International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 21, year 2017, Issue 2]

Selection of papers on contemporary modelling methods in heat, mass and fluid flow as well as a selection of papers on heat and mass transfer processes in flow of different non-Newtonian fluids under different conditions, use of photovoltaics, pyrolysis and combustion of different fuels in power production

Part One

Contemporary Modelling Methods in Heat, Mass, and Fluid Flow – Second Part
From the Guest Editor (2017/2): CONTEMPORARY MODELLING METHODS IN HEAT, MASS, AND FLUID FLOW - Second Part, Special Collection of Articles
Remarks on a green functions approach to diffusion models with singular kernels in fading memories
Numerical analysis of heat, air, and moisture transfers in a wooden building material
Thermal modeling of multi-shape heating sources on n-layer electronic board
Analysis of fractional non-linear diffusion behaviors based on Adomian polynomials
Conformable heat equation on a radial symmetric plate

Part Two

Heat and Mass Transfer Processes in Flow of Different Non-Newtonian Fluids under Different Conditions (Including Magnetic Field), Use of Photovoltaics, Pyrolysis and Combustion of Different Fuels in Power Production
Steady-state heat conduction in a medium with spatial non-singular fading memory: Derivation of Caputo-Fabrizio space-fractional derivative from Cattaneo concept with Jeffrey`s Kernel and analytical solutions
Entropy generation due to external fluid flow and heat transfer from a cylinder between parallel planes
Mixed convection flow of Jeffrey fluid along an inclined stretching cylinder with double stratification effect
Magnetohydrodynamic mixed convection in a lid-driven rectangular enclosure partially heated at the bottom and cooled at the top
Unsteady magnetohydrodynamics thin film flow of a third grade fluid over an oscillating inclined belt embedded in a porous medium
Investigation of magnetohydrodynamics flow and heat transfer in the presence of a confined square cylinder using SM82 equations
Magnetohydrodynamics flow of nanofluid with homogeneous-heterogeneous reactions and velocity slip
Effect of dust deposition on the performance of photovoltaic modules in Taxila, Pakistan
Modeling the effect of the inclination angle on natural convection from a flat plate: The case of a photovoltaic module
A numerical analysis of a convective straight fin with temperature-dependent thermal conductivity
Numerical investigations of the aperture size effect for maintaining a constant temperature in a novel sulfur-ammonia water splitting cycle application
Premium jet cooling with two ribs over flat plate utilizing nanofluid mixed convection
Heat and mass transfer effects on natural convection flow along a horizontal triangular wavy surface
Prediction of the temperature of a drill in drilling lunar rock simulant in a vacuum
Experimental and analytical evaluation of preheating temperature during multipass repair welding
Flame emission spectroscopy measurement of a steam blast and air blast burner
Increasing the speed of computational fluid dynamics procedure for minimization the nitrogen oxide polution from the premixed atmospheric gas burner
The features of heterogeneous water droplet evaporation in high-temperature combustion products of typical flammable liquids
Low temperature combustion of organic coal-water fuel droplets containing petrochemicals while soaring in a combustion chamber model
Thermal analysis of physical and chemical changes occuring during regeneration of activated carbon
Properties of chars obtained with pyrolysis of Castanea sativa by product
Hydrodynamic experiments on a small-scale circulating fluidized bed reactor at elevated operating pressure, and under an O2/CO2 environment
A new design method for fluidized bed conversion of largely heterogeneous binary fuels
Energy indicators impact in multi-criteria sustainability analyse of thermal power plant unit
The use of organic zeotropic mixture with high temperature glide as a working fluid in medium-temperature vapor power plant