International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 28, year 2024, Issue 1]

ISSUE 1A: Original Scientific Papers
ISSUE 1B: Original Scientific Papers

Issue 1A

Original Scientific Papers

Collection of original scientific papers
Thermal studies on heat sinks exposed to solar irradiation
Simulation of flow and heat transfer characteristics of laminated turbine blades with kerosene cooling channels
Improvement of temperature control performance for electric heating water tank
Evaluation of fin configurations for an air-cooled hybrid photovoltaic-thermal solar collector
Design of efficient thermophotovoltaic system based on meta-material narrow-band emitter for space power supply
Study of the water cleaning process by using CFD-DEM method: A case study of coarse filter material
Numerical simulation of heat transfer and flow characteristics for plate fin-and-tube heat exchanger with ring-bridge slit fins
Effect of triangular ribs on the flow and heat transfer characteristics of heat exchanger tube
Simulation and experimental study of buried natural gas pipeline leak detection based on sound source characteristics
High-pressure ignition behaviors of methane/ethane/propane-n-heptane mixtures representing natural gas-diesel dual fuel
Enhancing pool boiling heat transfer of modified surface by 3-D Lattice Boltzmann method
Hydrothermal characteristics of a cold regional tunnel under different climatic scenarios
Energy performance of relatively small sports halls used as public warming shelters
Numerical analysis of gray gas radiation effects on heat and mass transfer in an annular cavity
Enhancement of quick charging and discharging of tes system by PCM mixed with Al2O3 nano particles for EV
Analysing the effects of toluene percentages and exhaust gas re-circulation rates on spark-ignition engine performance and emissions
Performance augmentation and emission reduction in diesel engines using HfC-coated pistons with biodiesel blends
Analysis of interfacial heat transfer coefficients in squeeze casting of AA6061 aluminum alloy with H13 steel die: Impact of section thickness on thermal behavior
Investigation on the enhancement of heat transfer in counterflow double-pipe heat exchanger using nanofluids
The influence of corrugated pipes parameters on heat transfer characteristics
Performance prediction and parametric optimization of γ-type free piston Stirling engine
The use of natural heat of dry hot rocks of the earth with a gas coolant
Heat dissipation effects of different nanocoated lateral fins: An experimental investigation
Experimental study of acoustic streaming induced by a sharp edge at different frequencies and vibrating amplitudes
The TLBO algorithm-based optimal heat transfer parameters prediction of Al2O3 water nanofluids in variable pitch corrugated tube heat exchanger
Analysis of factors influencing heat transfer performance based on ship spray cooling system
Experimental study on heat transfer characteristics of dimpled surface Thermosyphon with Al2O3 nanofluid
Experimental analysis on the performance of photovoltaic module with Al2O3 deionized water nanofluid
Combustion characteristics and migration behavior of nuclides during incineration of low-level radioactive waste
Energy efficient compressed air filtration: An experimental study on the effect of filters selection and configuration on pressure drop

Issue 1B

Original Scientific Papers

Collection of original scientific papers
Performance assessment of PTSC-driven organic Rankine cycle systems integrated with bottoming Kalina and absorption chiller cycles: A parametric study
A review of the application of solid-liquid phase change materials in water heaters
Thermal recovery test for determining the thermal conductivity of the soil
Numerical investigation on the effects of slotted height on performance of louver and slit fins at different fin pitches
Experimental study on flame geometric of horizontal jet fire inpinging a facing wall and side wall
Numerical investigation of turbulent kinetic energy and heat transfer performance of high-power-density permanent magnet synchronous motor
Machine learning methods in forecasting solar photovoltaic energy production
Removal pattern of particulate matter from condensing heat exchanger after wet desulfurization of coal-fired unit
Study on heat transfer of waxy crude oil melting phase change based on a novel model
Thermo-chemical conversion of cigarette butt filters waste through pyrolysis process using thermal analysis techniques
Numerical investigation of heat transfer in spirally coiled corrugated pipes: Assessment of turbulence models
A variable future-time-steps method for solving nonlinear unsteady inverse heat conduction problems
Methodology of experimental optimization of atmospheric burners for household appliances
Experimental and numerical research of the flow inside the control valves trim
Operational characteristics of the combined heat and power plant in the district heating system of Belgrade
Thermal characteristics analysis of medium frequency transformer under multiple working conditions
Micro-channel topology optimization based on enhanced heat transfer mechanism
Kinetic characterization of low velocity positive collision of double droplets
Influence mechanism of local air film holes blockage on cooling efficiency of turbine blades
Low carbon dispatch of the park integrated energy system based on the electric vehicles flexible load storage characteristics
Experimental study on cylindircal particle movement in a slurry pump guide vane
Experimental study of the effect of coal dust on the flame dynamics of partially premixed gas-coal dust explosion in a vertical pressure relief pipe-line
Numerical study using hybrid nanofluid to control heat and mass transfer in a porous media: Application to drying of building bricks
Innovative simulation of Al2O3 nanofluid heat transfer using advanced machine learning methods
Comparative analysis of CFD and ANFIS for predicting heat transfer enhancement in water-Fe2O3 nanofluids across various flow regions
Temperature control of porous media burner based on advanced reduced instruction machine: PID algorithm and embedded processor
Identifying weak areas of urban land use carbon metabolism in high-density city