International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 21, year 2017, Issue 5]

Regular issue: 35 original scientific papers

Original Scientific Papers

Original Scientific Papers
Valorization of potentials of wind energy in Montenegro
Energy consumption and equivalent emission of CO2 at wood pellets production in Serbia
Incentive policies for coal plants in Turkey
Importance of on-time decision making in energy sector based on perspectives: Case study new Stavalj project
The effect of reactor height on coal gasification
Experimental analysis and computational fluid dynamics simulations for heat transfer in sound assisted fluidized bed of fine powders
Exergoeconomic analysis of a fluidized bed coal combustion steam power plant
Computational fluid dynamics simulation of indoor climate in low energy buildings: Computational set up
An analytical method for defining the pump`s power optimum of a water-to-water heat pump heating system using COP
Effect of non-uniform temperature distribution on surface absorption receiver in parabolic dish solar concentrator
Glass packing materials used for intensification of heat transfer at boiling on tubular surfaces
Charicterization and investigation of heat transfer enhancement in pool boiling with water-ZnO nanofluid
He’s fractional derivative and its application for fractional Fornberg-Whitham equation
The effect of variable magnetic field on heat transfer and flow analysis of unsteady squeezing nanofluid flow between parallel plates using Galerkin method
Homotopy perturbation method to MHD non-Newtonian nanofluid flow through a porous medium in eccentric annuli with peristalsis
MHD effect on nanofluid with energy and hydrothermal behavior between two collateral plates: Application of new semi analytical technique
Flow and heat transfer of MHD graphene oxide-water nanofluid between two non-parallel walls
Magnetic field effect on convective heat transfer in corrugated flow channel
Numerical analysis of forced convection heat transfer from two tandem circular cylinders embedded in a porous medium
Numerical investigation of laminar forced convection heat transfer in rectangular channels with different block geometries using nano-fluids
Oblique stagnation point flow of a non-Newtonian nanofluid over stretching surface with radiation: A numerical study
On combined effect of thermal radiation and viscous dissipation in hydromagnetic micropolar fluid flow between two stretchable disks
An efficient spectral solution for unsteady boundary-layer flow and heat transfer due to a stretching sheet
The melt/shrink effect of low density thermoplastics insulates: Cone calorimeter tests
Thermal management evaluation of the complex electro-optical system
Numerical analysis of mixed convection characteristics inside a ventilated cavity including the effects of nanoparticle suspensions
Laminar forced convection in a cylindrical collinear ohmic sterilizer
Evaluation of nanofluids performance for simulated microprocessor
Graphene oxide-loaded shortening as an environmentally friendly heat transfer fluid with high thermal conductivity
Heat conduction in convectively cooled eccentric spherical annuli: A boundary integral moment method