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Dimension or scale is everything. When a thing is observed by different scales, different results can be obtained. Two scales are enough for most of practical problems, and a new definition of a two-scale dimension instead of the fractal dimension is given to deal with discontinuous problems. Fractal theory considers a self-similarity pattern, which cannot be found in any a real problem, while the two-scale theory observes each problem with two scales, the large scale is for an approximate continuous problem, where the classic calculus can be fully applied, and on the smaller scale, the effect of the porous structure on the properties can be easily elucidated. This paper sheds a new light on applications of fractal theory to real problems.
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PAPER ACCEPTED: 2019-04-09
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THERMAL SCIENCE YEAR 2019, VOLUME 23, ISSUE Issue 3, PAGES [1707 - 1712]
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