International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 23, year 2019, Supplement 6]

Supplement 6 - MODELLING HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER PHENOMENA, New Trends in Analytical and Numerical Methods

From the Guest Editors

Introductory words from the guest editors
From the Guest Editors: MODELLING HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER PHENOMENA, New Trends in Analytical and Numerical Methods

Original Scientific Papers

Selection of original scientific papers
Some analytical solutions by mapping methods for non-linear conformable time-fractional PHI-4 equation
On Backlund transformations of surfaces by extended Harry-Dym flow
Comparisons of six different estimation methods for log-Kumaraswamy distribution
Volatility measurement of the world indices using different entropy methods
Entropy approach for volatility of wind energy
Stress distribution caused by co-phase locally spatially curved layers in an infinite elastic body under bi-axial compression
System signature and reliability of coherent system under circular stress
On exact and approximate solutions of (2+1)-dimensional Konopelchenko-Dubrovsky equation via modified simplest equation and cubic B-spline schemes
Some important details on Richard growth model
Some important details on technical system: Matrix representation, odds ratio, embedding subsystems
Simulation of mass transfer in a river with dead zones using network simulation method
On solutions of local fractional Schrodinger equation
On discrete fractional solutions of the hydrogen atom type equations
Analytical and semi-analytical wave solutions for longitudinal wave equation via modified auxiliary equation method and Adomian decomposition method
An analytical study on the entropy generation in flow of a generalized Newtonian fluid
Multidimensional general convexity for stochastic processes and associated with Hermite-Hadamard type integral inequalities
The natural convective graphene oxide nanofluid flow in an upright squeezing channel
Packing chromatic number of transformation graphs
Investigation of irreversible reactive liquid chromatography considering linear general rate model
Ficitious time integration method for solving the time fractional gas dynamics equation
Numerical study for fractional model of non-linear predator-prey biological population dynamical system
Differential representation of the Lorentzian spherical timelike curves by using bishop frame
An operational matrix for solving time-fractional order Cahn-Hilliard equation
Study on the solitary wave solutions of the ionic currents on microtubules equation by using the modified Khater method
A numerical scheme to solve variable order diffusion-wave equations
Review of CO2 emission and reducing methods in maritime transportation
Application of mathematical methods for the non-linear seventh order Sawada-Kotera-Ito dynamical wave equation
The reaction dimerization: A resourceful slant applied on the fractional partial differential equation
On fractional KdV-burgers and potential KdV equations: Existence and uniqueness results
Harmonicity and differential equation of involute of a curve in E3
Some new solutions of the conformable extended Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation using Atangana-Baleanu conformable derivative
Singular homology algorithm for MA-spaces
Naturel mates of equiaffine space curves in affine 3-space
On the fractional Dirac systems with non-singular operators
Anti-periodic solutions for fractional-order bidirectional associative memory neural networks with delays
Self-equilibrated stresses in the system composed of a covering layer + spatially locally curved reinforcing layer + half-space
Variation of paramets method for squeezed flow of a Casson fluid
On conformable mathematical model of immune system coupled with intestinal microbiome