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This paper addresses the mechanical behavior and permeability characteristics of the unloading coal under different water pressures in the TOP2518-comprehensive- rock-testing system. With the use of the computed tomography scan tests, the 3-D crack distribution characteristics of the fractured coal are obtained and reconstructed. The difference in the 3-D crack distribution of unloading coal induced by different water pressures is also analyzed in detail. The results show that, as the water pressure changes from 0 MPa to 8 MPa, the peak stress of unloading coal gradually decreases, and that the variation degree of permeability of the coal samples increases significantly comparing with the initial permeability.
PAPER REVISED: 2017-05-01
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2017-05-26
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THERMAL SCIENCE YEAR 2017, VOLUME 21, ISSUE Supplement 1, PAGES [S241 - S249]
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