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Thermal Science Archive [volume 21, year 2017, Issue 3]

Regular issue: 35 original scientific papers and an Open Forum article

Original Scientific Papers

Original Scientific Papers
Fractional derivatives of constant and variable orders applied to anomalous relaxation models in heat transfer problems
Lattice Boltzmann Method and diffusion in materials with large diffusivity ratios
Free convection in wavy porous enclosures with non-uniform temperature boundary conditions filled with a nanofluid: Buongiorno’s mathematical model
Application and testing of a new simple experimental set-up for thermal conductivity measurements of liquids
Numerical investigation of steady-state thermal behavior of an infrared detector cryo chamber
Transient analytical solution of temperature distribution and fracture limits in pulsed solid-state laser rod
Analytical solution of transient temperature in continuous wave end-pumped laser slab: Reduction of temperature distribution and time of thermal response
Empirical mapping of the convective heat transfer coefficients with local hot spots on highly conductive surfaces
Numerical simulation of the formation and the dripping of droplet in the Electroslag Remelting process
Heat-transfer characteristics of ammonia-water falling film generation outside a vertical tube
Thermomagnetic convection of a magnetic nanofluid influenced by a magnetic field
Simulation of natural convection heat transfer using nanofluid in a concentric annulus
A numerically research on energy loss evaluation in a centrifugal pump system based on local entropy production method
Three-dimensional finite element simulation of residual stresses in UIC60 rails during the quenching process
Thermohydraulic performance comparision of compound inserts for a turbulent flow through a circular tube
Experimental and numerical analysis of convective heat losses from spherical cavity receiver of solar concentrator
Review of investigations in eco-friendly thermoacoustic refrigeration system
Experimental studies on improvement of coefficient of performance of window air conditioning unit
Impact of coupled heat and moisture transfer effects on buildings energy consuption
Two-dimensional mathematical model for simulation of the drying process of thick layers of natural materials in a conveyor-belt dryer
Analysis of ratio of global to extra-terrestrial radiation (clearness index) at some tropical locations in India
The impact of Mediterranean oscillations on periodicity and trend of temperature in the valley of the Nisava River: A fourier and wavelet approach
Influence of the shape of soaring particle based on coal-water slurry containing petrochemicals on ignition characteristics
Optimization for energy consumption in drying section of fluting paper machine
An experimental study on crib fires in a closed compartment
Experimental analysis of the influence of air-flow rate on wheat straw combustion in a fixed bed
An experimental study on the effects of swirling oxidizer flow and diameter of fuel nozzle on behaviour and light emittance of propane-oxygen non-premixed flame
Experimental and numerical investigation of flame characteristics during swirl burner operation under conventional and oxy-fuel conditions
Condensation inside smooth horizontal tubes: Part 2. Improvement of heat exchange prediction
Experimental and numerical investigation of coolant mixing in a model of reactor pressure vessel down-comer and in cold leg inlets
An approximate estimation of velocity profiles and turbulence factor models for air-flows along the exterior of TEFC induction motors
Novel approach to analytical modelling of steady-state heat transfer from the exterior of TEFC induction motors
Aerodynamic shape optimization of guided missile based on wind tunnel testing and computational fluid dynamics simulation

Open Forum

Open Forum Papers
Multiple integral-balance method: Basic idea and an example with Mullin’s model of thermal grooving


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