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This paper analyzes the MHD flow and heat transfer of a pure fluid and a nanofluid through a porous medium in a vertical channel. The right half of the channel contains the pure fluid and the left half contains the nanofluid, which is immiscible with the pure fluid in the right half. Channel walls are impermeable and at constant temperatures. An external homogeneous magnetic field perpendicular to the channel walls is applied on the channel. Darcian approach is used to model the porous medium. Relevant differential equations are solved using the perturbation method. Velocity and temperature distributions are determined analytically and represented graphically, while the values of skin friction and Nusselt number on the channel walls are given in a table for multiple values of the introduced physical parameters. The results are used to draw conclusions about the influence of the said physical parameters on velocity and temperature distributions and on the values of skin friction and Nusselt number on the channel walls.
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PAPER ACCEPTED: 2022-11-13
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THERMAL SCIENCE YEAR 2023, VOLUME 27, ISSUE Issue 2, PAGES [1453 - 1463]
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