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Thermal Science Archive [volume 21, year 2017, Issue 1]

Issue 1A: Special collection of articles on the subjects of "Contemporary Modelling Methods in Heat, Mass and Fluid Flow" and "Heat and Mass Transfer and Fluid Flow in Different Fields of Application"
Issue 1B: Special collection of papers devoted to the processes in internal combustion engine

Issue 1A

Special collection of articles on the subjects of "Contemporary Modelling Methods in Heat, Mass and Fluid Flow" and "Heat and Mass Transfer and Fluid Flow in Different Fields of Application"

Part One: Contemporary Modelling Methods in Heat, Mass, and Fluid Flow

From the Guest Editors: CONTEMPORARY MODELLING METHODS IN HEAT, MASS, AND FLUID FLOW, Special Collection of Articles
A note on Cattaneo-Hristov model with non-singular fading memory
The Dirichlet problem of a conformable advection-diffusion equation
Control of thermal stresses in axissymmetric problems of fractional thermoelasticity for an infinite cylindrical domain
Pulsatile blood flow in constricted tapered artery using a variable-order fractional Oldroyd-B model
Mathematical modeling of fish burger baking using fractional calculus
A variable-order fractal derivative model for anomalous diffusion
A fractional model for time-variant non-Newtonian flow
Subdiffusion model with time-dependent diffusion coefficient: Integral-balance solution and analysis
Reconstruction of the thermal conductivity coefficient in the space fractional heat conduction equation
Differentiated heated lid driven cavity interacting with tube: A lattice Boltzmann study
Solution of the direct alloy solidification problem including the phenomenon of material shrinkage
Analytical modeling of the thermal behavior of a thin lubricant film under nonlinear conditions
Simple and accurate correlations for some problems of heat conduction with nonhomogeneous boundary conditions
A new technology for solving diffusion and heat equations

Part Two: Heat and Mass Transfer and Fluid Flow in Different Fields of Application

Special collection of articles on the subject of Heat and Mass Transfer and Fluid Flow in Different Fields of Application
Fanning friction (f) and colburn (j) factors of a louvered fin and flat tube compact heat exchanger
The use of relative inverse thermal admittance for the characterization and optimization of fin-wall assemblies
Optimum configurations of annulus with triangular fins for laminar convection
Three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics modeling of TiO2/R134a nanorefrigerant
Relationship between Neumann solutions for two-phase Lamé-Clapeyron-Stefan problems with convective and temperature boundary conditions
Determination of thermal conductivity of pine wood dust filled epoxy composites
Evaporation and condensation of falling binary liquid film
Experimental investigation of convective boiling in mini-channels: Cooling application of the proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Preparation and characterization of copper oxide nanoparticles and determination of enhancement in critical heat flux
Effect of thermal radiation on unsteady mixed convection flow near forward stagnation point over a cylinder of elliptic cross section
Experimental study on density, thermal conductivity, specific heat, and viscosity of water-ethylene glycol mixture dispersed with carbon nanotubes
Magnetohydrodynamic flow and heat transfer of a Jeffrey fluid towards a stretching vertical surface
Enhanced heat transfer characteristics of conjugated air jet impingement on a finned heat sink
The new analytical study for boundary-layer slip flow and heat transfer of nanofluid over a stretching sheet
An inspection to the hyperbolic heat conduction problem in processed meat
An approximate solution to the transient space-fractional diffusion equation: Integral-balance approach, optimization problems and analyzes
Availability as a dimension of energy security in the Republic of Serbia
Feasibility study of renewable energy resources and optimization of electrical hybrid energy systems: Case study for Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch, Iran
The numerical and experimental study of two passes power plant condenser
The processes of vaporization in the porous structures working with the excess of liquid
Air-side performance of a micro-channel heat exchanger in wet surface conditions

Issue 1B

Special collection of papers devoted to the processes in internal combustion engine

Words From the editors

2017, Issue 1b: From the Guest Editor

Original Scientific Papers

Original Scientific Papers
Validation of a zero-dimensional and 2-phase combustion model for dual-fuel compression ignition engine simulation
Estimation of operational parameters for a direct injection turbocharged spark ignition engine by using regression analysis and artificial neural network
Modelling analysis of multiple diesel injection strategies with one-dimensional simulation coupled with artificial neural networks
Multi-response optimization of diesel engine operating parameters running with water-in-diesel emulsion fuel
A comparative experimental study on engine operating on premixed charge compression ignition and compression ignition mode
Separate direct injection of diesel and ethanol: A numerical analysis
Computational optimization of biodiesel combustion using response surface methodology
Experimental and theoretical study on spray behaviors of modified bio-ethanol fuel employing direct injection system
Performance analysis of a biodiesel fuelled diesel engine with the effect of alumina coated piston
Influence of alumina oxide nanoparticles on the performance and emissions in a methyl ester of neem oil fuelled direct injection diesel engine
Performance, emission and combustion analysis of a compression ignition engine using biofuel blends
An experimental assessment on the influence of high octane fuels on biofuel based dual fuel engine performance, emission, and combustion
Certain investigation in a compression ignition engine using rice bran methyl ester fuel blends with ethanol additive
An experimental study of the combusition and emission performances of 2,5-dimethylfuran diesel blends on a diesel engine
Effect of cetane improver addition into diesel fuel: Methanol mixtures on performance and emissions at different injection pressures
Effect of the use of waste vegetable oil based biodiesel on the landscape in diesel engines
Experimental investigation on cyclic variability, engine performance and exhaust emissions in a diesel engine using alcohol-diesel fuel blends
Effect of diesel-biodiesel-ethanol blend on combustion, performance, and emissions characteristics on a direct injection diesel engine
Role of biodiesel with nanoadditives in port owned trucks and other vehicles for emission reduction
Evaluation of performance and emission features of Jatropha biodiesel -turpentine blend as green fuel
On-line mixing and emission characteristics of diesel engine with dimethyl ether injected into fuel pipeline
Experimental investigation review of biodiesel usage in bus diesel engine
Real driving emissions and fuel consumption characteristics of Istanbul public transportation
Theoretical analysis of the cumulative costs of different diesel bus alternatives for a public transport in the city of Belgrade
Positive effects of eco-driving in public transport: A case study of the City Novi Sad
Influence of road and traffic conditions on fuel consumption and fuel cost for different bus technologies
Waste heat recovery from diesel engine using custom designed heat exchanger and thermal storage system with nanoenhanced phase change material
Exhaust gas heat recovery through secondary expansion cylinder and water injection in an internal combustion engine
Economic feasibility of decentralized hybrid photovoltaic-diesel technology in Saudi Arabia: A way forward for sustainable coastal development
Cooling analysis of a light emitting diode automotive fog lamp