International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 27, year 2023, Issue 5]

ISSUE 5A: Original Scientific Papers
ISSUE 5B: Original Scientific Papers

Issue 5A

Original Scientific Papers

Collection of original scientific papers
Investigation of photo-thermal performance of compound parabolic concentrator system for soil heating in facility agriculture
Anti-icing study for refrigerated container based on various heating wire forms
Rapid reconstruction of temperature field of coke chamber based on POD-BP and Tikhonov method
Influence of using clay block with increassed mass on energy performance of an office builidng in Niš
Gas path diagnosis method for gas turbine fusing performance analysis models and extreme learning machine
Optimized method for thermal through silicon via placement with non-uniform heat sources in 3-D-IC
Survey of air battery thermal management on the autonomous mobile robots
Thermoeconomic analysis of a microcogeneration system using the theory of exergetic cost
Optimization of the flue gas-flow controlling devices of the electrostatic precipitator of unit A4 in TPP "Nikola Tesla"
Flame and emission characteristics from NH3/CH4 combustion under ultrasonic excitation
Numerical investigation on cooling rate in proton exchange membrane fuel cell using propylene glycol fluid
Selective non-catalytic denitrification of biomass combustion flue gases (synthetic mixture)
Influence of specific electrical resistance on the heating of metal plates exposed to high frequency electromagnetic waves
Experimental and numerical investigation of driving potential of biomass-pellet hot air generator for coupling with absorption heat pump
Improved hydrogenerator field winding thermal monitoring
Theoretical and numerical analysis of the fixed flat-plate solar collector with Sn-Al2O3 selective absorber and gravity water flow
Experimental study results of the front-end device with two-tier air burner as part of the gas turbine engine combustion chamber
Effects of different renovation strategies on the thermal comfort in urban parks based on bioclimatic design theory
Combined combustion of pulverized coal and liquid fuel in a low power vortex burner
Numerical simulation of droplet evaporation based on the smoothed particle hydrodynamics method
An experimental study on combustion and emissions characteristics in a dual-injection spark-assisted compression ignition engine fueled with PODE/gasoline
A numerical study for coating of ventilation ducts using jet injection
Investigations of protracted finned double pipe heat exchanger system for waste heat recovery from diesel engine exhaust
Sensitivity analysis of thermoacoustic oscillation in cryogenics system based on response surface method
A comparative study on 3E (energy, exergy and economic) analysis of solar PV operated dome-shaped solar stills
Triaxial high temperature mechanical properties of Longmaxi shale at different depths
The analysis and application of a new integral transform W transform
Mechanical properties of marble with different joint inclinations under engineering disturbance
The method for the heat-diffusion equation in analytic number theory
Study on pipe-line flow characteristics of multi-source coal-based solid waste filling materials
Research on the generation method of manufacturing knowledge capability graph
A new 3-D sixth-order Boussinesq model in shallow water wave
A non-linear creep model considering disturbance damage at different depths
Numerical solutions of the viscoelastic plate of fractional variable order
New soliton solutions for the local fractional Vakhnenko-Parkes equation
A new (2+1)-D mZK-Burgers model for non-linear Rossby waves aswell as the analytical solution

From the Editors

Corrigendum: Experimental approach for catalytic combustion of biogas: Preliminary research
Corrigendum: Marangoni convection of nanofluid in a wavy trapezoidal enclosure

Issue 5B

Original Scientific Papers

Collection of original scientific papers
Numerical simulation for heat transfer of silica-aerogel filled 3-D stitched spacer fabric composites
The 3-D problem of temperature and thermal flux distribution around defects with temperature-dependent material properties
Impact of P-1 radiation model on simulated free jet flame characteristics of gaseous fuels: CFD with PDF approach
Numerical simulation of plasma gasification of oil-based drilling cuttings
Hydrodynamic study of a solar chimney power plant for better power production
Analyze 2-D heat transfer of ultrafast laser heated thin films under size effects
A novel coupling discretization method for modeling multi-phase heat exchangers
Optimization of physical property and working condition parameters in multi-size sinter vertical tank based on exergy analysis
The CFD analysis of the effect of internal peak angle and mass-flow rates on the thermal performance of solar air heater with triangle cross-section
Prediction of reduction products in the preheating process
Study on the simplified model of vertical double U-pipe ground heat exchanger
CFD study on the effect of tubes diameter and count on flow distribution uniformity in a Z disposition
Research on deflagration behavior of gas and gas-coal dust in a vertical pressure relief pipe-line system
Case study on thermal optimization of oil immersed transformer used in solar power plant based on genetic algorithm and computational fluid dynamics
Study on the effect of ash layer on flow and heat transfer in diesel particulate filter based on 3-D thermal lattice Boltzmann method
Thermodynamic analysis and optimization design of cooling plate with multiple channels for linear synchronous motor
Investigation on micro-flame structure of ammonium perchlorate composite propellant under wide pressure range
Prediction of frosting process on cold wall surface based on ANN with back propagation algorithm
Research on geometric inverse problem based on the firefly conjugate gradient method
Non-Newtonian natural-convection cooling of a heat source of variable length and position placed at the bottom of a square cavity
Numerical simulation and optimization of steel tube billet heating process in rotary hearth furnace using computational fluid dynamics
Thermal modeling and analysis of 3-D integrated circuits with irregular structure
A new method of parameter identification for proton exchange membrane fuel cell based on hybrid particle swarm optimization with differential evolution algorithm
Study of a novel ternary second-order viscosity model on Al2O3-water nanofluid
Laminar premixed burning characteristics of methanol/ethanol/air at high temperature and pressure
Experiment and simulation studies on thermal performance of a novel water-cooling premixed wall-hung gas boiler
Direct numerical simulation of double diffusive natural convection in a closed mixture cavity heated from below
Parameter analysis and optimization of a heat sink for cooling intelligent power modules based on Taguchi method
Numerical study on aerodynamic performance and particle erosion characteristics of flue gas turbine
Numerical simulation of O2/CO2 combustion in decomposition furnace
Research on terrain grids generation in computational fluid dynamics software
Optimization analysis of residential space in cold region based on building performance simulation