International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 27, year 2023, Issue 4]

ISSUE 4A: Original Scientific Papers
Issue 4B: Advances in Fluid-Flow, Heat Transfer and Combustion Processes, (selection by Doc. Dr. Salih Ozer)

Issue 4A

Collection of Original Scientific Papers

Original Scientific Papers

Analysis of cavity shedding around the twisted hydrofoil
Energetic and entropy analysis of a novel transcritical CO2 two-stage compression/ejector refrigeration cycle for shipboard cold chamber
Analysis of periodic heat transfer through extended surfaces
Analysis of mist/air film cooling performance of trenched holes with shaped lips
Effect of hydrothermal carbonization temperature on fuel properties and combustion behavior of high-ash corn and rice straw hydrochar
Influence of the microfin tube structure on the thermal-hydraulic performance of mixed supercritical CO2/R32
The effect of pipe-line structure on the flammability characteristics of hydrogen-air premixed gas under end-opening conditions
A novel solar-fuel assisted thermophotovoltaic system and parametrical analysis
Thermodynamic study of the effects of nanoparticles on thermal origin: A review
Numerical study on the performance of adsorption refrigeration system with finned bed structure paired with MOF-water as working fluid
Evaluation of kinetic behaviour of refused derived fuel samples by using thermogravimetric analysis
The effect of fluid dynamics conditions and combustion reactions on the performance and heat and mass transfer distribution of dual-phase oxygen transport membranes
Heat transfer enhancement in inserted extruded aluminum finned tubes
Selection of the working fluid for a high-temperature ORC hot-source to be applied in the Brazilian semi-arid
Lattice Boltzmann simulation of dynamic oxygen adsorption in coal based on fractal characteristics
Numerical simulation of continuous bubbles motion behavior with different lance spacings
Research on hot surface ignition characteristics of leaking fuel in ship engine room
A new fractal model of the convective-radiative fins with temperature-dependent thermal conductivity
Numerical simulation and analysis of lithium battery heat dissipation based on multi-objective optimization
A novel configuration of a dual concentrated photovoltaic system: Thermal, optical, and electrical performance analysis
Numerical study on heat and flow transfer characteristics in rectangular mini-channel with S-shaped turbulator inserted
Variational approach for the fractional exothermic reactions model with constant heat source in porous medium
An efficient boundary meshfree computational approach for 3-D multi-domain transient thermal analysis with variable thermal sources in non-homogeneous media
Process parameters optimization of water-waste derived biodiesel emulsion to permute as a sustainable and greener energy source
Flame propagation of premixed gas explosion with different equivalent ratio under corrugated fire-retardant core
Machine-learning based thermal conductivity prediction of propylene glycol solutions: Real time heat propagation approach
Simulation and modeling of a solar-aided underground energy storage system
The 3-D computational investigation of thermal performance on engine cylinder: Effect of different geometry fins
Performance, emission characteristics of CI engines fueled with Annona seed biodiesel blends and 1-pentanol as an additive
Dust accumulation on solar photovoltaic panels: An investigation study on power loss and efficiency reduction
Experimental investigation on the thermophysical properties of the ionic liquid-based binary system for heat transfer applications
Carbon emission efficiency evaluation of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei logistics industry based on SBM model
Research on short-term energy consumption control method of green building based on peak density optimization
Thermal performance experiment and numerical simulation of micro-PCM cement mortar composite wall

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Important Notice: Paper Retraction
Retraction: Solution of Burgers' equation appears in fluid mechanics by multistage optimal homotopy asymptotic method, doi

Issue 4B: Advances in Fluid-Flow, Heat Transfer and Combustion Processes

Collection of papers dedicated to the topics of advances in fluid-flow, heat transfer and combustion processes
Issue Guest Editor
Doc. Dr. Salih OZER

Advances in Fluid-Flow, Heat Transfer and Combustion Processes

Collection of original scientific papers
Thermodynamic analysis of combined power cycle, combining heat from a waste heat source with sub-cycles
Wool drying process in heat-pump-assisted dryer by fuzzy logic modelling
Investigation of the effects on engine performance and emissions of ZnFe2O4 and ZnCO3 nanoparticle additives in a diesel engine
Experimental and numerical analysis of distortions after enamel coating process on oven catalytic side panel sheets
Investigation of LiCoO2 thin film battery properties with changing Ar/O2 gas atmosphere
Analysis and forecasting of temperature using time series forecasting methods a case study of Mus
Experimental and numerical investigation of the effect of variable operating conditions on PEMFC performance
Experimental optimization of tribological properties of aluminum bronze alloys made by the forging method
CFD simulation and optimization of heat transfer enhancement in HEV static mixers with rotated angles for turbulent flows
CFD study of a dual-passage solar collector with longitudinal and transverse baffles for enhanced thermal performance
Non-polynomial cubic spline method used to fathom Sine Gordon equations in 3+1 dimensions
Comparison of the efficiency of wind power plants from renewable energy types to reduce atmosphere pollution in Marmara region
Effect of variation of egg-shell particulate reinforcement on ultrasonic pulse velocity, attenuation, and hardness prediction in ceramic-metal composites
Experimental investigation of the effect of the use of nanoparticle additional biodiesel on fuel consumption and exhaust emissions in tractor using a coated engine
Thermal effect of quench rate on mechanical properties of SIMA 7075-T6
Experimental investigation of level indicator errors caused by turbulence in vehicle fuel tanks
The SnO2 nanotube with CNT core structure (SnO2@void@CNT) and graphene composite electrode for Li-ion batteries
Comparison of side collision analyzes of electric vehicle and conventional vehicle chassis
Statistical assessment of natural frequency values obtained from numerical analyses in the tapered composite laminated beams
Enhancing thermal performance and sustainability parabolic trough concentrator systems in Djelfa's solar-integrated urban design
Investigation of the effect of pre-deformation shape on cold forming properties in the product material in fastener production
Enhancing flow structure in heat exchangers analysis of dynamic and thermal air-flow behavior with perforated and inclined baffles
The 3-D optimization of an axial mixer propeller through high fidelity simulations
Mechanical properties research of carbon fibre composites incorporating nanoclay and graphene
Water quality assessment for irrigation canals case study in the Bingol, Turkey
The effect of using activated carbon obtained from sewage sludge as a fuel additive on engine performance and emissions
Design and analysis of vibratory screen for peanuts
Simulation of newly designed vortex generators for optimizing fluid mixing efficiency in compact static mixers with single-exit configuration
Nine-parameter path synthesis of planar four-bar mechanism with the aid of the general equation of coupler curve
Effects of six sigma implementation on occupational health and safety in industrial diesel engine production and maintenance processes
Effective utilization of solar energy in sustainable agricultural irrigation a provincial example from Turkiye
On the solution of lake pollution model by Sinc collocation method
Riemannian submersions endowed with a new type of semi-symmetric non-metric connection
Numerical simulation of slip behaviors and friction reduction effects in hydrophobic micro-channel in laminar flow conditions
Artificial neural network assisted multi-objective optimization of a methane-fed DIR-SOFC system with waste heat recovery
Optimization of thermal comfort in buildings via analysis of a trombe wall for enhanced energy efficiency
Artificial neural network based prediction of engine-out responses from a biodiesel fuelled compression ignition engine
Improvement of the performance of small-sized cavitating venturis by inserting obstacles
Enhancing thermal comfort in buildings innovations in sustainable cooling and heating systems utilizing geothermal energy

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