International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 21, year 2017, Supplement 1]

Special Issue: Advanced Computational Methods for Linear and Non-linear Heat and Fluid Flow

From the Guest Editors

Introductory words from the guest editors

The theory and methods for heat flow

The theory and methods for heat flow
General fractional-order anomalous diffusion with non-singular power-law kernel
General fractional calculus in non-singular power-law kernel applied to model anomalous diffusion phenomena in heat transfer problems
Human transient response under local thermal stimulation
Fractal analysis for heat extraction in geothermal system
Numerical study of heat transfer enhancement due to the use of fractal-shaped design for impingement cooling
Temperature field distribution of coal seam in heat injection
Analytical solution for the 1-D heat transfer equations with radiative loss
A variational iteration method integral transform technique for handling heat transfer problems
The Fourier-Yang integral transform for solving the 1-D heat diffusion equation
Analytical solutions of linear diffusion and wave equations in semi-infinite domains by using a new integral transform
New integral transforms for solving a steady heat transfer problem
A differential-integral transform method for solving the 1-D heat diffusion equation
Validation of accuracy and stability of numerical simulation for 2-D heat transfer system by an entropy production approach
An integral transform applied to solve the steady heat transfer problem in the half-plane
Solutions of the heat-conduction model described by fractional Emden-Fowler type equation
A spatial structural derivative model for ultraslow diffusion

The theory and methods for fluid flow

The theory and methods for fluid flow
A new technique for solving the 1-D burgers equation
New multi-soliton solutions of Whitham-Broer-Kaup shallow-water-wave equations
Shallow water waves in porous medium for coast protection
Inverse scattering transform for a new non-isospectral integrable non-linear AKNS model
Numerical investigation of condensing flow of low pressure steam turbine at different flow rate conditions
New periodic wave solutions of (3+1)-dimensional soliton equation
Transient pressure and productivity analysis in carbonate geothermal reservoirs with changing external boundary flux
Investigation on steady and unsteady performance of a SCO2 centrifugal compressor with splitters
Lattice Boltzmann simulation of fluid flow induced by thermal effect in heterogeneity porous media
Numerical investigation on dynamic characteristics of hydrodynamic bearing
Approximate solution for burgers equation with local fractional derivative by Yang-Laplace decomposition method
Investigation on the drag coefficient of supercritical water flow past sphere-particle at low reynolds numbers

The topics involving heat and fluid flow and others

The topics involving heat and fluid flow and others
A non-differentiable solution for the local fractional telegraph equation
Applications of a novel integral transform to the convection-dispersion equations
Coal permeability and crack distribution characteristics in unloading confining pressure experiments under different water pressures
Steady-state stress analysis in a supercritical CO2 radial-inflow impeller using fluid solid interaction
A fully coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical model associated with inertia and slip effects
A prediction method of temperature distribution and thermal stress for the throttle turbine rotor and its application
Analysis of gas migration patterns in fractured coal rocks under actual mining conditions
Topological representation of the porous structure and its evolution of reservoir sandstone under excavation-induced loads
A new theoretical model for guiding the gas extraction in coal mines
Crack closure and initiation stresses of coal subjected to thermo-gas-mechanical coupling
Multi-objective optimization on supercritical CO2 recompression brayton cycle using Kriging surrogate model
General fractional calculus operators containing the generalized Mittag-Leffler functions applied to anomalous relaxation
Influence of water-soaking time on the acoustic emission characteristics and spatial fractal dimensions of coal under uniaxial compression
On linear viscoelasticity within general fractional derivatives without singular kernel
Variable-order fractional creep model of mudstone under high-temperature
Effect of cyclic temperature impact on coal seam permeability