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Thermal Science Archive [[volume 23, year 2019, Supplement 3]]

Supplement 3: Advanced Computational Methods for Linear and Non-linear Heat and Fluid-Flow, Selected Papers

From the Guest Editors

Preface from the Guest Editors
From the Guest Editors, 2019, Supplement 3

Selected Papers

Selection of papers on the topics of advanced computational methods for linear and non-linear heat and fluid-flow
Application of a new single staggered grid method to the heat transfer problems
Derivation and soliton dynamics of a new non-isospectral and variable-coefficient system
Numerical simulation of the temperature fields in the shielding walls of frozen soil with multi-circle-pipe freezing in shaft sinking
Long-term creep behavior of deep-buried marble under different confining pressures
Effect of temperature on gas seepage characteristic based on coal-gas interaction model
Numerical simulations of the energy-stable scheme for Swift-Hohenberg equation
Inverse scattering transform for a supersymmetric Korteweg-de Vries equation
Energy evolution of coal subjected to thermo-gas-mechanical coupling
Numerical modeling of liquid CO2 phase transition blasting based on smoothed particle hydrodynamics algorithm
Applications of the Fourier-like integral transform in the wave and heat-transfer problems
Numerical simulation on downhole flow and temperature fields during drilling with nitrogen jet
A linear finite difference scheme for the generalized dissipative symetric regularized long wave equation with damping
Genetic algorithm-based heat transfer enhancement technique of a protruded micro-channel
New high-order conservative difference scheme for regularized long wave equation with Richardson extrapolation
Roles of adsorption potential and surface free energy on pure CH4 and CO2 adsorption under different temperatures
Numerical investigation on thermal performance and flow characteristics of Z and S shape printed circuit heat exchanger using S-CO2
Analytical solutions of biharmonic equation by the Fourier-Yang integral transform
A non-linear creep constitutive model for salt rock based on fractional derivatives
Determining diffusion coefficients of oxygen in supercritical water with molecular dynamics
The mechanical properties and fractal characteristics of the coal under temperature-gas-confining pressure
Heat transfer on simplified pre-period stage of tunnel fire
The solution of local fractional diffusion equation involving Hilfer fractional derivative
Impact of wetting-drying cycles on dynamic tensile strength of rock
A new non-linear viscoelastic-plastic seepage-creep constitutive model considering the influence of confining pressure
Simulation and safety analysis of the leakage of liquefied hydrogen from high-pressure container
Approximate analytical solutions of non-linear local fractional heat equations
The characteristics of mining induced stress fluctuations in broken rock mass over one kilometer deep coal mine
A new approximate analytical method for a system of fractional differential equations
Analysis and correlation of fluid motions in natural thermal convection in a cylindrical vessel
The dynamic failure mechanism of coal and gas outbursts and response mechanism of support structure
The optimization of pressure controller for deep earth drilling
Roadway supporting technology applied to three soft coal seam at Yanlong mining area in China
The dynamic asymmetric fracture test and determination of the dynamic fracture toughness of large-diameter cracked rock specimens
Fracture evolution and gas transport laws of coal and rock in one kilometer deep coal mine with complicated conditions
Coupled hydro-thermal-mechanical analysis for cold CO2 injection into a deep saline aquifer
Effect of strain rate and high temperature on the tensile mechanical properties of coal sandstone
Hydraulic properties and energy dissipation of deep hard rock under H-M coupling and cycling loads
Coupling effects of porosity and particle size on seepage properties of broken sandstone based on fractional flow equation
A new general fractional-order wave model involving Miller-Ross kernel
Experimental research of loading rate effect on brittle-ductile transition of mudstone under high temperature
Dynamic fracture and energy consumption characteristics of coal-series sandstone after heat treatment
An energy-stable pseudospectral scheme for Swift-Hohenberg equation with its Lyapunov functional
An analytical solution for solving a new general fractional-order model for wave in mining rock
The mechanism of fractured sandstone in compaction creep process
A dilatancy-damage model considering temperature effect for rock salt from unloading path
A new fractional derivative model for the anomalous diffusion problem