International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 24, year 2020, Issue 1]

Issue 1A: Papers Devoted to the Processes in Internal Combustion Engine and Transport Energy Efficiency and Selection of Papers on Different Thermal and Fluid Mechanics Problems
Issue 1B: Original Scientific Papers

Issue 1A

Part I

Papers devoted to the Processes in Internal Combustion Engine and Transport Energy Efficiency
Effects of pilot injection on combustion and emissions characteristics using 2-methylfuran/diesel blends in a diesel engine
Performance, emission and combustion characteristics of a direct injection diesel engine using blends of punnai oil biodiesel and diesel as fuel
Investigation of cottonseed oil biodiesel with ethanol as an additive on fuel properties, engine performance, combustion and emission characteristics of a diesel engine
The effect of H2 purity on the combustion, performance, emissions and energy costs in an SI engine
Study on cold starting performance of a low compression ratio diesel engine by using intake flame preheating
Assesment of real driving emissions of a bus operating on a dedicated route
The influence of air side and fuel side water addition on engine’s behaviour of a biofuel based compresion ingnition engine under oxygen enriched combustion
Influence of hydrogen as a fuel additive on combustion and emissions characteristics of a free piston engine
Optimization of volumetric efficiency of a small wankel engine using genetic algorithm
Performance analysis of a four-stroke compressed air engine
An approach to computational fluid dynamic air-flow simulation in the internal combustion engine intake manifold
Analysis of an automotive thermoelectric generator on a gasoline engine
Continuous slow dynamic slope approach for stationary base internal combustion engine mapping
Numerical analyses of a hydraulic hybrid powertrain system for a transit bus
Ignition and combustion characteristics of wall-impinged kerosene (RP-3) fuel spray with varying injection parameters
The effects of different engine material properties on the performance of a diesel engine at maximum combustion temperatures
Optical experiments of string cavitation in diesel injector tapered nozzles
Pressure influence on heating of ventilating disc brakes for passenger cars
The effects of exhaust gas re-circulation and injection timing on combustion performance and emissions of biodiesel and its blends with 2-methylfuran in a diesel engine
Effect of cerium oxide nanoadditive on the working characteristics of water emulsified biodiesel fueled diesel engine: An experimental study
Experimental investigation energy balance and distribution of a turbocharged GDI engine fuelled with ethanol and gasoline blend under transient and steady-state operating conditions
Investigation of the Miller cycle on the performance and emission in a natural gas-diesel dual-fuel marine engine by using two zone combustion model
Design and performance evaluation of a novel self-rotating fuel injector using computational fluid dynamics - a preliminary study
Coupled simulation of a thermoelectric generator applied in diesel engine exhaust waste heat recovery
Simulation and experimental study of diesel engine emission temperature based on tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy
Determination of optimum insulation thickness for building external walls with different insulation materials using environmental impact assessment
Effects of contact pressure and interface temperature on thermal contact resistance between 2Cr12NiMoWV/BH137 and γ-TiAl/2Cr12NiMoWV interfaces

Part II

Different Thermal and Fluid Mechanics Problems
Numerical study of hydrodynamics and thermal characteristics of heat exchangers with delta winglets
Hydromagnetic Falkner-Skan fluid rheology with heat transfer properties
Heat transfer and pressure drop evaluation of different triangular baffle placement angles in cross-corrugated triangular channels
Numerical simulations and optimizations for turbine-related configurations
Effects of different fuel supply types on combustion characteristics behind group of V-gutter flame holders: Experimental and numerical study
Study and analysis of the cavitating and non-cavitating jets - Part one: Parameters controlling force, power and the jet behavior
Study and analysis of the cavitating and non-cavitating jets - Part two: Parameters controlling the jet action and a new formula for cavitation number calculation

Open Forum

A revised model of "Steady laminar natural convection of nanofluid under the impact of magnetic field on 2-D cavity with radiation" [AIP advances 9, 065008 (2019);]

Corrigendum and Important Note

Corrigendum: Request that it is necessary replace .pdf file for the paper: Performance investigation of compression ignition engine using empirical correlation for burning duration
Retract paper: Dual diagnostic method for fracture morphology of thermal coalbed methane reservoir by Xiao Pu, Dali Guo and Yunxiang Zhao,

Issue 1B

Original Scientific Papers

Experimental investigation and comparison of desalination using conventional solar still, stepped-cup solar still with and without biomass
Experimental investigation on thermal performance of plate fin heat sinks with nano PCM
Efficiency improvement of heat pipe by using Graphene nanofluids with different concentrations
An experimental investigation on a low heat rejection diesel engine using waste plastic oil with different injection timing
Enhancing performance of compression ignition engine fueled with diesel blends of linseed and cottonseed oil by optimizing its technological parameters
Optimizing high velocity oxy fuel spray coating process parameters for reducing emissions in ZrO2/Al2O3 coated internal combustion engines
Experimental investigation on effect of modified solar collector in solar water heating system
Analysis on thermal and flow behavior of triple concentric tube heat exchanger handling MWCNT-water nanofluids
Investigation of air conditioning temperature variation by modifying the structure of passenger car using computational fluid dynamics
Predictive analysis of heat transfer characteristics of nanofluids in helically coiled tube heat exchanger using regression approach
Experimental study about thermal resistance of windows with air gap between two glasses used in single houses
Synthesis of multi wall carbon nanotubes nanofluid by using two step method
Experimental and numerical analysis of diesel engine exhaust heat recovery using triple tube heat exchanger
Experimental studies on stability of multi walled carbon nanotube with different oil based nanofluids
Thermal performance and reliability of procesor investigation using TiO2 and CuO/water nanofluids
Experimental investigation of critical heat flux on SiO2 thin film deposited copper substrate in DI water at atmospheric pressure
Performance test and emission characteristics of diesel fuel blended with n-Hexanol
K-nearest neighbour technique for the effective prediction of refrigeration parameter compatible for automobile
Modelling and analysis of automatic air conditioning system using support vector machine
Teaching learning optimization and neural network for the effective prediction of heat transfer rates in tube heat exchangers
Experimental investigation of the solar still with the diverse absorber plate configurations using energy storing materials
Experimental study on impact of textile material spread over a flat plate absorber on the productivity of modified single-basin solar still
Experimental and numerical analysis of soil - to - air heat exchanger system for domestic buildings
Calorimetric investigation of magnesium nitrate hexahydrate and sodium thiosulphate pentahydrate as salt mixture encapsulated materials for thermal energy storage
Heat transfer and friction factor characteristics of pipe-in-pipe heat exchanger fitted with varient plain tape insert
Design and analysis of double-pipe heat exchanger with new arrangements of corrugated tubes using honeycomb arrangements
Energy and exergy analysis of greenhouse drying of ivy gourd and turkey berry


Corrigendum: Review of the investigations of pulverized coal combustion processes in large power plants in laboratory for thermal engineering and energy - part A