International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 25, year 2021, Issue 2]

ISSUE 2A: Original scientific papers (Thermal research concerning application in energy conversion, conservation and utilization; Heat and mass transfer and combustion processes in industrial equipment)
ISSUE 2B: Fractal Thermodynamics and Fractal Calculus, original papers & Open forum contribution

Issue 2A

Part I

Thermal research concerning application in energy conversion, conservation, and utilization
Guest Editor
Prof. Zhongliang Liu, College of Environmental and Energy Engineering, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China
An experimentally validated control strategy to optimize power generation quality for waste heat recovery system
Enhanced heat transfer research in liquid-cooled channel based on piezoelectric vibrating cantilever
Numerical study on the influence of platen super-heater on combustion characteristics in a 600 MW tangentially fired pulverized-coal boiler
Aero-engine exhaust gas temperature prediction based on LightGBM optimized by improved bat algorithm
Simulation and analysis of buried pipe heat transfer performance under leakage state
Numerical analysis of temperature fields around the buried arctic gas pipe-line in permafrost regions
Simulation on the combustion in the raceway zone of COREX melter gasifier
Composite design and thermal comfort evaluation of safety helmet with phase change materials cooling
Study on thermodynamic functions of traditional building windows based on characters
Research on the integrated design of solar thermal energy systems and existing multi-storey residential buildings
Heat transfer of insulation structure for large cryogenic wind tunnel
The application of activity-based costing in the cost calculation of thermal-power enterprise
Experimental investigation of condensation heat transfer characteristics and corrosion resistance on coated tube surfaces
An optimized roots power machine based on negative displacement theory
Study on hydration heat of concrete channel-box girder
Advantages of thermal industry cluster and application of particle swarm optimization model

Part II

Heat and mass transfer and combustion processes in industrial equipments
Numerical study of flow and heat transfer in a porous medium between two stretchable disks using quasi-linearization method
Observation on a fire whirl in a vertical shaft using high-speed camera and associated correlation derived
Upper-convected Maxwell fluid analysis over a horizontal wedge using Cattaneo-Christov heat flux model
Thermal analysis of end pumped fiber lasers subjected to jacket fluid cooling
Effects of magnetic field inclination and internal heat sources on nanofluid heat transfer and entropy generation in a double lid driven L-shaped cavity
The effect of the heat recovery on fuel consumption in the stenter machine
Darcy-Forchheimer characteristics of viscoelastic stratified nanoliquid by convectively heated permeable surface
Application of higher-order heat flux model for predicting turbulent methane-air combustion
An equivalent temperature model of 3-D steady heat conduction analysis for a fiber metal laminated plate coated with a thermal barrier
Analysis and evaluation of the influence of heat storage material on coke oven flue gas exothermic process
Static and thermal behaviour of ship structure sandwich panels
Numerical simulation and analysis of phase change heat transfer in crude oil
Experimental investigation of pre-drying data for some medicinal herbs in forced convection
Measurement of shale gas in place based on different approaches and their comparison study
Comparative analysis of a novel low concentration dual photovoltaic/phase change material system with a non-concentrator photovoltaic system
Impact of surface texture on entropy generation in nanofluid
The effect of the intermediate fluid-flow rate on the system performance in the closed circuit applications of the solar collector
A kinetic study of HKUST-1 for desulfurization applications
Research on multi-stage heating method of high speed railway emergency traction battery system based on flat heat pipe

Issue 2B

Papers covering subject of Fractal Thermodynamics and Fractal Calculus and other fields + Open Forum contribution

Part I

Fractal Thermodynamics and Fractal Calculus
Guest Editor
Prof. Ji-Huan He, Ph. D., College of Textile and Clothing Engineering, Soochow University, Suzhou, China
Seeing with a single scale is always unbelieving from magic to two-scale fractal
A new fractal viscoelastic element: Promise and applications to Maxwell-rheological model
Exact solutions of space-time fractional (2+1)-dimensional breaking soliton equation
A modified exp-function method for fractional partial differential equations
Variational principle for non-linear fractional wave equation in a fractal space
Variational theory for a kind of non-linear model for water waves
Fractal calculus for refrigerated transportation of perishable foods: Energy consumption and energy saving
The piecewise reproducing kernel method for the time variable fractional order advection-reaction-diffusion equations
The space spectral interpolation collocation method for reaction-diffusion systems
Variational theory for (2+1)-dimensional fractional dispersive long wave equations
Fabrication of PVDF/PES nanofibers with unsmooth fractal surfaces by electrospinning: A general strategy and formation mechanism
Dropping in electrospinning process: A general strategy for fabrication of microspheres
Fractal diffusion-reaction model for a porous electrode
A fractal model for the crystallization kinetics
Fractal calculus for modeling electrochemical capacitors under dynamical cycling
Effects of humid and hot environment on fiber composites in cooling towers
Hybrid textile composite fan with smart and fractal structure
Fractal approach to concentration distribution of atmospheric fine particle sizes
Periodic solution of fractal Phi-4 equation
A fractal Langmuir kinetic equation and its solution structure
Circulatory integral and Routh's equations of Lagrange systems with Riemann-Liouville fractional derivatives
Motion equations and non-Noether symmetries of Lagrangian systems with conformable fractional derivative
Exact solutions of fractional nonlinear equations by generalized bell polynomials and bilinear method
Computer simulation of pantograph delay differential equations
The second elliptic equation method for non-linear equations with variable coefficients
Lump solutions for the dimensionally reduced variable coefficient B-type Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation
Stochastic bifurcation analysis of a bistable Duffing oscillator with fractional damping under multiplicative noise excitation
Modeling and filtering for a stochastic uncertain system in a complex scenario
Variational approach to fractal reaction-diffusion equations with fractal derivatives
Good congruences on weakly ample semigroups
A variational approach to a porous catalyst
Refrigerating fluid with a low global warming potential for automotive air conditioning systems in summer
Preparation of different scale firous membranes and their filtration properties
Estimation of shoulder width and neck girth based on 3-D point cloud data
Preparation of a Cu-BTC/PAN electrospun film with a good air filtration performance
A fractal resistance-capacitance circuit model for the current flowing in porous media
Evaluation and selection of transportation service provider by TOPSIS method with entropy weight
Approximate analytic solution of the fractal Klein-Gordon equation
Optimization of a 3-D high-power LED lamp: Orthogonal experiment method and experimental verification
Fractal approach to explanation of silkworm cocoon’s biomechanism
The extended variational iteration method for local fractional differential equation
Effect of fabric surface's cleanliness on its moisture/air permeability

Part II

Original Scientific papers
Building integrated photovoltaics - technology status
Design and analysis of double-pipe heat exchanger using both helical and rotating inner pipe
Computation of monthly runoff coefficients for Istanbul
Numerical analysis of the flow dynamics of an N2 cryogenic jet
Selection of low temperature thermal power cycles
Numerical study on heat and mass transfer behavior of pool boiling in LiBr/H2O absorption chiller generator considering different tube surfaces
Experimental analysis of parabolic trough collector system with multiple receiver geometries and reflective materials

Open Forum

Open forum contribution
Comments on "Significance of improved Fourier-Fick laws in non-linear convective micropolar material stratified flow with variable properties"