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Thermal Science Archive [volume 23, year 2019, Issue 3]

Issue 3A: Advanced Computational Methods for Linear and Non-Linear Heat and Fluid-Flow
Issue 3B: Selection of Original Scientific Papers

Issue 3A

Advanced Computational Methods for Linear and Non-Linear Heat and Fluid-Flow

From the Guest Editor

Introductory words from the guest editor
From the Guest Editor, 2019, Issue 3

Original Scientific Papers

Scientific contributions in the field of advanced computational methods for linear and non-linear heat and fluid-flow
Experimental research on YSZ TBC structure debonding defect detection using long-pulsed excitation of infrared thermal wave non-destructive testing
Effect of damage on gas seepage mechanism in coal seam based on a coupled model
Analysis of moisture and temperature fields coupling process in freezing shaft
Numerical simulation of the flow field structure of liquid nitrogen jet
Analytical solutions of fractal-hydro-thermal model for two-phase flow in thermal stimulation enhanced coalbed methane recovery
Numerical simulation of damage and permeability evolution mechanism of coal seam under microwave radiation
Application of the Kudryasov method with characteristic set algorithm to solve some partial differential equations in fluid mechanics
The dynamic evolution analysis of gas seepage field during the mining process of protective layer
Enhanced heat transfer under the influence of coherent structure induced by arc vortex generator in square pipe flows
Numerical analysis on the transient cavity flow field during liquid nitrogen jet fracturing
Non-Darcian seepage stability analysis of non-Newtonian fluid
Non-destructive testing theoretical study on skin tumor detection using long-pulsed infrared thermal wave testing technology
The energy evolution characteristics of coal under different dynamic strain rates and confining pressures
The air-flow structure and gas dispersion behavior in gas tunnel construction through bench cut method
Bilinearization and fractional soliton dynamics of fractional Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation
Evaluation of the diffusive tortuosity by analyzing the molecular thermal motion displacement
Numerical study of influence of deep coring parameters on temperature of in-situ core
Flow and heat transfer characteristics of nanofluids in sudden expansion structure based on SLA method
Influence range simulation of loose blasting borehole in the coal-rock mass
Magnetic properties of ferromagnetic steels under different stress by the alternating current magnetization
An application of pulsed infrared thermal imaging in the diagnosis of diabetic microangiopathy
The crack opening displacement of rock fracture process zone
Variation law of coal permeability under cyclic loading and unloading
A local fractional homotopy perturbation method for solving the local fractional Korteweg-de Vries equations with non-homogeneous term
Numerical solution of a class of advection-reaction-diffusion system
Line wind speed distribution model of rectangular tunnel cross-section
Mechanical behavior investigation of Longmaxi shale under high temperature and high confining pressure
The numerical solution of the time-fractional non-linear Klein-Gordon equation via spectral collocation method
Stepwise loading-unloading creep testing of fly ash concrete and its constitutive model
Slotting effect on pressure relief during gas drainage of low permeability coal
New mathematical models in anomalous viscoelasticity from the derivative with respect to another function view point
Analysis of a debris flow after Wenchuan Earthquake and discussion on preventive measures
Application of DGJ method for solving non-linear local fractional heat equations
Thermal diffusion and flow property of CO2/CH4 in organic nanopores with fractal rough surface
The infrared thermal wave imaging detection of micro-crack defects in Ti-Al alloy plate
Field test research on gas migration law of mining coal and rock
Temperature dependence of young’s modulus of red sandstone
Thermal barrier coating debonding defects detection based on infrared thermal wave testing technology under linear frequency modulation heat exitation
Temperature-stress coupling mechanism analysis of one-time pouring mass concrete
A semi-implicit integration factor discontinuous Galerkin method for the non-linear heat equation
A new approach for finding standard heat equation and a special Newell-whitehead equation
Effect of liquid water content on blade icing shape of horizontal axis wind turbine by numerical simulation
Heat transfer performance and structure response of energy piles
Computational fluid dynamics simulation of the supersonic steam ejector using different condensation model
A new method solving local fractional differential equations in heat transfer
Local fractional Helmholtz simulation for heat conduction in fractal media
A new general fractional-order derivataive with Rabotnov fractional-exponential kernel applied to model the anomalous heat transfer
The source function of fractional heat-like systems
A forced 3-D time fractional ZK-Burgers model for Rossby solitary waves with dissipation and thermal forcing
The generalized Giachetti-Johnson hierarchy and algebro-geometric solutions of the coupled KdV-MKdV equation
Local fractional derivative: A powerful tool to model the fractal differential equation

Issue 3B

Regular Issue

In Memoriam

Vladimir N. Živković (1934-2019), Technical Editor THERMAL SCIENCE
In Memoriam - Vladimir N. Živković (1934-2019), Technical Editor THERMAL SCIENCE

Original Scientific Papers

Selection of original scientific papers
On two-scale dimension and its applications
Viscosity of hybrid nanofluids: A critical review
Performance improvement of the heat recovery unit with sequential type heat pipes using TiO2 nanofluid
Entropy generation analysis on two-phase micropolar nanofluids flow in an inclined channel with convective heat transfer
Toward improved heat dissipation of the turbulent regime over backward-facing step for the AL2O3-water nanofluids: An experimental approach
Rarefaction and scale effects on heat transfer characteristics for enclosed rectangular cavities heated from below
Effects of porosity and heat generation on free convection in a porous trapezoidal cavity
A comparison of porous structures on the performance of slider bearing with surface roughness in micropolar fluid film lubrication
Numerical study of laminar and turbulent flow with radiatively participating media
Study of an inclined interface of contact using lattice Boltzmann method
Hybrid lattice Boltzmann/Taguchi optimization approach for magnetohydrodynamic nanofluid natural convection in a hemisphere cavity
Numerical study of magnetohydrodynamic mixed convective flow in a lid-driven enclosure filled with nanofluid saturated porous medium with center heater
Unsteady transport of MHD mixed convection inspired by thermal radiation and partial slip performance: Finite difference approach
Calculation of temperature fields during lathe machining with thermoelectric cooling by using the finite element method
Dynamic calibration of temperature sensors from light rays for transient measurement
Condensation heat transfer characteristics of the alkali metal thermal to electric converter (AMTEC) porous wick condenser
Numerical study of the thermosolutal convection in a 3-D cavity submitted to cross gradients of temperature and concentration
A novel advanced technology for removal of phenol from wastewaters in a Ventury reactor
Comparison of wooden and conventional houses sustainability: Increasing application of modified wood in R. of Macedonia
A model for reduction of transport-related CO2 emissions by optimizing industrial waste treatment facility location
Influence of heat in-leak, longitudinal conduction and property variations on the performance of cryogenic plate-fin heat exchangers based on distributed parameter model
Effect of uniform and variable fin height on charging and discharging of phase change material in a horizontal cylindrical thermal storage
Flow and heat transfer performance of plate phase change energy storage heat exchanger
Heat transfer performance of film condensation created by forced flow
Enhancing film cooling effectiveness in a gas turbine end-wall with a passive semi cylindrical trench
Experimental and CFD analysis of swirl, nozzle arrangement, cross-section and jets diameter on heat transfer in multi-jet air impingement cooling
Influence of over fire air system on NOx emissions: An experimental case study
District heating substation elements modeling for the development of the real-time model
Energy efficiency and economic analysis of retrofit measures for single-family residential buildings
Analysis of different scenarios and sustainability measurement in the district heating sector in Serbia
Thermodynamic efficiency evaluation of a low pressure turbo expander cryogenic cycle based on exergy analysis