International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 26, year 2022, Issue 6]

ISSUE 6A: Collection of Original Scientific Papers
ISSUE 6B: Collection of Original Scientific Papers

Issue 6A

Original Scientific Papers

Selection of original scientific papers
Effect of aspect ratio on coupled solute-thermocapillary convection instability in half-zone liquid bridge
Parametric effect of the interrupted annular groove fin on flow and heat transfer characteristics of a finned circular tube heat exchanger
Analysis of external heat dissipation enhancement of oil-immersed transformer based on falling film measure
The impact of stack parameters on the temperature difference of a thermoacoustic cooler
Effects of ammonia addition on combustion characteristics in partially-premixed swirling ammonia/methane/air flame
The thermal properties of water-based hybrid nanofluid (Cu-Al2O3) beyond an inclined plane
Coupling selective catalytic reduction process inside a coke oven regenerator: The influence of mixing parameters on NO reduction
Simulating flow and heat transfer in a variety of diesel particulate filter porous structures using lattice Boltzmann method
The evolution of soot morphology for the maturation of nascent particle in a turbulent lifted jet flame
Experimental investigation on lift-off, blowout and drop-back in partially premixed LPG open flames in tubular burner
Performance analysis of a solar-assisted dual-tank heat pump system for climatic conditions in Turkey
Study on microstructure wax evolution behavior of waxy crude oil during cooling
Influence of surface roughness and Wettability of novel surface on nucleate boiling performance in deionised water at atmospheric pressure
Heat transfer enhancement by sinusoidal wavy tape insert in two-pass ribbed channels
Improvement and sensitivity analysis of equivalent heat transfer model for dynamic thermal rating of overhead lines
Numerical investigation of the irregular behavior of helically coiled tube heat exchanger concerning pitch changes
Transitional free convection flow and heat transfer within attics in cold climate
A comprehensive numerical study of energy efficiency analysis of a double pipe gas cooler based on second law analysis
Influence of wall friction on flow parameters in natural gas transmission pipeline
Verification and validation of an advanced guardedhot plate for determination of thermal conductivity
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons emission from cigar burner combustion system and comparison of their content in fly ashes
Study on thermal-mechanical coupling of the ceramic layer in diesel engine piston with thermal barrier coating
Effect of absorber plate height on the performance of solar chimney utilized with porous absorber and integrated with an insulated room
Numerical study of the laminar natural convection heat transfer from three attached horizontal isothermal cylinders
Thermal analysis of a coreless axial flux permanent magnet machine
Experimental and numerical transient thermal analysis of the idler bearing housing made of steel or polymer material
Experimental and numerical comparison of thermodynamic performances of new and old generation refrigerants in the same cooling system
Formulas for death and life: Chemical composition and biothermodynamic properties of Monkeypox (MPV, MPXV, HMPXV) and Vaccinia (VACV) viruses
Solution method of multiphase seepage sequence in heavy oil reservoir by steam injection considering numerical oscillation

Issue 6B

Original Scientific Papers

Selection of original scientific papers
Numerical simulation on the thermal process of waxy crude oil during its storage under different wall temperatures
Effect of shell on performance of heat exchanger with trefoil-hole baffle
Influence of CeO2 nanoparticles on methyl tertiary butyl ether gasoline blend in spark ignition engine
Heat transfer enhancement using non-equally structure in a plate-fin heat exchanger with offset fins
A numerical study for solid and serrated annular finned tube bundles
Experimental investigation on flow condensation pressure drop of steam in a horizontal tube
Numerical study on Nusselt number of moving phase interface during wax melting in tube using lattice Boltzman method
Energy and exergy analysis of pebble bed thermal energy storage system for diesel engine exhaust
Modeling of convection-dominated melting in rectangular enclosures
The influence of welding flash on enhancing heat transfer of steel piston
Study on natural ice-melting process of insulator by thermodynamic analysis
Analysis of flow structure of tunnel fire based on modal decomposition
Identifiers for structural warnings of malfunction in power grid networks
The 2-D Cu-water nanofluid-flow and heat transfer over an inclined wall and between two inclined walls: The numerical solution of PDE and ODE
Numerical study on the naturally captured air volume of outside cabin heat exchanger for wind power generation
Heat transfer enhancement in an inclined solar collector using partially driven cold wall and carbon nanotubes based nanofluid
Numerical simulation of radiative heat transfer in a binary-size granular bed
Investigation of biomass gasification simulation using air, steam and oxygen as gasifying agent
Experimental study on boiling heat transfer in negative-pressure flowing water in a vertical annular tube
Lossless storage and transportation law of 250m3 horizontal liquid hydrogen storage tank
Flame characteristics influenced by the angle of burners for non-premixed C3H8/air
Synergistic effect of potassium and calcium ions on coal pyrolysis behaviors: Experimental and kinetic model investigations
Comprehensive evaluation on the thermal-hydraulic performance of supercritical CO2/R41 in a micro-fin tube
Theoretical model of natural circulation flow and heat transfer within one-ended inclined pipe
Promoting of foam copper with chaotic distributed pores on the deflagration of premixed hydrogen-air flame in the tube
Mixed convection in a driven cavity with an internal obstacle using the lattice Boltzmann method
Experimental study on heat transfer characteristics of high-temperature heat pipe
Study on the fuel jet evolution under trans/supercritical conditions and different environment pressure conditions
Experimental study on condensation friction pressure drop in rotating channels and proposal of new correlation
The content of hydrogen to the effect on the combustion characteristics of biomass-derived syngas