International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 24, year 2020, Issue 2]

Issue 2A: Original Scientific Papers
Issue 2B: Original Scientific Papers

Issue 2A

Original Scientific Papers

New promises and future challenges of fractal calculus: From two-scale thermodynamics to fractal variational principle
Water cooled micro-hole cellular structure as a heat dissipation media: An experimental and numerical study
Effect of wavy fin usage on thermal performance of heat exchanger used in combi boilers
Experimental investigation of heat pipe thermal performance with microgrooves fabricated by wire electrical discharge machining
Investigation on improving the thermal efficiency of a mini boiler fired with straight vegetable oils
Heating and cooling capacity of phase change material coupled with screen mesh wick heat pipe for thermal energy storage applications
Entropy generation analysis for forced convection boiling in absorber tubes of linear fresnel reflector solar thermal system
Prediction of the contact thermal resistance of vertical carbon nanotube arrays
Design and performance analysis of hybrid solar powered geyser in Islamabad, Pakistan
Effect of the size of graded baffles on the performance of channel heat exchangers
Use of pumped hydro energy storage to complement wind energy: A case study
Experimental and theoretical approach to determination of heat evolution in electrically conductive aluminosilicates
Theoretical and experimental investigation of the evacuated tube solar water heater system
Cooling solar cells using ZnO nanoparticles as a down-shifter
Comparative evaluation of a two-stage refrigeration system with flash intercooling using different refrigerants
Design and experimental research on the combined flash-binary geothermal power generation system driven by low-medium temperature geothermal system
Experimental investigation on the effect of soil type to the ground source heat pump’s performance and energy consumption
Performance evaluation of nanofluid on parabolic trough solar collector
Performance analysis of solar assisted multigenerational system using therminol VP1 based nanofluids: A comparative study
Experimental exploration of finned cooling structure for the thermal management of lithium batteries with different discharge rate and materials
Development and experimental validation of a TRNSYS model for energy design of air-to-water heat pump system
Prototype and model of solar driven desalination plant in arid environment
The study of a seasonal solar CCHP system based on evacuated flat-plate collectors and organic Rankine cycle
The steady thermodynamics of a flash-binary geothermal power system based on correction models validated by static tests
Modeling of the hourly horizontal solar diffuse radiation in Sanliurfa, Turkey
The unsteady liquid film flow of the carbon nanotubes engine oil nanofluid over a non-linear radially extending surface
Feasibility of closed loop ground source heat pump for residential heating and cooling applications in Serbia
Performance analysis of a solar-assisted ground source heat pump system in climatic conditions of Turkey
Effect of flow separation of TiO2 nanofluid on heat transfer in the annular space of two concentric cylinders
Theoretical analysis and experimental research of heat pump driving heat pipes heating equipment
Modeling and validation analysis according to temperature effect of different type batteries

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Issue 2B

Original Scientific Papers

Computational fluid simulation of non-Newtonian two-phase fluid flow through a channel with a cavity
Energy conservation and heat transfer enhancement for mixed convection on the vertical galvanizing furnace
Effects of hall currents with heat and mass transfer on the peristaltic transport of a Casson fluid through a porous medium in a vertical circular cylinder
Three-dimensional FTn finite volume solution of short-pulse laser propagation through heterogeneous medium
Numerical study of thermal radiations and thermal stratification mechanisms in magnetohydrodynamic casson fluid-flow
Dual solutions on boundary-layer flow over a moving surface in a flowing nanofluid with second-order slip
Inclined magnetic field effects on Marangoni flow of Carreau liquid
Impact of arrhenius activation energy in viscoelastic nanomaterial flow subject to binary chemical reaction and non-linear mixed convection
Double stratfied flow of nanofluid subject to temperature based thermal conductivity and heat source
Impact of temperature dependent heat source and non-linear radiative flow of third grade fluid with chemical aspects
Numerical and analytical approach for Sakiadis rheology of generalized polymeric material with magnetic field and heat source/sink
Thermal-hydraulic analysis of water based ZrO2 nanofluids in segmental baffled shell and tube heat exchangers
Thermal analysis of an Eyring-Powell fluid flow-through a constricted channel
Non-linear thermal radiation and magnetic field effects on the flow Carreau nanofluid with convective conditions
Integral balance methods applied to non-classical Stefan problems
Heat transfer analysis in magnetohydrodynamic thermal nanofluid using Keller-box method
Biologically inspired transport of solid spherical nanoparticles in an electrically-conducting viscoelastic fluid with heat transfer
A full 34 factorial experimental design for the low energy building’s external wall
An iterative approach to viscoelastic boundary-layer flows with heat source/sink and thermal radiation
Numerical simulation of the motion of a micropolar Casson fluid through a porous medium over a stretching surface
Study of geometrical characteristics effects on radiation properties in high porosity fibrous porous media using the pore-scale simulation and two-flux model
The motion of a non-Newtonian nanofluid over a semi-infinite moving vertical plate through porous medium with heat and mass transfer
Magnetohydrodynamic free convection of non-Newtonian power-law fluids over a uniformly heated horizontal plate
Heat transfer on magnetohydrodynamic stagnation point flow through a porous shrinking/stretching sheet: A numerical study
Micropolar mixed convective flow with Cattaneo-Christov heat flux: Non-fourier heat conduction analysis
Haar wavelets scheme for solving the unsteady gas-flow in 4-D
Safety issues in solid fuel heating installed in closed systems without heat dissipation devices
A modified Fourier-Fick analysis for modeling non-Newtonian mixed convective flow considering heat generation
General solutions for the mixed boundary value problem associated to hydromagnetic flows of a viscous fluid between symmetrically heated parallel plates
Impact of nanofluids and magnetic field on the peristaltic transport of a couple stress fluid in an asymmetric channel with different wave forms
Performance characteristics of mechanical draft cooling towers in thermal power plant
Annual transient simulations and experimental investigation of a hybrid flat plate and evacuated tube collectors array in subtropical climate
Experimental investigation on efficient heat collection of aboveground pipes
Computational fluid dynamics analysis on solar water heater: Role of thermal stratification and mixing on dynamic mode of operation