International Scientific Journal

VOLUME 27 - YEAR 2023

ISSUE 1A: Collection of Original Scientific Papers, Collection of Selected Papers Presented at 35th International Conference About the Process Industry Processing 22 in Belgrade and Trebinje Energy Summit 2022 and an Open Forum Contributions
ISSUE 1B: Collection of Original Scientific Papers on Heat and Fluid-Flow Models with Applications and Other Various Topics
ISSUE 2A: Collection of Original Scientific Papers on the subject of Thermal Energy Modelling for Renewable Energy Applications, selected by Dr. Zhenyu Du
ISSUE 2B: Collection of Original Scientific Papers
ISSUE 3A: Promises and Challenges of Fractal Thermodynamics (papers selected by prof. Ji-Huan He)
ISSUE 3B: Collection of Original Scientific Papers with Selection of Papers on Particulate Matter Research in Serbia
ISSUE 4A: Original Scientific Papers
Issue 4B: Advances in Fluid-Flow, Heat Transfer and Combustion Processes, (selection by Doc. Dr. Salih Ozer)
ISSUE 5A: Original Scientific Papers
ISSUE 5B: Original Scientific Papers
ISSUE 6A: Original Scientific Papers
SPECIAL ISSUE 1: Trends in Modelling of Heat-Mass and Momentum Transport Problems, papers selected by Prof. Dr. Jordan Hristov, Prof. dr. Dumitru Baleanu, and Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bayram