International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 26, year 2022, Issue 5]

ISSUE 5A: Collection of Original Scientific Papers
ISSUE 5B: Collection of Original Scientific Papers and Special selection of papers presented at the SDEWES, 2021

Issue 5A

Original Scientific Papers

Collection of Original Scientific Papers
Modification of Kalina cycle system 34g by replacing throttle valve with single-screw expander
Energy and exergy analyses of a combined cycle power plant with inlet fuel heating
Study on characteristics of fluid-flow and heat transfer in the torsional flow heat exchanger with drop-shaped tube
Non-similarity method for heat and mass transfer of MHD radiative flow over exponentially stretching sheet
Heat and mass transfer performance and exergy performance evaluation of seawater cooling tower considering different inlet parameters
Wetting layer evolution and interfacial heat transfer in water-air spray cooling process of hot metallic surface
Numerical study of the injection conditions effect on the behavior of hydrogen-air diffusion flame
Effect of pressure broadening on the radiative heat transfer by CO and CH4 gases using line-by-line method with latest high-temperature database
Computational analysis on the stability and characteristics of partially premixed butane-air open flames in tubular burner
On the approximate numerical solutions of fractional heat equation with heat source and heat loss
Numerical simulation on heating performance and emission characteristics of a new multi-stage dispersed burner for gas-fired radiant tubes
Temperature effect on thermal-hydraulic performance of one-pass counter-current flow shell-and-tube heat exchanger and upon its design
Thermal calculations and NOx emission analysis of a micro gas turbine system without a recuperator
Boiling-condensation heat transfer and flow characteristics in ultrathin limited enclosed space based on numerical simulation and visualization experiment
Research on the propagation of pressure and CO gas of methane and coal dust coupled explosion
Systematic preparation and physical property characterization of a novel stable BiOIO3 nanofluids
Thermal management and phase change heat transfer characteristics of LiFePO4 batteries by cooling phase change materials
Experimental study on solar distillation system for oil extraction from eucalyptus plant leaves
Technical requirements analysis of integrated paralleled-loop exhaust air heat pump system applied to ultra-low energy building in different climatic regions of China
Assessment of an integrated solar combined cycle system based on conventional and advanced exergetic methods
Numerical study on a thermoacoustic refrigerator with continuous and staggered arrangements
Thermodynamical study and Taguchi optimization of a two-stage vapor compression refrigeration system
Study on ice slurry flow characteristics based on genetic algorithm
Building energy optimization using butterfly optimization algorithm
Investigation of the effect of deposit layer on heat transfer in the Triga Mark II nuclear research reactor cooling system
Consequences of suplementing the HHO gas and CNG with EGR on diesel engine characteristics
Study on recovery and purification technology of sulfur hexafluoride gas under zero emission constraint
Energy consumption modelling analysis of prefabricated buildings based on KPCA-WL SSVM
The impact of the energy transition on China's economy under the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goal: A simulation analysis based on the CGE model

Issue 5B

Collection of Original Scientific Papers and Special selection of papers presented at the SDEWES, 2021

Part I

Special selection of papers presented at the 16th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water, and Environment Systems (SDEWES 2021), October 10-15, 2021, Dubrovnik, Croatia
The progress toward more sustainable energy, water and environmental systems approaches and applications
Electricity consumption and market prices in Serbia impact of the pandemic of COVID-19
Severe accident analysis of the dual-functional lithium-lead test blanket module using ISAA-DFLL code
Research on the effects of local throttling on thermal-induced two-phase flow instabilities in the typical coolant open-channel system in the nuclear reactor core
Off-design flow analysis of cogeneration steam turbine with real process data
Design of hybrid heat and power co-generation system
Experimental study on no heterogeneous reduction by char
Effect of dielectric barrier discharge plasma on film cooling performance
Experimental study on heat transfer performance and flow visualization in microchannels with micropillars
Computational fluid dynamics modeling of biomass co-firing in a 300 MW pulverized coal furnace

Part II

Original Scientific Papers
Experimental investigation of thermophysical properties and heat transfer characteristics of hybrid nanofluids based on particle size
Evaluation of thermal performance of air source heat pump heating system based on electricity equivalent
Analysis of energy, exergy, environmental and economics (4E) on photovoltaic-thermal collector system
Numerical analysis and optimization of thermal performance of lithium battery pack based on air-cooling strategy
Numerical and experimental investigationg of a turbine guide vane with conjugate heat transfer method
Potential of tubular solar still with rectangular trough for water production under vacuum condition
Study on heat transfer characteristics of honeycomb liquid-cooled lithium battery module
Simulation research on heat recovery system of heat pump composite pump-driven loop heat pipe
Application of phase change energy storage in buildings: Classification of phase change materials and packaging methods
Investigation of the pollutant emission characteristics of blends of biomass and coal gangue in a fluidized bed
The reaction characteristics of NO and SO2 in the dielectric barrier discharge plasma process
Deformation characteristics of the bubble in water-biodiesel immiscible fluids
Experimental investigation of flow characteristics in a vertical vibration two-phase loop thermosyphon
Research on thermal and central flame spread behaviors over insulation material EPS in different concave structure cases
Thermal performance of wickless and orientation independent thin vapor chambers with wettability patterned micro structure
Experimental investigation on the effect of equipment structure on refrigeration performance of combined magnetic refrigeration system
Experimental and simulation study on bifacial photovoltaic modules integration with buildings
Numerical simulation and experimental research of multi-pipe jet fireball
Modeling of thin-layer kinetics and color changes of apple slices during far-infrared vacuum drying
Fogs on the Yenisei River (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
Research progress on the quality and efficiency of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic polymer composites processed by laser
Energy-saving and emission reduction system of data center heat pipe based on latent heat of water evaporation