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In this study, MHD mixed convection stagnation-point flow toward a non-linearly stretching vertical sheet in the presence of thermal radiation and viscous dissipation is numerically analyzed. The partial momentum and heat transfer equation are transformed into a set of ordinary differential equations by employing suitable similarity transformations. Using the Runge-Kutta Fehlberg fourth-fifth order method, numerical calculations to the desired level of accuracy are obtained for different values of dimensionless parameters. The results are presented graphically and in tabular form. The results for special cases are also compared to those obtained by other investigators and excellent agreements were observed. The effect of injection on the MHD mixed slip flow near a stagnation-point on a non-linearly vertical stretching sheet is to enhance the velocity field which results from the suppression of the skin friction on the wall surface. The heat transfer rate at the surface increases with increasing values of the non-linearity parameter. The velocity and thermal boundary-layer thicknesses are found to be decreasing with increasing values of the non-linearity parameter.
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PAPER ACCEPTED: 2015-12-21
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THERMAL SCIENCE YEAR 2017, VOLUME 21, ISSUE Issue 6, PAGES [2731 - 2745]
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