International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 24, year 2020, Supplement 1]

Heat and Mass Transfer Phenomena and Relevant Engineering Applications

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Heat and Mass Transfer Phenomena and Relevant Engineering Applications

Modeling and analysis of the impact of exothermic catalytic chemical reaction and viscous dissipation on natural convection flow driven along a curved surface
Surface temperature and free-stream velocity oscillation effects on mixed convention slip flow from surface of a horizontal circular cylinder
Numerical solution for time period of simple pendulum with large angle
Numerical simulation of flow field in chemical vapor reactor for nanoparticle synthesized
Entanglement and geometric phase of the coherent field interacting with a three two-level atoms in the presence of non-linear terms
Numerical computation of the time non-linear fractional generalized equal width model arising in shallow water channel
Solution of Lord-Shulmans and dual-phase-lag theories problem on a photothermal rotational semiconductor medium with voids and initial stress
Goodness-of-fit tests for the beta Gompertz distribution
Oldroyd-B nanofluid-flow between stretching disks with thermal slip and multiple flow features
Application of local meshless method for the solution of two term time fractional-order multi-dimensional PDE arising in heat and mass transfer
The generalized Gegenbauer-Humberts wavelet for solving fractional differential equations
A Jacobi wavelet collocation method for fractional fisher's equation in time
Forecasting under applying machine learning and statistical models
Effect of nuclear magnetic distribution on the photo production of longitudinally polarized lepton-pairs in the field of Na2311 and Al2713 nuclei
Investigation the effect of sox emission reduction on transit ships emissions as of January 1, 2020
Solving time-fractional chemical engineering equations by generalized differential transform method
Accelerated competing risks model from Gompertz lifetime distributions with type-II censoring scheme
Influence of classical field on entanglement and photon statistics of n-level atom interacting with a two two-level atom
Analysis of the effects of CO2 emissions sourced by commercial marine fleet by using energy efficiency design index
An investigation of new quicker implicit iterations in hyperbolic spaces
Hypercomplex systems and non-Gaussian stochastic solutions of χ-Wick-type (3+1)-dimensional modified Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equation
Periodic mixed convection flow along the surface of a thermally and electrically conducting cone
Entanglement and geometric phase of the coherent field interacting with a three two-level atoms in the presence of non-linear terms
New optical explicit plethora of the resonant Schrodinger's equation via two recent computational schemes
Numerical study on the boiling heat transfer induced by two heated plates
Heat and mass transfer of oils in baffled and finned ducts
Lattice boltzmann simulation of boiling heat transfer in a shear flow
Magnetic field on surface waves propagation in gravitational thermoelastic media with two temperature and initial stress in the context of three theories
Exploring the affiliation between teachers' professional development and students' academic performance in higher education in China
Analytical solutions to contact problem with fractional derivatives in the sense of Caputo
Entanglement of thermal state of quantum annealing processor
Exact solutions of the cubic Boussinesq and the coupled Higgs system
New analytical solutions of heat transfer flow of clay-water base nanoparticles with the application of novel hybrid fractional derivative
Thermal analysis of magnetohydrodynamic viscous fluid with innovative fractional derivative
Determination of source term for fractional heat equation on the sphere
Fixed point theorem for compatible mappings in intuitionistic fuzzy 3-metric spaces
Non-linear heat conduction with ramped surface heating ramp surface heating and approximate solution
Review of total emission of transit Shipsin the Dardanelle which including possible CO2 emission of 1915 Canakkale Bridge
Affine rotation surfaces of elliptic type in Affine 3-space
Simulating the strategies of oil field development for enhanced oil recovery
A review study on micro fluid chips for enhancing the oil recovery by injecting the chemical floods