International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 27, year 2023, Issue 6]

ISSUE 6A: Original Scientific Papers
ISSUE 6B: Original Scientific Papers

Issue 6A

Original Scientific Papers

Collection of original scientific papers
Heat transfer increment study taking into consideration fin lengths for CuO-water nanofluid in cross flow-impinging jet flow channels
The influence of temperature on geothermal power plant performance based on geology in Huangshadong geothermal field, China
Nanofluids (CuO & TiO2) - water as heat transfer fluid in a thermal energy storage system for applications of solar heating: An experimental study
Performance investigation of thermal management system on battery energy storage cabinet
New method for calculating heat transfer in unsteady MHD mixed boundary-layers with radiative and generation heat over a cylinder
Final method for selection of the optimal solution for deep energy renovation of a building
Electromagnetic hydrodynamic flow and heat transfer of a Casson nanofluid Fe3O4-blood in a porous medium
Nano- and micro-polar magnetohydrodynamic fluid-flow and heat transfer in inclined channel
Mathematical and CFD methods for prediction of thermal pollution caused by thermal power plant
Low pressure centrifugal fans operating with different air temperatures
Experimental and numerical investigation of Rayleigh-Benard convection in rectangular cavity with motor oil
Influence of the temperature fluctuations on the flame temperature and radiative heat exchange inside a pulverized coal-fired furnace
Shape optimization of inlet header of micro-channel heat sink using surrogate model combined with genetic algorithm
Investigation on the flow and heat transfer characteristics of supercritical CO2 in printed circuit heat exchanger with asymmetric airfoil fins
A numerical scheme for Darcy-Forchheimer flow of non-Newtonian nanofluid under the effects of convective and zero mass flux boundary conditions
Flow and thermal characteristics of NACA vortex generator with curved-diverged walls
Numerical simulation of heat-storage performance of filling body with uniformly mixed phase change paraffin
Research on combustion performance improvement by strut/wall combined injection in scramjet combustor
Transient analysis of a noise suppression method with aerating techniques in capillary tubes
Experimental study on influence of forced vibration of cooling channel on heat transfer instability at atmospheric and quasi-critical pressure
Experimental investigation on the effect of plunging pipe diameter change in cyclones to the performance of cyclones
Study on heat transfer characteristics of flue gas condensation in narrow gap heat exchangers
Examination of Stirling engine parameters effect on its thermal efficiency using PROSA software
Heat transfer enhancement in a helically coiled convergent and divergent tube heat exchanger with Al2O3 nanofluid
Numerical investigation on free cooling performance of ground-source heat pump in a solar greenhouse
Numerical investigation of effect of the flow field structure and cooling medium of tubes on the heat transfer performance of automotive radiator

Issue 6B

Original Scientific Papers

Collection of original scientific papers
Investigations on a novel composite phase change material comprising paraffin wax and CQD for thermal conductivity enhancement
Comparison study on cooling management of composite phase change material battery pack: Two different cases
Performance, emissions, and combustion in turbocharged diesel engines: The effect of rapeseed oil biodiesel-diesel blends
Optimization of process parameters of refrigeration process for a refrigerant mixture
Enhancing sustainability and performance of automated air conditioners through optimizing product recovery in closed-loop supply chains
Computational modelling in a high rise building with different building envelope materials for sustainable living
Ant colony optimization technique optimized controller for frequency stabilization of an isolated power system with non-linearity
A comparative study for enhancing solar still performance and efficiency through PCM-integrated fin design
Cattaneo-Christov heat flux effect on Sakiadis magnetohydrodynamic boundary-layer transport phenomena in the Jeffrey fluid
Investigation of velocity distribution in channels and chambers of the electrostatic precipitator at TPP Nikola Tesla Unit A1
Chemical and thermodynamic properties of Bombyx mori (domestic silk moth): Empirical formula, driving force, and biosynthesis, catabolism and metabolism reactions
Variability of carbon emission factors from lignite of the Kostolac basin in time
Numerical investigation of the thermohydraulic performance of double-pipe heat exchangers under ocean motions
Numerical simulation of pulverized coal combustion in a rotary kiln under O2/CO2 atmosphere
RANS simulations of plane impinging jets: On the influence of plate velocity in the Nusselt number secondary peak
Study of enhanced boiling heat transfer by micro-structure surfaces with hydrophilic-hydrophobic combined
Deflectors as the performance booster component in designing a side-ventilated heat pump cabinet dryer for vegetables
Impact of coil pitch on heat transfer enhancement of a turbulent flow of α-Al2O3/DW nanofluid through helical coils
Thermal environment improvement of underground mine tunneling face using enhanced geothermal system technology
A competitive study of a geothermal heat pump equiped with an intermediate economizer for R134a and R513A working fluids
Numerical investigation of thermal hydraulic performance of an automobile heat transfer tube with ellipsoid dimples
Aerodynamic performance of the reversible axial fan for high air temperatures
Experimental study of 1-D downward-opposed smoldering combustion of tropical peat and effect of excess air on the transition from smoldering to flaming
Beyond Laplace and Fourier transforms: Challenges and future prospects
Study on the pressure wave velocity model of multiphase fluid in the annulus of dual-gradient drilling
A new high-irradiation ignition test and diagnosis method of solid combustibles

From the Editors

Corrigendum: Thermal performance experiment and numerical simulation of micro-PCM cement mortar composite wall