International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 21, year 2017, Issue 6]

Issue 6A: Regular Issue: 35 original scientific papers
Issue 6B: Regular Issue: 33 original scientific papers

Issue 6A

Part One: Issue 6A

Original scientific papers
High-resolution air temperature mapping in urban areas: A review on different modelling techniques
Estimation of radiative parameters in participating media using shuffled frog leaping algorithm
Solutions of Cattaneo-Hristov model of elastic heat diffusion with Caputo-Fabrizio and Atangana-Baleanu fractional derivatives
Exact traveling-wave solutions for linear and nonlinear heat-transfer equations
Unsteady free convection flow of a micropolar fluid with Newtonian heating: Closed form solution
Non parabolic interface motion for the 1-D Stefan problem: Dirichlet boundary conditions
Time-space dependent fractional viscoelastic MHD fluid flow and heat transfer over accelerating plate with slip boundary
Bioconvection heat transfer of a nanofluid over a stretching sheet with velocity slip and temperature jump
Diffusion of chemically reactive species of a Maxwell fluid due to an unsteady stretching sheet with slip effect
Thin film flow over an unsteady stretching sheet with thermocapillarity in presence of magnetic field
Characteristics of heat transfer and pressure drop in a chevron-type plate heat exchanger with Al2O3/water nanofluids
Characterization and statistical modelling of thermal resistance of cotton/polyester blended double layer interlock knitted fabrics
Numerical investigation of turbulent flow and heat transfer over partially open cavities: Effect of opening ratio
Forced convection in a self heating porous channel: Local thermal nonequilibium model
Study of convection heat transfer enhancement inside lid driven cavity utilizing fins and nanofluid
Periodically fully developed laminar flow and heat transfer in a two-dimensional horizontal channel with staggered fins
Effect of the non condensable gas type during condensation of water vapor
Experimental study on heat transfer characteristics of a modified two-phase closed thermosyphon
An analytical model on thermal performance evaluation of counter flow wet cooling tower
Laminar aiding and opposing mixed convection in a vertical channel with an asymmetric discrete heating at one wall
Melting/solidification characteristics of paraffin based nanocomposite for thermal energy storage applications
Charging-discharging characteristics of macro-encapsulated phase change materials in an active thermal energy storage system for a solar drying kiln
Experimental study on burning behaviors of liquid fuels with different sooting levels at high altitude
Computational fluid dynamics modeling patterns and force characteristics of flow over in-line four square cylinders
Thermal conditions for stopping pyrolysis of forest combustible material and applications to firefighting
On triply diffusive convection in completely confined fluids
Experimental investigations of effect of sound waves on oscillation and startup characteristics of oscillating heat pipe at different orientations
Hall current and joule heating effects on free convection flow of a nanofluid over a vertical cone in presence of thermal radiation
Energy and exergy analysis of a combined refrigeration and waste heat driven organic Rankine cycle system
Energy efficiency comparison between geothermal power systems
Buoyancy-induced convection of water-based nanofluids in differentially-heated horizontal semi-annuli
Thermal analysis and modeling of a swimming pool heating system by utilizing waste energy rejected from a chiller unit of an ice rink

Issue 6B

Part Two: Issue 6B

Original scientific papers
Key design features of multi-vacuum glazing for windows: A review
Singularly perturbed Burgers-Huxley equation by a Meshless method
Non-parabolic interface motion for the one-dimensional Stefan problem: Neumann boundary conditions
On heat transfer of weakly compressible power-law flows
Numerical solution for thermophoresis effects on heat and mass transfer over an accelerating surface with heat source/sink
MHD mixed convection slip flow near a stagnation-point on a non-linearly vertical stretching sheet in the presence of viscous dissipation
Numerical analysis of Sakiadis flow problem considering Maxwell nanofluid
Performance enhancement studies in a thermosyphon flat plate solar water heater with CuO nanofluid
Numerical simulation of thermal efficiency of an innovative Al2O3 nanofluid solar thermal collector: Influence of nanoparticles concentration
Influence of nonliner convection and thermophoresis on heat and mass transfer from a rotating cone to fluid flow in porous medium
Similarity method for boundary-layer flow of a non-Newtonian viscous fluid at a convectively heated surface
Effect of the phase change material in a solar receiver on thermal performance of parabolic dish collector
Exergy analysis of a vacuum tube solar collector system having indirect working principle
Experimental studies on the hybrid system of heat and cold production from solar energy
Modeling of photovoltaic modules using a gray-box neural network approach
Determination of the potential energy surfaces of refrigerant mixtures and their gas transport coefficients
Modeling and identification of heat exchanger process using least squares support vector machines
Performance comparison of various coolants for louvered fin tube automotive radiator
Computational fluid dynamic analysis on the effect of particles density and body diameter in a tangential inlet cyclone heat exchanger
New opportunities for ventilation assistance in buildings under Saharan climatic conditions
Analysis of heat transfer coefficient of rammed earth wall in traditional houses in Vojvodina
A method to estimate savings of led lighting instalation in public buildings: The case study of secondary schools in Serbia
Application of the double skin façade in rehabilitation of the industrial buildings in Serbia
Techno-economic evaluation of residue exhaustion in batch rectification ethanol production plant
Boiling in volume of low temperature droplets of dispersed phase of liquid emulsions
Thermal resistance of rotating closed-loop pulsating heat pipes: Effects of working fluids and internal diameters
Study of decay characteristics of rectangular and elliptical supersonic jets
Study of the effect of using duct burner on the functional parameters of the two repowered cycles through exergy analysis
The applicability of CFD to simulate and study the mixing process and the thermo-hydraulic consequences of a main steam line break in PWR model
Numerical aerodynamic-thermal-structural analyses of missile fin configuration during supersonic flight conditions
Corrigendum of the paper "The effect of variable magnetic field on heat transfer and flow analysis of unsteady squeezing nanofluid flow between parallel plates using Galerkin" (10.2298/TSCI160524180R)