International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 25, year 2021, Issue 5]

ISSUE 5B: Original scientific papers

Issue 5A


Thermal Research Concerning Application in Energy Conversion, Conservation and Utilization
Guest Editor
Prof. Zhongliang Liu, College of Environmental and Energy Engineering, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China
Prediction of heating load fluctuation based on fuzzy information granulation and support vector machine
Distribution law for the danger area for spontaneous coal combustion in a dynamic goaf with low air leakage speed
Research on key technology and application of flexibility transformation of heating unit to improve clean energy consumption capacity
Study on temperature field of thermal cracking drilling flow field under the condition of bottom hole submerged jet
Structure design and thermal-hydraulic performances study on tube-on-sheet heat exchanger
Effect of eccentricity on radial force and cavitation characteristics in the reactor coolant pump
Thermal performance analysis of electric vehicle charging connectors
Study on the oxidation and heating characteristics of residual coal in goafs under different air-leakage conditions
A method based on ejector technology to suppress the infrared radiation of the special vehicle exhaust gas
Influence of different pumping and recharging schemes on regional groundwater drawdown in groundwater heat pump project: A case in Anhui Fuyang People’s Hospital
Experimental study on the thermal damage characteristics of cement stone
Fault diagnosis analysis and health management of thermal performance of multi-source data fusion equipment based on fog computing model
Numerical simulation and experimental verification of stability on multi-cavity spiral cascade heat transfer system
Simplified logistics model and its application in process simulation
Numerical study on aerothermal performance of shroud movement in the vivinity of turbine tips
Analysis of rock cracking characteristics during pyrolysis drilling
Simulation of fire smoke disaster in a goaf during the closure process
Combustion characteristics of and bench test on a mixture of gasoline and alternative fuel
Application and effect analysis of heating system based on tri-network joint regulation and control technology


Phase change, Nanofluids, Boiling, Compact Heat Exchanges, Gas-Particle Mixtures, Analytical Mathematical Methods, etc.
Numerical investigation of molten salt-based nanofluid laminar heat transfer in a circular tube using Eulerian-Lagrangian method
Collisions of water drops in a gas-vapor environment at high temperatures and vapor concentrations
Experimental investigation of solar compound parabolic collector using Al2O3/H2O nanofluid in a subtropical climate
The 2-D plasma thermal jet simulations with substrate interaction
Performance analysis and optimization of rectangular fin arrays used in plate-fin heat exchangers
A temperature-pressure coupling model for predicting gas temperature profile in gas drilling
Research on heat transfer characteristics of flow in tube of water-based nanofluids
Hybrid Al2O3-Cu/water nanofluid flow and heat transfer over vertical double forward-facing step
Multi-objective optimization of three rows of film cooling holes by genetic algorithm
Semi-derivative integral method to transient heat conduction: Time-dependent (power-law) temperature boundary conditions
Heat exchange in steam generator with low-boiling point fluid
Determination and measurement of some thermophysical properties of nanofluids and comparison with literature studies
Investigation on the characteristics of single-phase gas explosion and gas-coal dust coupling explosion in bifurcated tubes
Flat plate solar water heater with closed-loop oscillating heat pipes


Corrigendum : Entanglement and geometric phase of the coherent field interacting with a three two-level atoms in the presence of non-linear terms by Eman Hilal, Sadah Alkhateeb, Sayed Abdel-Khalek, Eied M. Khalil, and Amjaad Almowalled

Issue 5B

Original scientific papers

Selection of original scientific papers
Analysis of entropy generation minimization in flow of Ree-Eyring nanofluid between two coaxially rotating disks
Numerical investigation of the performance of perforated baffles in a plate-fin heat exchanger
Thermodynamic analysis of carbon formation conditions in a steam methane reforming process
Simulation analysis and optimization research on cooling and dehumidifying effects for evaporator
Numerical study for mixed convection flow of Oldroyd-B nanofluid subject to activation energy and binary chemical reaction
Exergy-based performance analysis and evaluation of a dual-diesel cycle engine
Entropy analysis in ciliated inclined channel filled with hydromagnetic Williamson fluid flow induced by metachronal waves
Natural-convection of Newtonian fluids between two concentric cylinders of a special cross-sectional form
Determining of geometrical characteristic parameters of particle fractal aggregates from light scattering measurement signals
Impact of double-diffusion and second order slip on convection of chemically reacting Oldroyd-B liquid with Cattaneo-Christov dual flux
Modeling of soot particle collision and growth paths in gas-solid two-phase flow
Experimental evaluation of proposed multi-layered structure fire test methodology
Optical study on needle lift and its effects on reacting diesel sprays of a single hole solenoid injector
Effect of parameters on thermal and fluid-flow behavior of battery thermal management system
Analytical determination and validation by finite elements method of hydrogen weld of carbon steel after post-heating
The influence of the hydrogen injection timing on the internal combustion engine working cycle
Analysis of the estimated remaining service life of gas rectification columns
Modeling of post-injection strategies of ethanol and experimental analysis of the use of ethanol in the form of dual fuel and emulsion in diesel engine
The influence of an active microclimate liquid-cooled vest on heat strain alleviation
Numerical evaluation of thermal stresses generated in laminated composite structure exposed to low temperatures
Analysis of temperature variations in fixed-bed columns using non-isothermal and non-equilibrium transport model
Modeling and optimization of a chilled-water cooling system with multiple chillers
Estimation of the energy of detonation initiation in a hydrogen-oxygen mixture by a high-velocity projectile
Microscopic experimental study on acoustic agglomeration of the droplets on wall
Using artificial neural network for predicting heat transfer coefficient during flow boiling in an inclined channel
Environmental tests of vapor compression heat pump for space applications
Thermodynamic performance analysis of supercritical CO2 Brayton cycle
Drying characteristics of sludge in a rotary drum for fast-drying application
Investigations of near-wall bubble behavior in wire heaters pool boiling
Optimization and sensitivity analyses of a combined cooling, heat and power system for a residential building
A linearized non-isothermal general rate model for studying thermal effects in liquid chromatographic columns