International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 20, year 2016, Issue 3]

Analytical and Numerical Methods for Thermal Science

From the Guest editors

From the Guest editors, 2016/3

Fractal and fractional models

Fractal and fractional models
On fractal space-time and fractional calculus
A fractional model for insulation clothings with cocoon-like porous structure
An analysis of heat conduction in polar bear hairs using one-dimensional fractional model
Variable separation for time fractional advection-dispersion equation with initial and boundary conditions
He's fractional derivative for non-linear fractional heat transfer equation
Fractal aggregation and breakup of fine particles
On chain rule in fractional calculus
Exact solutions for a class of volterral integral-differential equations arising in viscoelastic fluid

Mathematical model

Mathematical model
A mathematical model for the blown bubble-spinning and stab-proof of nanofibrous yarn
Application of an ancient Chinese algorithm to stab performance of woven fabrics
The tearing properties of textiles with steiner tree structure
Effects of transient temperature on human's heat losses
Evaluation of clothing's tactile comfort
Macro fluid analysis of laminated fabric permeability
Modeling release of chemicals from multilayer materials into food
Effect of bubble size on nanofiber diameter in bubble electrospinning
Effects of ambient conditions on multi-capillary ventilation rate
Influence of nano-fiber membranes on the silver ions released from hollow fibers containing silver particles
Thermal properties and water repellency of cotton fabric prepared through sol-gel method
A dye removal model with a fuzzy initial condition

Analytical methods

Analytical methods
Rational solutions to an Caudrey-Dodd-Gibbon-Sawada-Kotera-like equation
Rational solution to a shallow water wave-like equation
A direct algorithm of exp-function method for non-linear evolution equations in fluids
Analytical approach to a generalized Hirota-Satsuma coupled Korteweg-de Vries equation by modified variational iteration method
Construction of a variational formulation for heat transfer
Travelling wave solutions for a surface wave equation in fluid mechanics
Integrated microchannel cooling in a three dimensional integrated circuit: A thermal management

Numerical methods

Numerical methods
Numerical investigation of flow characteristics over dimpled surface
Optimization of hydrofoil for tidal current turbine based on particle swarm optimization and computational fluid dynamic method
Numerical investigation of time-dependent cloud cavitating flow around a hydrofoil
An improved particle population balance equation in the continuum-slip regime
A bimodal temom model for particle Brownian coagulation in the continuum-slip regime
Monte Carlo method for solving a parabolic problem
Numerical study on aerodynamic heat of hypersonic flight
Numerical modeling of transient heat transfer in microsystem of protective clothing
Numerical approach to solar ejector-compression refrigeration system
Numerical simulation of the air flow field in the foreign fiber separator


Studies on poly (vinyl chloride)/silica dioxide composite hollow fiber membrane
Research on morphologies of polyvinyl alcohol/milk nanofibers
Facile preparation of α-Fe2O3 nanobulk via bubble electrospinning and thermal treatment
Study on mass transfer property of oxygen molecules and kinetic regimes of pressured pulverized coal combustion
Microstructure and property of regenepercentaged silk fibroin/chitosan nanofibers
Effect of Na2CO3 degumming concentration on LiBr-formic acid-silk fibroin solution properties
Bubbfil electrospinning of PA66/Cu nanofibers
High-temperature heating and microwave pretreatments: A new light in bamboo's enzymatic hydrolysis

Short papers

Short papers
Fabrication of nanofiber non-wovens on the melt blowing die with air by-passes
Primary study of ethyl cellulose nanofiber for oxygen-enrichment membrane
A melt blowing-electrospinning approach to fabricating nanofibers
Effect on honey concentration on morphology of bubble-electrospun polyvinyl alcohol/honey fibers
Egg albumen - a promising material for fabrication of nanoporous mats
Effect of direction of blowing air on morphology of nanofibers by bubbfil spinning
A novel numerical method for heat equation