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In this paper, we study rotational hypersurfaces in 4-D Lorentz-Minkowski space with density. We give the weighted mean curvature of a rotational hypersurface about spacelike (timelike) axis in E41 with densities ex2-y2-z2 and ex-y-z (e-y2-z2-t2 and e-y-z-t). We obtain the parametric expressions of the rotational hypersurfaces about spacelike (timelike) axis in E4 1 with density ex2-y2-z2 (e-y2-z2-t2) with respect to the weighted mean curvature and give some examples for them. Also, we give some results about rotational hypersurfaces about spacelike (timelike) axis in E41 with density ex-y-z (e-y-z-t) to be with constant or non-constant weighted mean curvature.
PAPER REVISED: 2021-10-20
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2022-04-28
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THERMAL SCIENCE YEAR 2022, VOLUME 26, ISSUE Issue 4, PAGES [3043 - 3053]
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