International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 26, year 2022, Issue 4]

ISSUE 4A: Selection of Papers Presented by Guest Editor Prof. Salih Ozer and Papers Devoted to Renewable Resources Industrial Processes and Aplication

Issue 4A

Part I

Papers presented by Guest Editor Prof. Salih Ozer, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Mus Alparslan University, Guzeltepe/Mus, Turkey
Thermodynamic analysis for industrial cabinet providing simultaneous heating and cooling that can be used in the food industry
Thermodynamic analysis of refrigerants used in ORC-VCC combined power systems for low temperature heat sources
An overview of path planning technologies for unmanned aerial vehicles
Application of Kashuri Fundo transform and homotopy perturbation methods to fractional heat transfer and porous media equations
Tribological performance of Ni-W/PTFE composite coating via pulse electrodeposition
Solar irradiation forecastby deep learning architectures
Effect of wind turbine designed for electric vehicles on aerodynamics and energy performance of the vehicle
The use of high molecular iso-amyl alcohol as an alternative fuel for compression ignition engines
A numerical study on heating performance of horizontal and vertical earth-air heat exchangers with equal pipe lengths
Flow of water-based Cu, CuO, and Al2O3 nanofluids heated with constant heat flux between micropipe
Autoclave device exergy and energy analysis in hospital sterilization units
Investigation of cutting parameters in milling of DIN 1.2379 and Sleipner materials
Magneto-electrically induced vibration control of a plate contacted with fluid
Analysis of thermal barrier coated pistons in the COMSOL and the effects of their use with water + ethanol doped biodiesel
Anti-invariant ξ⊥-cosymplectic-like statistical submersions
Solution of Abel’s integral equation by Kashuri Fundo transform
Solving steady heat transfer problems via Kashuri Fundo transform
Effect of mica powder-filled styrene-butadiene rubber compounds on crosslink density and mechanical properties
Canal hypersurfaces according to one of the extended Darboux frame field in Euclidean 4-space
Rotational hypersurfaces generated by weighted mean curvature in E41 with density
Preparation and characterization of physico-mechanical and structural properties of phthalimide derivative polymeric nanocomposites
A modification of approximate random characteristics for a model of Zika virus transmission
Thermodynamic analyzes in a compression ignition engine using fuel oil diesel fuel blends
Air temperature measurement based on lie group SO(3)

Part II

Papers Devoted to Renewable Resources Industrial Processes and Aplication
A novel acquisition approach for heat transfer coefficient during periodic cooling process
Thermal analysis of a novel single-effect absorption refrigeration system using water/ionic liquid as working fluids
Analysis of smart building solutions for optimizing the energy performance in a new commercial building
Theoretical and experimental investigations on the photo-thermal effect of gold nanorods irradiated by femtosecond and nanosecond laser
Investigation of transient and steady heat transfer in saturated porous medium filled in a vertical cylinder with thermal dispersion and radiation
Study on the disturbance effect of pulsating flow and heat transfer in self-excited oscillation shear layer
Comparative investigation of phase change material on heat transfer characteristics under theoretical and practical periodic temperature boundary
Experimental analysis of solar air heater using polygonal ribs in absorber plate integrated with phase change material
Turbulent natural-convection heat transfer in a square cavity with nanofluids in presence of inclined magnetic field
A computational study of curvature effect on pressure drop of gas-liquid two-phase flow through 90 degree elbow
Simulation research on ONAN transformer winding temperature field based on temperature rise test
Heat dissipation performance analysis and structural parameter optimization of oil-immersed transformer based on flow-thermal coupling finite element method
Thermo-economic simulation of four power generations based on genetic algorithm