International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 26, year 2022, Issue 1]

ISSUE 1A: Collection of Original Scientific Papers and an Article on Professor Christo Boyanov Boyadjiev, Professor Emeritus' 85th birthday
ISSUE 1B: Collection of Original Scientific Papers and a Corrigendum

Issue 1A

From the Guest Editors

Preface from the Guest Editor
Professor Christo Boyanov Boyadjiev Dr. Sci., Professor Emeritus 85th birthday

Original Scientific Papers

Collection of Original Scientific Papers
Optimization and CFD analysis of a shell-and-tube heat exchanger with a multi segmental baffle
The CFD methodology for simulating pumping loss from displacer and piston seals of free piston Stirling engine
The CFD studies on the influence of un-wetted area on the heat transfer performance of the horizontal tube falling film evaporation
T-history analysis of aspect ratio effect on subcooling and solidification behaviour of phase change material in vertical glass tubes
An exergy analysis for overall hidden losses of energy in solar water heater
Flow boiling heat transfer characteristics of low global warming potential refrigerants in a vertical mini-channel
Numerical approximation of non-linear chromatographic models considering Bi-Langmuir isotherm
Thermo-economic analysis and optimization of the steam absorption chiller network plant
Experimental study on the correlation of subcooled boiling flow in horizontal tubes
Effects of K2CO3 and Ca(OH)2 on CO2 gasification of char with high alkali and alkaline earth metal content and study of different kinetic models
Thermodynamic analysis of absorption cooling system with LiBr-Al2O3/water nanofluid using solar energy
Comparative analysis of a flat solar collector and flat solar collector with chemical coating
Nucleate pool boiling heat transfer: Review of models and bubble dynamics parameters
The finite element method analysis of temperature distribution of the FAMA electron cyclotron resonance mini-oven
Monitoring the efficiency of cooling air at the inlet of gas engine in integrated energy system
Experimental investigation of using graphene nanoplatelets and hybrid nanofluid as coolant in photovoltaic thermal systems
Division of paraffin melting zone based on multiscale experiments
Researches on leakage with lubricating oil using a composite multi-phase lattice Boltzmann method
A computational method to solve for the heat conduction temperature field based on data-driven approach
Numerical simulation on the emission of NOx from the combustion of natural gas in the sidewall burner
Thermodynamic model and kinetic compensation effect of oil sludge pyrolysis based on thermogravimetric analysis
Thermal performance analysis and optimization design of dry type air core reactor with the double rain cover
Taylor-Couette flow with mixed convection heat transfer and variable properties in a horizontal annular pipe
Sintering temperature influence on grains function distribution by neural network application
Determination of the drag coefficient of lattice structures under wind load using porous media approach
Gravimetric and instrumental methods comparison for experimental determination of carbonate carbon content in solid mineral fuels
Chemical kinetic analysis of in-cylinder ion current generation under direct water injection within internal combustion Rankine cycle engine
Effects of ethanol port injection timing and delivery rate on combustion characteristic of a heavy-duty V-12 diesel engine
Thermal-mechanical characteristics of stationary and pulsating gas-flows in a gas-dynamic system: In relation the exhaust system of an engine
Numerical method and analysis of a tube indirect evaporative cooler
Numerical study on flame and emission characteristics of a small flue gas self-circulation diesel burner with different spray cone angles

Issue 1B

Original Scientific Papers

Collection of original scientific papers
Urban contamination assessment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons released from an oil refinery in Rawalpindi
Effect of induced magnetic field on non-Newtonian nanofluid Al2O3 motion through boundary-layer with gyrotactic microorganisms
Computational study of laminar free convection inside tilting irregular cavity of a batch-type solar collector
Analysis of joule heating and generalized slip flow in ferromagnetic nanoparticles in a curved channel using Cattaneo-Christov heat flux theory
Experimental study on novel pulsating heat pipe radiator for horizontal CPU cooling under different wind speeds
Nanoparticle shape effect on the natural-convection heat transfer of hybrid nanofluid inside a U-shaped enclosure
Numerical assessment on heat transfer performance of double-layered oblique fins micro-channel heat sink with Al2O3 nanofluid
Numerical study on the flow and heat transfer of water-based Al2O3 forced pulsating nanofluids based on self-excited oscillation chamber structure
Assessment of predictive models for the estimation of heat consumption in kindergartens
Study of fractal based oxygen adsorption experiment of porous coal
Insight into chemical reaction kinetics effects on thermal ablation of charring material
Effect of condensate flow rate, surface tension, density and vapor velocity on condensate retention of wire wrapped tubes
Thermal-hydraulic performance of TiO2-water nanofluids in an offset strip fin heat exchanger
Parameters of liquid cooling thermal management system effect on the Li-ion battery temperature distribution
Comparison of mathematical models to estimate the thermal conductivity of TiO2-water based nanofluid: A review
Characteristics of moisture release from layers of forest fuels with typical fire extinguishing agents
Improved incompressible SPH method for natural-convection from heated T-open pipe of Al2O3-water nanofluid in a cavity: Buongiorno’s two-phase model
Thermal analysis and parametric optimization of plate fin heat sinks under forced air convection
Thermal performance prediction of heat pipe with TiO2 nanofluids using RSM
Optimization of the real conversion efficiency of waste cooking oil to fame
Research on convective heat transfer characteristics of Fe3O4 magnetic nanofluids under vertical magnetic field
Intelligent modeling method of energy hub based on directed multi-graph
Design and thermal-hydraulic optimization of a shell and tube heat exchanger using bees algorithm
Improving design and operating parameters of the recuperator for waste heat recovery from rotary kilns
Numerical study on flow and heat transfer performance of serpentine parallel flow channels in a high voltage heater system
Thermal radiation and magnetohydrodynamics flow over a black isothermal plate
Research on the influence of different obstacle structures on the energy distribution characteristics of pulse detonation gas
Detailed comparison of the performance between a simple and a modified mono-block-layer-built type solid oxide fuel cell
An experiment to assess the heat transfer performance of thermoelectric-driven conditioned mattress
Experimental and numerical investigation of thermal and flow conditions inside a large pharmaceutical storage after the ventilation system failure
Solution of Burgers’ equation appears in fluid mechanics by multistage optimal homotopy asymptotic method


Corrigendum: Numerical analysis of flow and heat transfer in a thin film along an unsteady stretching cylinder