International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 21, year 2017, Issue 4]

Issue: Mathematical models for thermal science

From the Guest editors

Mathematical models for thermal science
Mathematical models for thermal science

Review article

A short review on analytical methods for fractional equations with he's fractional derivative

Research articles

A modified reproducing kernel method for a time-fractional telegraph equation
Improved gray-encoded evolution algorithm based on chaos cluster for parameter optimization of moisture movement
Silk fibroin/polyethylene glycol nano-fibrous membranes loaded with curcumin
Numerical method for singularly perturbed delay parabolic partial differential equations
An analytical thermal model for three-dimensional integrated circuits with integrated micro-channel cooling
Analytical treatment on a new generalized Ablowitz-Kaup-Newell-Segur hierarchy of thermal and fluid equations
Infinite many conservation laws of discrete system associated with a 3×3 matrix spectral problem
Fluid-mechanic model for fabrication of nanoporous fibers by electrospinning
A predictive model of thermal conductivity of plain woven fabrics
Effect of hot-pressing on properties of bubble electrospun nanofiber membrane
Numerical approach to inter-fiber flow in nonwovens with super absorbent fibers
An adsorption isotherm model for adsorption performance of silver-loaded activated carbon
A mathematical model of meta-aramid fibrid formation
Numerical analysis of the (2+1)-dimensional Boiti-Leon-Pempinelli equation
Experimental study on moisture transfer through firefighters' protective fabrics in radiant heat exposures
Dynamical analysis of lump solution for the (2+1)-Dimensional Ito equation
A general sub-equation method to the burgers-like equation
Influence factors of methane-air counter flow diffusion flame
Microwave heating: A potential pretreating method for bamboo fiber extraction
Analytical solutions of differential-difference sine-Gordon equation
On varitional iteration method for fractional calculus
The Adomian decomposition method and the fractional complex transform for fractional Bratu-type equation
Solving a class of boundary value problems by LSQR
An analytical solution of fractional burgers equation
Flame retardancy and ultraviolet resistance of silk fabric coated by graphene oxide
Dyeing behavior prediction of cotton fabrics in supercritical CO2
Mass transfer of disperse red 153 and its crude dye in supercritical carbon dioxide fluid
Numerical simulation and optimization of solid-liquid two-phase flow in a back-swept axial-flow pump
An analytical solution for a fractional heat-like equation with variable coefficients
Lump solutions to the (2+1)-dimensional shallow water wave equation
A heat pipe solar collector system for winter heating in Zhengzhou city
An analytic study on the two-temperature model for electron-lattice thermal dynamic process
New exact solutions of the(2+1)-dimensional Broer-Kaup equation by the consistent Riccati expansion method
Investigation on performance of three personal cooling systems in mitigating heat strain by means of thermal manikin
Analytical modelling of dry-jet wet spinning
Numerical prediction of degree of skin burn in thermal protective garment-air gap-human body system
Solvent evaporation in a binary solvent system for controllable fabrication of porous fibers by electrospinning
Sudden solvent evaporation in bubble electrospinning for fabrication of unsmooth nanofibers
Exact traveling wave solutions for a new nonlinear heat-transfer equation
Crimp frequency of a viscoelastic fiber in a crimping process
Hybridization of homotopy perturbation method and Laplace transformation for the partial differential equations
A fractional Whitham-Broer-Kaup equation and its possible application to Tsunami prevention
An optimal thermal condition for maximal chlorophyll extraction
A fractional model for heat transfer in Mongolian yurt
A delayed fractional model for Cocoon’s heat-proof property


Corrigendum: Numerical model and experimental validation of the heat transfer in air cooled solar photovoltaic panel, DOI reference TSCI16S4071R
Corrigendum: Transient analytical solution of temperature distribution and fracture limits in pulsed solid-state laser rod, DOI reference TSCI141011090S