International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 27, year 2023, Issue 1]

ISSUE 1A: Collection of Original Scientific Papers, Collection of Selected Papers Presented at 35th International Conference About the Process Industry Processing 22 in Belgrade and Trebinje Energy Summit 2022 and an Open Forum Contributions
ISSUE 1B: Collection of Original Scientific Papers on Heat and Fluid-Flow Models with Applications and Other Various Topics

Issue 1A

Part I

Selected papers presented at 35th International Conference about the Process Industry Processing 22 in Belgrade and Trebinje Energy Summit 2022
Guest Editor
Prof. Dr. Dejan Radić, Department of Process Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia
Application of composite construction and demolition debris in heavy metals removal from industrial wastewater
Sales of electricity from cogeneration plants on organized markets in Southeast Europe
Investigation of thermal and dimensional behavior of 3-D printed materials using thermal imaging and 3-D scanning
Validation of numerical models for prediction of pressure drop in high capacity long distance lignite fly ash pneumatic conveying
Methodology for aeroacoustic noise analysis of 3-bladed h-Darrieus wind turbine
Small wood pellet boiler 3-D CFD study for improved flue gas emissions employing flue gas recirculation and air staging
Assessing the impact of specific weight of different-sized particles on operational performance of coal preparation plant
Experimental studies of wood chips charactristics influence on boiler performance and pollutant emissions

Original Scientific Papers

Selection of original scientific papers
Effect of vibration in cooling channel on heat transfer of aviation kerosene flowing under different pressures
A simple and accurate method for estimating the stator winding real-time temperature of air-cooled hydrogenerator
Optimization of micro-channel heat sink based on genetic algorithm and back propagation neural network
Study on the thermal response of spiral energy piles based on field test
The movement and shape change characteristics of a bubble passing through a liquid-liquid interface
Optimal design of heat dissipation modules for high-power LED based on the Taguchi method
Combustion stability control of a single-piston free piston engine generator
Effect of protrusion shape on film cooling performance for the cylindrical hole embedded in a contoured crater
Experimental and numerical investigation on temperature uniformity of LPG cylinder in incineration test
Effects of elastic pillars on fluid-flow and heat transfer enhancement in a micro-channel
Experimental study of convective heat transfer in Fe3O4-H2O nanofluids in a grid-shaped micro-channel under magnetic field
Impact of air temperature and wind speed on the efficiency of a photovoltaic power plant: An experimental analysis
Influence of temperature and plastic deformation on AA2024 T3 friction stir welded joint microstructure
On maximum likelihood estimates of a proportional hazard rate model parameters based on record values
Experimental analysis of the fixed flat-plate solar collector with Sn-Al2O3 selective absorber and gravity water flow
Numerical treatment for 3D magnetized Casson fluid flow over an unsteady convectively heated surface with variable thermal conductivity
Study on PID performance degradation based on passivation materials such as alumina/silicon nitride SiN crystalline silicon solar cells
Structure, thermal and physic-chemical properties of some chalcogenide alloys
Modeling and classification of deaths due to Covid 19 based on machine learning technique
Thermodynamics of bacteria-phage interactions T4 and Lambda bacteriophages, and E. coli can coexist in natural ecosystems due to the ratio of their Gibbs energies of biosynthesis

Open Forum

Open Forum Contributions
Transient heat conduction with non-singular memory: Heat flux equation with a Mittag-Leffler memory naturally leads to ABC derivative Jordan Hristov

Issue 1B

Part I

Heat and Fluid-Flow Models with Applications
Guest Editor
Prof. Xiao-Jun Yang, State Key Laboratory for Geomechanics and Deep Underground Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China
Novel solutions for the heat equations arising in the elliptic curves over the field of rational numbers
Defect detection of GFRP laminates by barker code modulation excitation infrared thermal imaging
Experimental study on characteristic and mechanism of simulated lunar rock destruction under high energy laser irradiation
An odd entire-function solution for one-dimensional diffusion equation in theory of modular form
Evolution of temperature and damage in rock mass after heat shock
Special solutions for the Laplace and diffusion equations associated with the algebraic number field
Linear frequency modulation infrared thermal imaging detection technology for GFRP/PMI foam sandwich structure defects
An even entire function of order one is a special solution for a classical wave equation in one-dimensional space
Research on physical-mechanical properties and energy evolution characteristics of granite after high temperature treatment
A new odd entire function of order one arising in the heat problem
Experimental study on resistivity response characteristics of loaded coal during nitrogen injection
On the solution for the diffusion equation related to the L-functions attached to cusp forms
Study on seepage characteristics of cross fractures in adjacent and convective flow modes
Non-Dorcian seepage equilibrium analysis of splitting grouting fluid in smooth single fracture
Non-linear frequency-modulated infrared thermal wave detection of debonding defects in CFRP laminates
Thermal-hydraulic-mechanical coupling mechanical behavior and acoustic emission characteristics of deep sandstone
Perturbed traveling wave solutions of the CDGKS equation and its dynamics characteristics
Study on the surface morphology and fractal characteristics of granite under thermal shock of seawater
Experimental study on the mechanism of water affecting the permeability characteristics of sandstone
Experimental study on heat transfer enhancement of heat storage material for energy pile
A new combined ZK-mZK dynamic model for Rossby solitary wave
Estimation of shallow geothermal potential to meet heating demand in a building scale
Geothermal characteristics of the Xianshuihe fault zone and their engineering influence on tunnel construction
Design and strength analysis of the passive thermal insulation structure of a deep rock in-situ thermal insulation coring system
Study on mechanical properties and acoustic emission response of deep granite under hydro-mechanical coupling
Study on heat transfer model theory and numerical simulation used in deep rock in-situ temperature-preserved coring
Confining pressure effect on the permeability and mechanical behavior of sandstone under a certain pore water pressure condition
Discrete element analysis on the influence of drilling fluid pressure on core discing in pressure-preserved coring
Correlation between micro-structure and acoustic emission characteristics of granite by split tests
Evolution of overburden fracture and water seepage in coal seam group mining an example in Lingxin coal mine
Field experimental study on comprehensive dust control technology in fully mechanized caving face of extra thick coal seam
Research on stress evolution law and failure characteristics of top coal in fully mechanized caving of extra-thick coal seams
Size optimization and co-operative support mechanism of coal pillar in residual resources recovery working face
Infrared thermal wave detection of interfacial debonding defects of thermal barrier coatings based on non-linear frequency modulation
Temporal second-order finite difference schemes for variable-order time-fractional generalized Oldroyd-B fluid model
A new general fractional derivative relaxation phenomenon

Original Scientific Papers

Selection of original scientific papers
Analysis of parameters influencing the pressure and temperature distribution in the gun bore evacuator
Study on flow and heat transfer characteristics of cooling channel filled with x-shaped truss array
Determination of the sootblower activation moment for biomass co-firing in a pulverized coal furnace
Influencing factors on electricity consumption of electric bus in real operating conditions
Application of innovative methodology for risk assessment and inspection methods on example of small experimental biomass gasification unit
Emergency conversion of sports halls into temporary hospitals caused by COVID-19 pandemic: Case studies of thermal comfort and energy consumption analysis
Structural stress analysis of hybrid heat exchangers in the S-CO2 power cycle for marine waste heat recovery
A review on computational fluid dynamics simulation methods for different convective drying applications
Experimental and CFD simulation study of shell and tube heat exchangers with different baffle segment configurations
The impinging wall effect on flame dynamics and heat transfer in non-premixed jet flames
Investigation on the heat dissipation of high heat flux chip array by fractal microchannel networks
Investigation of gasification reactions and H2/CO ratio analysis for rice husk air gasification simulation
Performance study on a printed circuit heat exchanger composed of novel airfoil fins for supercritical CO2 cycle cooling system
Non-Fickian transport models for characterising the sediment suspension in unsteady flows
Simulation of non-Fourier heat conduction in discontinuous heterogeneous materials based on the peridynamic method