are considered. The governing flow equations are converted to ODE via suitable similarity transformations. The resulting equations were solved via well know technique Keller box method. This analysis revealed that the azimuthal and axial velocities show an inverse pattern against the various values of index factor, n, although the radial velocity has the highest value and decreases significantly. The behavior of the von Karman flow is also recovered for setting the index factor (n = 1). Moreover, it is found that the temperature of nano liquid increases by increasing the Brownian motion and thermophoretic factors.
PAPER REVISED: 2022-09-29
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2022-10-12
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THERMAL SCIENCE YEAR 2022, VOLUME 26, ISSUE Special issue 1, PAGES [107 - 115]
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