International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 25, year 2021, Issue 4]

ISSUE 4A: Original Scientific Papers & Open Forum Contribution
ISSUE 4B: Modelling, Simulation and Control of Thermal Energy Systems

Issue 4A

Original Scientific Papers

Thermal management of high temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells by using flattened heat pipes
Application of automatic control furnace for combustion of biomass briquette fuel for tobacco curing
A model based new method for injection rate determination
Turbulence recognition in free convective flow by thermal-video post-processing in the case of a thermal power plant mill
Effective temperature based algorithm for achieving constant quality resistance seam weld
Profitability of corn cob utilization as a fuel in small residential heating appliances
Heat transfer and flow structure through a backward and forward-facing step micro-channels equipped with obstacles
On the temperature and pressure dependences of the effective thermal conductivity of granites
Comparative analysis of numerical computational techniques for determination of the wind turbine aerodynamic performances
Simulation-based design of solar photovoltaic energy generation system for manufacturing support
Hysteresis phenomena in flat-type loop heat pipe
Comparative analysis of a solar trigeneration system based on parabolic trough collectors using graphene and ferrofluid nanoparticles
Three-dimensional simulation of controlled cooling of electronic component by natural and mixed convection
Experimental and numerical investigation of thermal improvement of window frames
Study on the influence of underwear on local thermal and moisture comfort of human body
A kinetic evaluation on NO2 formation in the post-flame region of pressurized oxy-combustion process
Numerical simulation on temperature in wood crib fires
Heat and mass transfer enhancement strategies by impinging jets: A literature review
Direct numerical simulation of triple flames by using 2-D reaction-diffusion manifold tabulation method
Thermal load analysis and control of four-stroke high speed diesel engine
Classification of retrofit measures for residential buildings according to the global cost
Impact of wavy texture and hybridity of nanofluid on heat transfer augmentation over the frustum of cone geometry
Design of thermal power plant modernization and rehabilitation model for the new market demands and challenges
Effect of locally enhanced heat dissipation of the polar on Li-ion power batteries
Effect of combinations of different operating parameters on performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Numerical study of the turbulent natural convection of nanofluids in a partially heated cubic cavity
Investigating the impacts of air quality and weather indicators on the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in Istanbul, Turkey
Investigations on melting and solidification of a battery cooling system using different phase change materials
Research on heat transfer characteristics and borehole field layout of ground heat exchangers to alleviate thermal accumulation with groundwater advection
Analysis of Williamson nanofluid with velocity and thermal slips past over a stretching sheet by Lobatto IIIA numerically
Numerical investigation of heat and flow characteristics in a laminar flow past two tandem cylinders
Effects of injection timing on combustion performance and emissions in a diesel engine burning biodiesel blended with methanol

Open Forum

Open forum contribution
A critical review on heat and mass transfer modelling of viral infection and virion evolution: The case of SARS-CoV2


Corrigendum: Thermodynamic performance of ammonia in liquefied natural gas precooling cycle

Issue 4B

Issue Guest Editor
Zhenyu Du, Information Technology and Industrial Engineering Research Center, Hong Kong, China

Modelling, Simulation and Control of Thermal Energy Systems

Original scientific papers
Improving thermal control efficiency of solar energy utilization based on at series single-chip microcomputer
Constant temperature control system of building energy system
Modelling and control of solar thermal power generation network in smart grid
Analysis and research on optimal economic operation of cogeneration micro-grid based on heat pump control
Thermal energy constant temperature control system of building energy system based on dynamic analysis method
Architecture and application of intelligent heating network system based on cloud computing platform
Modelling and optimal control of energy-saving-oriented automotive engine thermal management system
Modelling and simulation of solar thermal power generation network
Solar thermal control efficiency based on at series micro-controller
System optimization of thermal management performance of fuel cell system for automobile
Optimization and control of fuel cell thermal management system based on neural network
Thermal energy control in building energy heating system based on building information modelling
Superheated steam temperature system of thermal power control engineering based on neural network local multi-model prediction
Calculation accuracy of mathematical homogenization method for thermo-mechanical coupling problems
Thermal station modelling and optimal control based on deep learning
Optimization of fuel cell thermal management system based on back propagation neural network
Data modelling and simulation control of steam heat circulation system in coal-fired power plant
Analysis of a permanent magnet DC motor explosion-removal robot system based on thermal energy optimization control
Cogeneration and heat exchanger control system based on clean energy
Analysis of winding temperature field under dynamic variable load of oil-immersed transformer
Application of solar heating system in high-tech enterprises under the photovoltaic industry chain
Evaluation of vehicle engine thermal energy system detection effect based on target detection algorithm
Analysis of influence of the solar window's thermal characteristics on thermal stability of optical communication antennas
Investigation of thermal mechanical coupling numerical simulation and theoretical study of k-shaped combined metal seal of downhole flow control valve
Solar thermal control system based on variable frequency heat exchanger control technology
Thermal energy data monitoring system based on data collection of thermal metering equipment of internet of things
Fuel cell thermal management system based on microbial fuel cell 3-D multi-phase flow numerical model
Fatigue evaluation of hot spot stress in fatigue vulnerable area of bridge deck structure based on thermal energy modelling
The influence of rural building energy saving design on clean energy heating in winter
Technical economic model of energy utilization and energy saving for central heating system
Thermal energy control in building energy system
Modelling and combustion optimization of coal-fired heating boiler based on thermal network
Automatic control system of boiler thermal energy in thermal power plant based on artificial intelligence technology
Error analysis system of industrial steam heat flow based on neural network computer simulation
Key technologies for energy saving and emission reduction of heating furnaces in petrochemical plants
Thermal simulation model of aero-engine blade material forging simulation
Thermal control system based on ant colony algorithm
Development and application of thermal calculation software for boiler furnace
Thermo-mechanical coupling analysis and software development
Economical research on optimizing heating parameters of steam heating condensate recovery in thermal power plants