International Scientific Journal

VOLUME 21 - YEAR 2017

Issue 1A: Special collection of articles on the subjects of "Contemporary Modelling Methods in Heat, Mass and Fluid Flow" and "Heat and Mass Transfer and Fluid Flow in Different Fields of Application"
Issue 1B: Special collection of papers devoted to the processes in internal combustion engine
Selection of papers on contemporary modelling methods in heat, mass and fluid flow as well as a selection of papers on heat and mass transfer processes in flow of different non-Newtonian fluids under different conditions, use of photovoltaics, pyrolysis and combustion of different fuels in power production
Regular issue: 35 original scientific papers and an Open Forum article
Issue: Mathematical models for thermal science
Regular issue: 35 original scientific papers
Issue 6A: Regular Issue: 35 original scientific papers
Issue 6B: Regular Issue: 33 original scientific papers
Special Issue: Advanced Computational Methods for Linear and Non-linear Heat and Fluid Flow
Supplement 2: Renewable and Sustainable Energy
Supplement 3: Papers presented at the Turbulence Workshop - International Symposium held at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from August 31 to September 2, 2015