International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 23, year 2019, Issue 6]

Issue 6A: Regular Issue (35 original scientific papers)
Issue 6B: Selection of Papers on the Subjects of Numerical Methods and Different Engineering and Scientific Problems

Issue 6A

Regular Issue

Original Scientific Papers

Development of a national index for the purpose of forest fire risk assessments on the example of southern Serbia
Seasonal temperature variation of solar pond under Mediterranean condition
Experimental study of temperature inversions above urban area using unmanned aerial vehicle
Features of propagation of droplets of water and special water-based compositions in a sample of forest fuel material
A theoretical analysis for peristalsis of Casson material with thermal radiation and viscous dissipation
Numerical computations on flow and heat transfer of Casson fluid due to oscillatory moving surface
Hydromagnetic flow of a Carreau fluid in a curved channel with non-linear thermal radiation
Modeling and simulation of natural convection flow along a rough surface of sinusoidal nature with variable heat flux: Using Keller box scheme
A comprehensive note on thermally stratified flow and non-Fourier heat flux theory
Numerical study of developing laminar mixed convection in a heated annular duct with temperature dependent properties
A generalized Fourier and Fick's perspective for stretching flow of burgers fluid with temperature-dependent thermal conductivity
Magneto-thermocapillary-buoyancy convection in a square cavity with partially active vertical walls
Numerical study of turbulent magnetohydrodynamic convection of molten sodium with variable properties in a square cavity
Entropy generation analysis of mixed convection with considering magnetohydrodynamic effects in an open C-shaped cavity
Entropy generation analysis of nanofluid natural convection in coaxial cylinders subjected to magnetic field
Comparison study of CFD and artificial neural networks in predicting temperature fields induced by natural convention in a square enclosure
Condensate retention of water-ethanol mixture on horizontal enhanced condensing tubes
Thermal decomposition kinetics of raw and treated olive waste
Model for the analysis of thermal conductivity of composite material of natural origin
Multi-objective optimization of operating parameters of a PEMFC under flooding conditions using the non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm
Thermal performance analysis of helical coil solar cavity receiver based parabolic trough concentrator
A thermal model for open-rack mounted photovoltaic modules based on empirical correlations for natural and forced convection
Optimization of photovoltaic system and technology in view of a load profile: Case of public building in Turkey
Modeling of overall heat transfer coefficient of a concentric double pipe heat exchanger with limited experimental data by using curve fitting and ANN combination
Heat transfer enhancement from power transformer immersed in oil by earth air heat exchanger
Effect of radiation on the flow structure and heat transfer in a 2-D gray medium
The energy and exergy analysis of counter-flow regenerative evaporative cooler
Numerical investigation of heat transfer at a rectangular channel with combined effect of nanofluids and swirling jets in a vehicle radiator
Numerical-experimental validation of the welding thermal cycle carried out with the MIG welding process on a 6063-T5 aluminium tubular profile
Modeling and optimization of temperature in end milling operations
Total costs of shell and tube heat exchangers with concentric helical tube coils
Hybrid system solar collectors - heat pumps for domestic water heating
Modeling of intermittent convective drying of walnuts in single layer and its influence on deep bed drying simulation
Experimental study on the smoke temperature distribution alongside the lining in tunnel fires

Issue 6B

Selection of Papers on subjects of Numerical Methods and Different Engineering and Scientific Problems

In memoriam

IN MEMORIAM Prof. Dr. Naim Afgan (1929-2019)

Part I

Numerical Methods
A new general fractional-order derivative with Rabotnov fractional-exponential kernel
A periodic solution for the local fractional Boussinesq equation on cantor sets
Approximate analytic solutions of multi-dimensional fractional heat-like models with variable coefficients
The thermal expansion characteristics of mudstone
An analytical solution for solving a new wave equation within Lorenzo-Hartley kernel
Conformable fractional derivative and its application to fractional Klein-Gordon equation
New general calculi with respect to another functions applied to describe the Newton-like dashpot models in anomalous viscoelasticity
Extending operator method to local fractional evolution equations in fluids
A method to remove gas hazard around underground thrust faults: Kilometre directional feathery drilling

Part II

Different Engineering and Scientific Problems
Analysis of heat transfer of hydromagnetic flow over a curved generalized stretching or shrinking surface with convective boundary condition
Magnetohydrodynamic flow and heat transfer over a moving cylinder in a nanofluid under convective boundary conditions and heat generation
Thermal conductivity difference between nanofluids and micro-fluids: Experimental data and theoretical analysis using mass difference scattering
Significance of improved Fourier-Fick laws in non-linear convective micropolar material stratified flow with variable properties
On dissipative MHD mixed convection boundary-layer flow of Jeffrey fluid over an inclined stretching sheet with nanoparticles: Buongiorno model
Darcy Forchheimer flow of Jeffrey nanofluid with heat generation/absorption and melting heat transfer
Mixed convective radiative flow of vicoelastic liquid subject to space dependent internal heat source and chemical reaction
The impact of the order of numerical schemes on slug flows modeling
New cold-level utilization scheme for cascade three-level rankine cycle using the cold energy of liquefied natural gas
Experimental study on R1234yf heat pump at low ambient temperature and comparison with other refrigerants
Condensate retention as a function of condensate flow rate on horizontal enhanced pin-fin tubes
Fluid flow and heat transfer enhancement in wings with combined solid ring twisted tape inserts circular heat exchanger tube
Numerical simulation and analysis of the vertical and double pipe soil - air heat exchanger
The heat transfer enhancement of concurrent flow and counter current flow concentric tube heat exchangers by using hexagonal boron nitride/water nanofluid
Decay of supersonic rectangular jet issuing from a nozzle with diagonal expansion ramps
Drying of mint leaves in forced convection solar dryer
Drying of painted glass plate on moving tape
Association of flame-oscillation frequency under cross wind diffusion
New method for determining cooling time and preheating temperature in arc welding
Temperature fields in linear stage of friction stir welding: Effect of different material properties
Research on heat transfer characteristics of fractal-generated turbulence based on large eddy simulation
Diffusive Bejan number and second law of thermodynamics toward a new dimensionless formulation of fluid dynamics laws
Concerning utilization of heat from low-potential sources
The performance evaluation of R744 transcritical ejector and R290/R744 cascade refrigeration systems for Turkey
Variations in ionospheric D-region recombination properties during increase of its X-ray heating induced by solar X-ray flare
Air quality monitoring and modeling near coal fired power plant
Valorization of non-balanced coal reserves in Serbia for underground coal gasification
Utilization of geothermal springs as a renewable energy source: Vranjska Banja case study
A contribution to evaluation of nuclear power plants competitiveness using 3E indicator: One possible approach
Study of linear ablative rate of D6AC steel wing used on supersonic missile
New non-conventional methods for quantitative concepts of anomalous rheology
Experimental investigation of solar/wind hybrid system for irrigation in Konya, Turkey