International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 27, year 2023, Special issue 1]

SPECIAL ISSUE 1: Trends in Modelling of Heat-Mass and Momentum Transport Problems, papers selected by Prof. Dr. Jordan Hristov, Prof. dr. Dumitru Baleanu, and Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bayram

Special Issue No 1

Trends in Modelling of Heat-Mass and Momentum Transport Problems
Issue Guest Editors
Prof. Dr. Jordan Hristov, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Bulgaria
Prof. Dr. Dumitru Baleanu, Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Cankara University, Ankara, Turkey
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bayram, Head of the Computer Engineering Department, Biruni University, Istanbul, Turkey

From the Guest Editors

Preface from the guest editors
From the Guest Editor: 2023, Special Issue 1

Trends in Modelling of Heat-Mass and Momentum Transport Problems

Porous medium equation with Elzaki transform homotopy perturbation
New approximate solutions to time fractional order partial differential equations optimal auxilary function method
Exploration of casson fluid-flow along exponential heat source in a thermally stratified porous media
The 3-D study on flow around two wall-mounted cylinders in side by side arrangement
Dynamics of unsteady fluid-flow caused by a sinusoidally varying pressure gradient through a capillary tube with Caputo-Fabrizio derivative
Numerical solution for stochastic heat equation with Neumann boundary conditions
Ternary Casson hybrid nanofluids in convergent/divergent channel for the application of medication
Non-differentiable fractional odd-soliton solutions of local fractional generalized Broer-Kaup system by extending Darboux transformation
Solution of burgers' equation appears in fluid mechanics by multistage optimal homotopy asymptotic method
The Haar wavelets based numerical solution of Reccati equation with integral boundary condition
Local meshless collocation scheme for numerical simulation of space fractional PDE
Simulation of fractional differential difference equation via residual power series method
Simulation of generalized time fractional Gardner equation utilizing in plasma physics for non-linear propagation of ion-acoustic waves
Heat and mass transport of hydromagnetic Williamson nanofluid passing through a permeable media across an extended sheet of varying thickness
MHD flow and heat and mass transport investigation over a decelerating disk with ohmic heating and diffusive effect
Thermal flow of micropolar gold-blood nanofluid flowing through a permeable channel with impact of gyarotactic microorganisms
Analytical and computational results for boundary-layer equations in porous medium
Numerical simulations of the flow around a finite-height circular cylinder under turbulent
Multiple series solutions of viscous flows over a stretching/shrinking and porous sheet
An efficient matrix method for coupled systems of variable fractional order differential equations
Structure of the analytic solutions for the complex non-linear (2+1)-dimensional conformable time-fractional Schrödinger equation
Influences of radiative heat transfer on hydromagnetic hybrid nanofluid flow through two rotating surfaces
Existence and stability theory of pantograph conformable fractional differential problem
Melting heat transfer and thermal radiation effects on MHD tangent hyperbolic nanofluid flow with chemical reaction and activation energy
Numerical simulations of time-fractional PDES arising in mathematics and physics using the local Meshless differential quadrature method
Identifying of unknown source term for the Rayleigh-Stokes problem
Study of a coupled system with anti-periodic boundary conditions under piecewise Caputo-Fabrizio derivative
Analysis of the impact of thermal radiation and velocity slip on the melting of magnetic hydrodynamic micropolar fluid-flow over an exponentially stretching sheet
COVID-19 modelling with square root susceptible-infected interaction
Effect of obstacles on turbulent flows in a rectangular channel from their front sides
Numerical assessment of an air-heat exchanger channel with staggered attached rectangular baffles and in-line detached square fins
A novel numerical manner for non-linear coupled variable order reaction-diffusion equation
Numerical investigation of the interaction between the roughness and the triangular obstructions in a rectangular channel
Regularity for a non-local diffusion equation with Riemann-Liouville derivative
Performance of meshless method of lines for the solution of the generalized seventh-order Korteweg-de Vries equation having applications in fluid mechanics
Optical modelling of the space-time fractional Eckhaus equation
A numerical study for solving multi-term fractional-order differential equations
Transient heat conduction with variable thermophysical properties power-law temperature-depenent heat capacity and thermal conductivity
Analysis of HIV-1 mathematical model using Taylor's series method