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Thermal Science Archive [volume 25, year 2021, Issue 1]

Issue 1A - Original Scientific Papers
Issue 1B - Original Scientific Papers

Issue 1A

Original Scientific Papers

Selection of original scientific papers
New Laplace-type integral transform for solving steady heat-transfer problem
Second law analysis of heat transfer in swirling flow of Bingham fluid by a rotating disk subjected to suction effect
Vacuum decomposition thermodynamics and experiments of recycled lead carbonate from waste lead acid battery
Heat transfer enhancement in the complex geometries filled with porous media
Experimental study on the heat transfer and resistance characteristics of pin-fin tube
Investigation of the thermal behavior and energy consumption of refrigeration systems
Effect of mixture velocity for given equivalence ratio on flame development in Swiss roll combustor
Experimental investigation on packed bed cool storage system for supply-demand management in building air-conditioning system suitable for micro thermal grid
A semi-analytical solution of 3-D transient temperature field for a uniform plate subjected to Gaussian-distribution laser heat source
Non-Darcian effect on double-diffusive natural convection inside aninclined square Dupuit-Darcy porous cavity under a magnetic field
Heat transfer enhancement by sinusoidal-shaped disk rotating in a forced flow
Effect of variable thermal conductivity on the MHD boundary-layer of Casson-nanofluid over a moving plate with variable thickness
Influence of temperature on physical and mechanical properties of a sedimentary rock: Coal measure mudstone
Visualization of flow characteristics between the ribbed plates via particle image velocimetry
Analytical and numerical treatment to study the effects of hall currents with viscous dissipation, heat absorpation and chemical reaction on peristaltic flow of Carreau nanofluid
Thermo diffusion aspects in Jeffrey nanofluid over periodically moving surface with time dependent thermal conductivity
Numerical assessment of the effect of inflow turbulators on the thermal behavior of a combustion chamber
Effect of ratio between incoming cool air and outgoing hot gases on behaviour of compartment fire
Microscale flow and heat transfer between the rotor and the flank for rotary engine
Unsteady homogeneous-heterogeneous reactions in MHD nanofluid mixed convection flow past a stagnation point of an impulsively rotating sphere
Electromagnetic steady motion of Casson fluid with heat and mass transfer through porous medium past a shrinking surface
Numerical study of natural convection in an enclosure with discrete heat sources on one of its vertical walls
Experimental study and CFD analysis of energy separation in a counter flow vortex tube
Laminar natural convection of non-Newtonian power-law fluid in an eccentric annulus
Optimization model for improvement of district heating system by integration of cogeneration
The effect of steam on air gasification of mechanically activated coal in a flow reactor
Numerical simulation of 3-D fractional-order convection-diffusion PDE by a local meshless method
Laboratory and industrial studies of gas coal ignition and combustion using high-voltage alternative current plasmatron
Experimental study on evaporation-capillary pumping flow in capillary wick and working fluid system
Liquid petroleum gas flame in a double-swirl gas turbine model combustor: Lean blow-out, pollutant, preheating
Heat transfer analysis of looped micro heat pipes with graphene oxide nanofluid for Li-ion battery
Thermoelectric waste heat recovery of an automotive internal combustion engine using (Na, K) co-doped polycrystalline tin selenide (SnSe)

Issue 1B

Original Scientific Papers

Selection of original scientific papers and an Open Forum contribution
A novel method for calculating effective thermal conductivity of particulate fouling
Computational fluid dynamics parametric investigation for two-phase flow of ammonia-water mixing in bubble pump tube
Effect of air preheating, exhaust gas re-circulation and hydrogen enrichment on biodiesel/methane dual fuel engine
Numerical research of non-isothermal filtration process in fractal medium with non-locality in time
Experimental study about utilization of MWCNTs and graphene nanoplatelets water-based nanofluids in flat non-concentrating PVT systems
Improvement research of condensing equipment in organic Rankine cycle power generation systems
Growth of N-dimensional spherical bubble within viscous, superheated liquid: Analytical solution
Experimental investigation of specific heat of aqueous graphene oxide Al2O3 hybrid nanofluid
Three-stage optimization method for distributed energy system design under uncertainty
Experimental investigation of enhancing influence of Al2O3 nanoparticles on the convective heat transfer in a tube equipped with twisted tape inserts
A hydrodynamic criterion of alternative bubble departures
Numerical study of turbulent natural convection of nanofluids in differentially heated rectangular cavities
Modeling the outlet temperature in heat exchangers: Case study
Estimation of thermophysical propreties of far infrared vacuum drying potato by application of inverse approach
Effect of length-to-diameter ratio on critical heat flux in porous-coated tubes
Comparative study on steady and unsteady heat transfer analysis of a spherical element using air/water mist two-phase flow
Exergetic performance of vapor-compression refrigeration system with TiO2-nanoadditive in the compressor oil
Experimental investigation on the influence of nanofluids used as heat transfer fluid in phase change material based thermal energy storage system
Study of droplet dynamics and condensation heat transfer on superhydrophobic copper surface
A numerical study on condensation heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of low pressure vapor in a plate heat exchanger
Procedure for creating custom multiple linear regression based short term load forecasting models by using genetic algorithm optimization
Modeling reacting multi-species flows with a detailed multi-fluid lattice Boltzmann scheme
Experimental study on the effect of the liquid/surface thermal properties on droplet impact
Solar-assisted CO2 capture with amine and ammonia-based chemical absorption:A comparative study
Anomalous diffusion and heat transfer on comb structure with anisotropic relaxation in fractal porous media
Control temperature fluctuations in two-phase CuO-water nanofluid by transfiguration of the enclosures
Experimental and numerical simulation on buried hot fuel oil pipelines in three modes flow regime considering temperature loss during a shutdown
Thermal performance analysis of organic flash cycle using R600A/R601A mixtures with internal heat exchanger
Experimental investigation of higher alcohols as self-rewetting fluids in closed loop pulsating heat pipes
Improving the efficiency of heat recovery circuits of cogeneration plants with combustion of water-fuel emulsions
An experimental study on cooling performance of a car radiator using Al2O3 - ethylene glycol/water nanofluid

Open Forum

Open Forum contribution
Comments on "A generalized Fourier and Fick's perspective for stretching flow of burgers fluid with temperature-dependent thermal conductivity"