International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [[volume 23, year 2019, issue 2]]

Issue 2A: Regular Issue, 37 Original Scientific Papers

Issue 2A

Regular Issue

Original Scientific Papers

Particle image velocimetry and proper orthogonal decomposition analysis of the channel flow equipped with cylindrical ribs
Unsteady MHD bio-nanoconvective anistropic slip flow past a vertical rotating cone
Heat transfer analysis based on cattaneo-christov heat flux model and convective boundary conditions for flow over an oscillatory stretching surface
Experimental investigation on thermal performance of nanocoated surfaces for air-conditioning applications
Entropy generation of aiding mixed thermal convection, between two non-parallel vertical plates with uniform temperature
Local thermal non-equilibrium forced convection of a third grade fluid between parallel stretching permeable plates embedded in a porous medium
Investigating the effect of Brownian motion models on heat transfer and entropy generation in nanofluid forced convection
Experimental study on electrohydrodynamic heat transfer enhancement of semicircular ribs into channel
A new model to measure the performance of the fins based on exergy analysis
Experimental and numerical study on melting process of paraffin in a vertical annular cylinder
Natural convection in an inclined porous triangular enclosure with various thermal boundary conditions
Energy, exergy and sustainability analysis of rice husk air gasification process
Characterization of critical stretch rate using outwardly propagating spherical flames
The combined effect of nanofluid and reflective mirrors on the performance of photovoltaic/thermal solar collector
Thermal modeling of a linear induction motor used to drive a power supply system for an electric locomotive
Experimental and numerical analysis of thermo-chemical erosion in gun steel
The energy and exergy analysis on the performance of counter-flow heat and mass exchanger for M-cycle indirect evaporative cooling
Numerical analysis on the thermal performances of different types of fin heat sink for high-power led lamp cooling
Thermal analysis and optimization of high power led armature
Emission characteristics of aviation kerosene combustion in aero-engine annular combustor with low temperature plasma assistance
Simultaneous heat and mass transfer during evaporation and condensation of a binary liquid film
Droplet evaporation on a heated structured wall
Experimental study on gas-liquid-coal fines three-phase flow in undulating pipeline
Modeling of nucleate boiling heat transfer of a stagnation-point flow impinging on a hot surface
An in situ temperature calibration of a guarded hot plate apparatus
An exergy analysis of solar-assisted ejector cooling system for different area ratios at their maximum coeficients of performance values
Effects of different coatings on thermal stress of solar parabolic trough collector absorber in direct steam generation systems
A self-cleaning device for pole mounted solar photovoltaic installations
Experimental study on heat transfer and fluid-flow enhancement of a spherical shape obstacle solar air passage
Thermal analysis of a mini solar pond of small surface area while extracting heat from lower convective layer
Heat transfer analysis of surrounding rocks with thermal insulation layer in high geothermal roadway
Development of a compression-absorption heat pump system for utilizing low temperature geothermal water
Numerical investigation of intermittent drying of a corn for different drying conditions
Energy and exergy utilization of some agricultural crops in Turkey
Heat transfer enhancement of a cascaded thermal energy storage system with various encapsulation arrangements
Thermal behavior of double arc groove friction pairs in hydro-viscous drive under soft start-up condition
Heat transfer crisis in the capillary-porous cooling system of elements of heat and power installations