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Thermal Science Archive [volume 27, year 2023, Issue 2]

ISSUE 2A: Collection of Original Scientific Papers on the subject of Thermal Energy Modelling for Renewable Energy Applications, selected by Dr. Zhenyu Du
ISSUE 2B: Collection of Original Scientific Papers

Issue 2A

Collection of Original Scientific Papers on the subject of Thermal Energy Modelling for Renewable Energy Applications
Issue Guest Editor
Dr. Zhenyu Du

From the Guest Editors

From the Guest Editor, 2023, Issue 2A


Thermal Energy Modelling for Renewable Energy Applications papers selected by Dr. Zhenyu Du
Building energy consumption simulation and its application in underground-water source thermal energy management system
Preparation and properties of silicate inorganic external wall insulation materials based on heat storage
Development of a new silicate thermal insulation coating and analysis of heat storage characteristics
Effect of composite polystyrene granular thermal insulation mortar on thermal energy storage of building energy consumption
Solar photovoltaic power station system based on composite heat source thermal power technology
Analysis on overall energy efficiency and flexibility of thermal integrated energy system
Thermodynamic model of HVAC under building exterior wall
Theoretical and experimental research on the thermal energy management system of direct expansion solar heating
Modeling and optimization of micro grid supply and demand system for renewable thermal energy
The HVAC model predictive control of building thermal dynamic characteristics
Building exterior wall thermal energy saving model based on green energy-saving nanomaterials
Heat transfer and mechanical characteristics of the absorber in solar photo-thermal power generation system
Design and simulation of hybrid thermal energy storage control for photovoltaic fuel cells
Thermal modelling system for green energy application of exterior wall under smart home building
Optimal allocation of generalized heat storage in distribution network of renewable energy
Analysis of propagation characteristics of hydrogen flame in shock tube in integrated energy system
Modelling of mixed thermodynamic model based on new materials
Application of building equipment intelligent management and control system in renewable energy thermal energy modelling
Reliability optimization design of intelligent mechanical structure for waste heat recovery
Fault prediction and simulation analysis of ultra-high voltage transmission-line based on thermal energy transformation
Application modelling of intelligent diagnosis for thermal cycle system
Prediction of structural mechanical properties of energy-saving materials for solar photovoltaic photo-thermal system based on deep learning
Simulation analysis and design optimization of campus outdoor thermal environment under compound energy supply system
Signal processing and thermal performance analysis of motor heat recovery system
Thermal energy storage thermal data processing for heating systems
Solar heat collection photoelectric tracking servo drive system based on cloud computing
Thermal energy modelling system for green energy application of exterior wall under smart home building
Friction heat energy recovery system based on hydraulic brake system by wire of heavy vehicle
Electromagnetic compatibility analysis of thermal energy recovery power system driven by new energy vehicles
Thermal energy storage technology and its application in power data remote transmission
Automatic storage of building thermal energy and heat pump heating based on wireless communication
Enhancement technology of underground water flow field in coal mine to improve energy efficiency of heat pump system in geothermal energy development
Application of thermal energy storage technology in power grid topology
The bearing capacity parameter analysis and heat energy storage loss test of concrete composite box girder
Heat management system of electric vehicle based on heat pump and energy recovery of removable battery
Calculation and evaluation of building thermal energy consumption and carbon emissions based on BIM technology
Analysis on construction technology of large steel structure building thermal insulation engineering
Artificial intelligence control system of heat recovery in thermal power plant
Energy saving optimization of thermal power co-generation automation system in power plant
Waste heat recovery and reuse for ship hydraulic oil temperature control system


Comparison between detailed model and simplified models of a Li-ion battery heated at low temperatures
Effect of the Reynolds and Lewis number to the fuel droplet vaporization
Design study on the integrated utilization system of medium temperature waste heat and LNG vaporization cold energy for 200000 DWT LNG-powered vessels
Reducing deaerator-related energy losses in steam boilers
Chemical, radiative, and dilutive effects of CO2 addition on soot formation in jet A-1 kerosene co-flow diffusion flame

Issue 2B

Collection of Original Scientific Papers

Original Scientific Papers

Exergy, ecology and democracy - concepts of a vital society or a proposal for an exergy tax 30 years after - Part 1: Generalities
Melting performance enhancement of febro-hydrodynamic carreau non-Newtonian PCM in porous media: A geometrical evaluation
Construction and application analysis of thermal conductivity model of deep thermal storage pore structure
Investigation of aerodynamics education based on the waverider parameterized design procedure
Bidirectional analysis model of green investment and carbon emission based on LSTM neural network
How green finance affects automobile innovation?: The perspective of lasso-based multi-mediation effect
Building integrated photovoltaics. Overview of barriers and opportunities
Magnetohydrodynamic flow and mixed convection of a viscous fluid and a nanofluid through a porous medium in a vertical channel
Development and validation of a reduced MF/biodiesel mechanism for diesel engine application
Numerical analysis of injection parameters influence on diesel engine performances and emissions correlated by maximum in-cylinder pressure
Construction and validation of a reduced mechanism in a diesel engine fueled with 2-methylfuran-diesel
Enhanced heat transfer performance of a new horizontal buried tube heat exchanger
Shell-side flow study and structural optimization of a double helical-like flow heat exchanger
Cooling enhancement of cubical shapes electronic components array including dummy elements inside a rectangular duct
Numerical simulation of the effect of diaphragm orifice diameter in a flameproof enclosure with an interconnected structure during pressure piling
Suppression effect of CaCo3, NaCl, and NH4H2PO4 on gas-fat coal dust explosion pressure and flame characteristics
Effect of pipes materials on particulate matters deposition in fresh air filtration systems: A case study
Investigation of the explosion characteristics of ethylene-air premixed gas in flameproof enclosures by using numerical simulations
Experimental investigation on the effect of vertical vibration on heat transfer performance of two-phase loop thermosyphons with different diameters
Advanced exergetic study to assess the effects of rectification and distillation on absorption refrigerators
A compressible turbulence model for the dissipation rate
Numerical study on the effect of thermal diffusivity ratio in phase change heat transfer of crude-oil using lattice Boltzmann method
Numerical study using a double grid to model the effect of the grooves of a vertical wall in a heated cavity on the natural convection of a nanofluid
Non-differentiable exact solutions of the local fractional Klein-Fock-Gordon equation on cantor sets
Performance evaluation of indirect type forced convection solar mango dryer: A sustainable way of food preservation
Combined natural-convection and radiation in presence of internal heat generation source in absorbing-emitting-scattering medium
Research and application of liquid cooling garment system based on human acupoints and meridians cooling stimulation in the high temperature environment
Thermodynamic analysis of exhaust heat recovery of marine ice using organic rankine cycle
Low temperature simulation of ammonia refrigeration based on dissipative molecular dynamics
Effect of fractional order on unsteady magnetohydrodynamics pulsatile flowof blood inside an artery