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In this paper is investigating the theory of generalized thermoelasticity under two temperature is used to solve boundary value problems of 2-D half-space its bound­ary with different types of heating under gravity effect. The governing equations are solved using new mathematical methods under the context of Lord-Shulman, Green-Naghdi theory of type III (G-N III) and the three-phase-lag model to inves­tigate the surface waves in an isotropic elastic medium subjected to gravity field, magnetic field, and initial stress. The general solution obtained is applied to a spe­cific problem of a half-space and the interaction with each other under the influence of gravity. The physical domain by using the harmonic vibrations is used to obtain the exact expressions for the Waves velocity and attenuation coefficients for Stoneley waves, Love waves, and Rayleigh waves. Comparisons are made with the results between the three theories. Numerical work is also performed for a suitable material with the aim of illustrating the results. The results obtained are calculated numerical­ly and presented graphically with some comparisons in the absence and the presence the influence of gravity, initial stress and magnetic field. It clears that the results ob­tained agree with the physical practical results and agree with the previous results if the gravity, two temperature, and initial stress neglect as special case from this study.
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PAPER ACCEPTED: 2020-06-26
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THERMAL SCIENCE YEAR 2020, VOLUME 24, ISSUE Supplement 1, PAGES [S285 - S299]
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