International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 24, year 2020, Issue 3]

Issue 3A: New Trends in Modelling Heat and Mass Transfer Problems
Issue 3B: Original Scientific Papers

Issue 3A

New Trends in Modelling Heat and Mass Transfer Problems

Original Scientific Papers
Image encryption algorithm for torsional components of generator based on compound chaotic model
Extraction method of position and posture information of robot arm picking up target based on RGB-D data
Detection method for dam deformation of tailing pond based on fault diagnosis algorithm
Damage detection of long-span bridge structures based on response surface model
Electric hybrid control method of assembly line robot based on PLC
Reliability analysis of gear transmission system of aeronautical turbine starter under multi-constraint
Design of automatic measurement system for pre-tightening parameters of multi-axis wrist force pressure sensor
Automatic testing method for static pressure drive performance of electronic hydraulic brake system
Numerical analysis of influence of different track structures on vibration response of subway
Design of explosion-proof control system for liquefied gas tank leakage based on data fusion
Abnormal data acquisition system of mechanical operation based on block chain technology
Mechanical grinding method of multi-axis linkage for elliptic contour based on algebraic geometry
Self-compensation method for error of positioning accuracy of intelligent synchronous manipulator
Design and evaluation of a single-tube cross-capacitance fuel level sensor
Numerical analysis of semiconductor thermoelectric generator
Experimental investigation of flow and heat transfer characteristics on matrix ribbed channel
Optimal design of nozzle for filter bag cleaning device of combined air-conditioning based on fluid mechanics
Combustion characteristics of different premixed methanol charge compression ignition combustion modes
Chemical components from different parts of Forsythia suspensa vahl with different extraction methods by gas-chromatography-mass spectrometry
Different solvent extract of Toona sinensis wood by FT-IR and GC-MS
Natural and pyrolysis molecule of Cotoneaster zabelii Schneid
Fourier transform infrared and gas cromatography-mass extracts from Euscaphis japonica bark
Molecules and indoor atmospheric effect of rosewood: Dalbergia granadillo
Diverse bioactive components from Ginkgo biloba fruit
Bioactive and bioenergy ingredients of Rodgersia aesculifolia grown at high altitude
Characterization of bioactive and bioenergy components from fresh walnut (Juglans regia) leaf
Diverse resourcing of Nerium indicum leaves for bio-utilization
Development of bioactive components from Chaenomeles sinensis leaves
Bioenergy and bioactive components in leaves of Toona sinensis
Establishment and experimental verification of the hoop tension mechanical model of aluminum alloy tube
Trajectory control and parameter optimization of plasma robot gun
Design and thermal analysis of a novel permanent magnet-friction integrated brake for vehicle
Experimental investigation of geometrical effect on flow and heat transfer performance of lamilloy cooling structure
Performance of solar hot-water installations from roof-constructed solar collectors integrated with a central heating supply for tobacco curing
Chemical compositions and functions of Chinese fir volatiles
Molecular characteristics of Salix cheilophila chemical components
Molecules and functions of rosewood: Pterocarpus indicus
A system to monitor and model the thermal isolation of coating compounds applied to closed spaces


Corrigendum: Design and analysis of double-pipe heat exchanger with new arrangements of corrugated tubes using honeycomb arrangements, published in the journal Thermal Science, Year 2020, No. 1A, Vol. 24, pp. 635-643

Issue 3B

Original Scientific Papers

Three-dimensional mixed convection heat transfer in a partially heated ventilated cavity
Numerical assessment of brick walls` use incorporating a phase change material towards thermal performance in buildings during a passive cooling strategy
Experimental heat and mass transfer studies on horizontal falling film absorber using water-lithium bromide
Determination of drying behaviour in industrial type convectional dryer and mathematical modelling
Analysis of a flat capillary evaporator with a bi-layered porous wick
An experimental investigation of interacting swirling multiple jets
A coupled flow and chemical reactor network model for predicting gas turbine combustor performance
Investigation into the effect of fabric structure on surface temperature distribution in weft-knitted fabrics using thermal imaging technique
Investigation of effects on heat transfer and flow characteristics of Cr-Ni alloy and aluminum pins placed in AISI 304 tube
Analysis of heat transfer and irreversibility of organic rankine cycle evaporator for selecting working fluid and operating conditions
Heat transfer and flow characteristics of offset fin and flat tube heat exchangers under low pressure environment
Analysis of optimum insulation thickness for external walls at different orientations based on real-time measurements
Experimental investigation of air side pressure loss for wet-cooling tower fills
Indoor environmental assessment method in residential kitchen
Thermal model for 3-D integrated circuits with integrated MLGNR-based through silicon via
Influence of evaporating rate on two-phase expansion in the piston expander with cyclone separator
Computational study of natural convection and entropy generation in 3-D cavity with active lateral walls
Assessment of chemical mechanism and chemical reaction sensitivity analysis for CH4/H2 flame under mild combustion environment
Experimental investigation on operation parameters of 3Å molecular sieve desiccant coated total energy recovery wheel for maximum effectiveness
Numerical investigation of vapor phase drzing process for drying of transformer’s insulation paper
Axisymmetric stationary heat conduction problem for half-space with temperature-dependent properties
Thermal applications of hybrid phase change materials: A critical review
Heat transfer and evaporation of salt solution on a horizontal heating wall
Impact of point thermal bridges on thermal properties of building envelopes
Thermal behavior of a three phase isolation transformer under load conditions with the finite element analysis
Fluid dynamic forces in the main steam pipeline of thermal power plant upon stop valves closure
Explicit finite difference solution for contaminant transport problems with constant and oscillating boundary conditions
Experimental and numerical study of temperature field during hard facing of different carbon steels
Experimentally determining the effects of water droplets collision when mixing aerosol with gas flow at different heating temperatures
Entropy production minimization in a multicomponent diabatic distillation column
A parameters selection criterion of the numerical realisation of the continuous method for the Stefan problems
Numerical investigation of heat transfer in film layer under supersonic condition of convergent-divergent transition